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10 Fool Proof Ways To Increase Your Adwords Quality Score

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Get this valuable 10 ways to optimize your quality score on Google so you can drop your cost per click, increase your earnings and get more ROI. Want more tips from Justin Brooke? Visit our blog http://imscalable.com/blog Have more questions? Leave a question below. Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE For More Killer Marketing Tips! Email: [email protected] Facebook: facebook.com/trafficstrategist Twitter: twitter.com/justinbrooke Instagram: instagram.com/xjustinbrookex LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/justinbrooke
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Text Comments (36)
Andy Jeffries (1 month ago)
Citizen Y (2 months ago)
Is your site your baby? Don't sacrifice it to baal. They change the algo rithm 2wice a day. To steal from customers and program the viewers. You can't beat the house when you use baal gates. He just wants to eat your baby and enslave your hearts and minds.
Nicholas Winikoff (11 months ago)
Great video. I'm just wondering if this information is still up to date? Thanks
Ruel Balverde (11 months ago)
Thanks! this is helpful!
Rahul Kumar (1 year ago)
Nice video, very helpful content.... keep posting kind of videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2pLEWDlV0w&t=86s
George Dube (1 year ago)
+Justin Brooke - Wicked intro there dude.. truly impressive.. is it a template from sony vegas by any chance? Care to please share where I can get a similar intro template? Thanks
Michael Licht (1 year ago)
thank you!
Anthony Dukes (1 year ago)
Thanks heaps mate
Koanizm (2 years ago)
Your facebook page seems to be "broken".
Koanizm (2 years ago)
Thanx man! will like right now.
Justin Brooke (2 years ago)
This video is 2 and half years old. The new fan page is http://facebook.com/justinbrooke
Piya Bhatnagar (2 years ago)
Thanks Justin for these tips. I am a beginner, so was thinking what you meant by saying - one keyword per ad . For eg. if I make an ad group of 'men's shoes' - it will have just one keyword - 'men's shoes' ?
Byron Trzeciak (2 years ago)
Hi Justin, love the videos. In regards to bounce rate that's an interesting one, it can be a bit deceiving with AdWords. In many cases you're sending clicks to the landing page where your conversion will take place. If the visitor doesn't view another page then your bounce rate will always be 100% i.e. phone calls, even tracking etc - is that a concern at all?
Justin Brooke (2 years ago)
That's why it doesn't rely only on bounce rate. There are many factors. Scroll rate, time on page, whether or not they go back and search again, etc.
Lucas Lu (2 years ago)
Hi Justin, great video! As a follow-up for #8, you mentioned one keyword per ad group. Can you elaborate a bit please? Say if the business is a home appliance repair company. They have one campaign for Los Angeles, which has 3 ad groups (TV, refrigerator, and washing machine). What would be the keyword for each ad group? And its matching type?
GMHitsu (2 years ago)
I just did all this a week ago, it's only missing the privacy policy. Though it has phone number, my conversion / call to action is a "contact us" kind of form.. Though after all this process with the landing pages, keywords on URL, etc. I'm still receiving 1 QS 7 a bunch of 6 and some 4, 3 and 1... I'm really concerned as this client has less than 6-7 bucks a day investment so I have to play with that... my ads are having a 15%+ CTR mostly. Granted this client just got his first ads running (first time ever), however I think this business is in the bad niche section. I have looked up related keywords and they are all sad, they're all around 500 +/- searches a month. Should I be super cautious about QS 1? I mean I also searched how to improve them in the adwords community, but it's not making any sense to me. For example one QS 5 I got has: Below average clics, above average relevancy, average experience. I mean why is this a 5? I tried increasing the bid to a way higher number, no results, I tried changing the ads text, no results, the hell? o _o By the way, I have watched a lot of your videos, and am getting very involved in online marketing, loving it so far. I have another client that has a real estate business and most of his keywords are 10s, 9s and 8s funny though, as I didn't even do the landing page improvement thing, I will test other days but the campaign has been working amazingly :)
GMHitsu (2 years ago)
+Justin Brooke Thanks for the quick reply! I will test adding videos. As for bounce rate, I don't think they look into my analytics as I stop bounce rate after X time spent on the page, so having an isolated landing page without navigation doesn't sound much of a good idea as it did some time ago... x_x
Justin Brooke (2 years ago)
I believe they are now factoring time on page and bounce rate. I haven't confirmed it yet.
GMHitsu (2 years ago)
+GMHitsu Forgot to mention, this client I'm mentioning is in the accounting business, they offer financial guidance / services, they can do your taxes, audits, outsourcing, etc. so I do think that: 1. This is a bad niche, with very sucky searches and google has flagged it. 2. 6-7 bucks a day is not enough to do any impact, though in a week of working with this campaign I have received 2 conversions (more than I actually expected LMAO) 3. I can't seem to make the QS better as the niche is affecting it, not even my account's 10s, 9s 8s are affecting it and I'm worried this disease will affect my other client's ads / scores. What do you think about this?
Justin Baer (2 years ago)
Hi Justin, thanks for the video! I made some changes to the page. How can I resubmit the site to adwords to reasess my quality score?
Justin Brooke (2 years ago)
Quality score is ongoing. Next time you submit an add their algorithm will readjust your score.
J Mac (3 years ago)
Smart dude, not talking about the content, but just looking at how he does his video, format, ending, title, it all... :)
Ben Donahower (3 years ago)
This is on point. I'm always skeptical of hype and though there are hypier (probably not a word) phrases than 'fool proof' I was a little skeptical that this video wouldn't have some meat in it. I was wrong :)  I would say that there is a huge tension between providing education content on landing pages and optimizing for conversions. Sometimes it's worth sacrificing QS if it improves your conversion rate.
Justin Brooke (3 years ago)
I agree. At the end of the day it comes down to your cost per sale and revenue per customer. For some, a better quality score will help them reduce costs.
XtremeTV (3 years ago)
sweet video. you have sub mate. one keyword per one ad group ?
XtremeTV (3 years ago)
thanks for info testing now..:D
Justin Brooke (3 years ago)
Things change a little over time. Like they don't accept exact match keywords, but this strategy still works with phrase or broad match keywords.
Adrian Catch (3 years ago)
Hi Justin love your videos thank you. I have taken your advise on putting one keyword per ad group and whilst I have found the keywords are at number 1 or 2 quite consistently it has also put my cpc up by double. Is this usual?
ى وﻻ ت/ع صصش خﻻﻻخيدو صص 21
Justin Brooke (3 years ago)
Yes you may need to increase CTR or Quality Score to get price back down. Or force it down with lower bid.
Phillip Kent (3 years ago)
Sweet video bro. No joke.
Kristen Hiller (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing. I'm interested in checking out the free mini course mentioned at the end of this video, but clicking the image didn't seem to work for me. Do you have a direct link to the course you could share?
Paul Harrison (4 years ago)
Justin - why would creating a separate ad group for each keyword increase quality score?
Justin Brooke (4 years ago)
The short answer is that setting it up this way increases the relevancy, which increases the quality score. The long scientific answer I just don't have room for here. Try it and you will see for yourself.
Daniel Javor (4 years ago)
Dudu made my laugh out loud! How old am I?
Justin Brooke (4 years ago)
Hahaha us guys never really grow up do we, just big kids with hair on our faces

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