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Boyd Duckett, PowerBait Chiggercraw

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Boyd Duckett 2007 Bassmaster Classic Champion, on Berkley PowerBait Chiggercraw
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Chou Lao (3 years ago)
I don't see nothing moving, just the body. They don't hold on 18x longer, they hold on cuz they got hook stupid.
kyle Crouch (6 years ago)
How do you reel in the chigger craw and is it good with a cable jig
kingwithabrokencrown (7 years ago)
i gotta agree i do love berkley stuff,but yum does have some kick ass stuff also,
Kevin Drake (8 years ago)
@ballafishie use natural colors in clearer water, and darker colors in muddier water.
Kevin Drake (8 years ago)
Fish hold on up to 18 times longer, my ass. Have had plenty of fish just tap my powerbait and not take it and plenty grab it and spit it out. Just another way to get people to buy their products. You'd probably get more business without those bull shit statistics. Just sayin.
Bill B (8 years ago)
@bassfishingallday your an idiot. im pretty sure i have seen thousands of bass held diagonal and have done it myself without harming the bass one bit.
CRFmxracer (8 years ago)
im pretty sure the pro knows better than you
Christopher Tan (9 years ago)
fish bite and wont let go! LOVE IT!
cameltoejoe69 (9 years ago)
Depends on your lake. On my lake, I have great luck with the cinnamon/purple flake and I find that they will work on most lakes that have spotted/smallmouth bass. You also cant go wrong with black and blue flake or black and red flake, or the watermellon seed.

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