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Berkley Jerk Shad 5" & 7"

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A little look at how to rig a Jerk Shad.
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Text Comments (9)
Mark Wade (23 days ago)
Long live King Royter champion bloke
Fishing Bandit Silva (4 months ago)
What brand are those jig heads I've never see those..
Grant Nokes (2 years ago)
Is there snook and redfish in Australia?
JackVoodoo (5 months ago)
we dont have snook in aus silly
Bradley RAe (2 years ago)
Grant Nokes we have snook in Australia but they don't get as big as yours And we get a fish called jewfish/mulloway which is similar in appearance to your redfish but grow to about 60kg
iCrazy Camel (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tips mate!
Ruckus Tran (4 years ago)
is it me? or he hookd that jerk shad PERFECTLY CLEAN!
Craig hambo (4 years ago)
good vid mate but could you have the music down a bit quieter or not at all as i really want to focus on your tips as i like what you have to say but sometimes struggle to hear your advice.
Brewed (3 years ago)
+Craig hambo Turn ya hearing aid down abit mate!!

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