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Havoc Smash Tube - Bait Designer Mike Iaconelli

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Havoc bait designer Mike Iaconelli explains the new Smash tube and how, why and when to use this new bait.
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Text Comments (9)
Chris Cristian (11 months ago)
Pure genius
callofdutyplayerOPG (5 years ago)
my dad buy me that today
[email protected] (5 years ago)
just ordered some!!!:)
BassFishingOnly (5 years ago)
JakeHowell17 really? Is that what you have to do for views?
Scuffed Prophet (6 years ago)
come visit me on facebook. Southern Comfort Fishing.
Mike Allen (6 years ago)
@iiTheGaMeR Yes it is...he lives out in the rural area.
ibassindotcom (6 years ago)
Great stuff. The two colours are super!
BassMastersToBe (6 years ago)
What hook do you reccomend for the Smash Tube?
trevorvandam (6 years ago)
cant wait for the new havoc stuff!

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