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How to use Stripe & Shopify payments for NON USA Citizens/Residents

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Yassine Yasseuh (1 day ago)
well just search ''stripe account non us citizen'' in fiverr theres someone who does it for you in minutes and u only pay when he delivers you the account..
richardson vasquez (5 days ago)
Guys, Is this workaround still working? Can you use Stripe on your Shopify? I read some people having hard time setting up Stripe and not able to use it. Can you still use Payoneer to connect on Stripe? Thanks in advance.
Bauss (5 days ago)
besides if they pay you to an us bak account how are u gonna get it if u are not there.. you will have cahsflow problem
Bauss (5 days ago)
CANt use payonner with stripe they ban u in fact they ban u if u are not US resident with social security u need to use other payments gateways .
Ugurlu Amazon (13 days ago)
Hey, Nate Great content, I have a biz inquiry to you and I have been trying to reach. I sent msg on FB and emailed still did not get any answers. We open bank accounts in the US for non-residents. Contrary to Buffalo company you mentioned on your video we actually open it for ppl and we would love to work with you if you consider being our affiliate. Please check for a second: myusabankaccount.com [email protected] +18622570111 Thank you!
Elias Zoleta (23 days ago)
I already have a stripe account which currency is set to Euro.. My question is, Am i able to target USA(dollar) or acceptt USD payment from customers eventhough my stripe is set to Euro currency? Is there gonna be any problem with that or the exchange rate i guess? Sorry i'm just starting e-commerce i guess i asked stupid questions. lol .. I'm still looking forward for an answer though. I'll be glad if these questions get answered. :)
sulaiman alyahya (25 days ago)
i only have the stripe option and i do have a payoneer account. but stripe asks for a social security number to complete the registration. how do i get through that ?
It's a very simple solution for Shopify Payments. Simply open a company in the UK (you get a free bank account as well). Shopify payments is supported for UK residents/companies. There are tons of third party companies that do this in the UK for you and you never have to visit. It's much cheaper that forming a USA LLC. And still you do not get a bank account unless you visit or have a contact in the US who can do it on your behalf.
Kawaii Kick Support (28 days ago)
When stripe asks you for your SSN once you formed your LLC and have your tax ID, you only need to input 0000!
Byroin K (28 days ago)
What is the reason for that? Please explain :)
Hamza Hajji (1 month ago)
My issue is not that i can't use stripe, but even if I register with an alternative (say 2checkout), in my country it's a law that I can't spend more than $1000/yr on the internet via the account credit card. And the ad spend + paying for the merch when it's ordered is gonna max it out immediately if things do work out for me. I think my only option is to open an llc in wyoming and get a us bank account, but I'm not sure if any country can do that?
Hamza Hajji (1 month ago)
I will definitely contact you once I'm ready, I got your email ;)
Ugurlu Amazon (1 month ago)
We have a couple Morrocon Clients. They are doing their businesses with their US bank accounts. Maybe I can hook you up with them for conversation. Send me an email.
Hamza Hajji (1 month ago)
Ugurlu Amazon i'm moroccan
Ugurlu Amazon (1 month ago)
Where are you from? Why don't you send me an email? [email protected]
Camila Rowe (1 month ago)
May be an obvious question, but do you need an LLC as soon as the ecommerce store is up?
Nate Andres (1 month ago)
Random Videos (1 month ago)
Shopify payments asked me for “SSN” ! What should I write there!
Magic Wiings (26 days ago)
does it work
Byroin K (28 days ago)
type: 0000
Mateus do Vale (1 month ago)
You need to fill EIN req.
amy drawing (2 months ago)
Do the USA LLC has to pay taxes if most of the sales are coming from US customers?
Nate Andres (2 months ago)
pays tax on Worldwide sales
Okonkwo Ochristian (2 months ago)
Can i use someone else's who has a stripe account information to fill out my stripe account
Nate Andres (2 months ago)
i wouldnt
bewhatyouwish (2 months ago)
I saw a Shopify store, that use only Paypal for payment option and it is on the top of most profitable shopify accounts, so I don't think it is such an issue to use only Paypal.. In future, if all going well, I will open UK LLC, very simple. Quick question. How long one should wait to open LLC?
Ivor D Johnson (2 months ago)
how can do i manage return of products if you do not live in the USA ?
Ugurlu Amazon (1 month ago)
You can work with 3rd party warehouses
richie rich (3 months ago)
In case of Stripe Atlas just want to know, as a non citizen of US isn't it going against the KYC rules and guidelines of opening a bank account in the US without being physically present in US, I can see that with Stripe this is possible but still have this doubt. What are the chances of being sued from some random audit from international laws or government agencies of some sort?
mathieu maillard (3 months ago)
checkout.com is easy and fast, you get the Key Code in 5 minutes. its available for switzerland but i dont know about other countries
Nate Andres (3 months ago)
thanks for tip
jpman (3 months ago)
Hi Nate.. can you please make a video about the 3rd party accounting company? Most of us would appreciate it.
Nate Andres (3 months ago)
sure, i can
YHTan (3 months ago)
For the 3rd option I typed the exact address but couldn't find the video. Anyone can help me with this? Thanks!
Ugurlu Amazon (1 month ago)
Nick Lebron (3 months ago)
I have checked on stripe application and they’ve added a required field to fill which is the SSN so I think they are eliminating he possibility to have activated account for non US residents
Byroin K (28 days ago)
You can email them and tell them that you only have a EIN and they will be more than happy to help you out to get things running properly.
kevin will (3 months ago)
I can use stripe in shopify if I have a bank account in usa?
Baraa (3 months ago)
I filled the application for LLC on stripe atlas but they sent me email that still LLC beta not supported for founders in TURKEY but they're working on LLCs in more location I actually don't know the difference but they will tell us if they support our business in couple of weeks, however they told me if I'm interested in C corporation instead of LLC. Please if anyone has any experience tell us!!
Melih A (29 days ago)
Estonya'da sirket kurun
Ugurlu Amazon (1 month ago)
Merhaba stripe atlas genelde cooparation aciyor llclerde de dropshippingcilere acmiyor stripe atlas yerine adamin videoda dedigi ikinci servis gibi bir sey yapmayi neden dusunmuyorsun? Ikinci servisin aynisini ben yapiyorum zamanin olursa websitemi kesinlikle incelemelisin myusabankaccount.com, onun harici bir sey olursa [email protected] a yazarak iletisimde kalabiliriz.
Alex Dmitriev (3 months ago)
Well, I created a corporation and I still can't use Shopify Payments AND I can't use Stripe!!! All because I don't have a Social Security Number (only issued to US citizens)...... I AM FREAKING OUT right now... Did I spend all the time and money for nothing??? Please, share any knowledge on this matter, all help is greatly appreciated.
ELON ALPHA (4 days ago)
+Baraa how about veridication id?
Baraa (3 months ago)
Victor Flores but u can have an EIN and use it instead of the social security number
Victor Flores (3 months ago)
Same happened to me. I followed step the steps in the option 3 of Nate's video, with the video of Adil Maf, and the routing number provided by Payoneer didn't work for Shopify payments. (Shopify only supports Shopify Payments in the US now). The rest of the payment gateways / merchant accounts did not support the business if I dont have a SSN. Be careful guys!
Baraa (3 months ago)
Change the country on your Shopify store to usa
stripe&shopify payments solution for non US residents ( https://youtu.be/2GY4jdfjaE8 ) what ( Nate andress ) is saying in the video is true , but i have found a easy way to get all these that he is saying in the video for free in the link above , just trying to help all of us that want to use ( stripe & shopify as a none US resident , thats my main reason that i comment on this video
Nate Andres (4 months ago)
thanks for the video :)
Markus Dunk (4 months ago)
Checked the options and after all it seems to be possible ONLY with an LLC. For me not an option, will try to start it lean and set up only Paypal. Thanks for the video Nate, like always top content.
Mr3DOR (4 months ago)
How much income will i lose if i use stripe only? I’ve heard bad things only about GayPal.
Alexandre music (5 months ago)
I registered my company in Wyoming with that same website but how did you get them to open a bank account for you? On their website it says that you have to be there to open a bank account in the US. Any tips ? Thank you very much!
Horatio Buckley (2 months ago)
Bank accounts can only be opened in person. You do not have to be present, but someone must be. If you wish to designate someone other than yourself to open business accounts for you, you will need to authorize that person to do so in your Operating Agreement. Then, when the bank reviews your documents, they will see that the person present at the bank does indeed have the authority to open accounts for your corporation. that means a family member in the US can open an account for you just need to authorize them .
Mohd Qasim (5 months ago)
Hi Nate, I called that Buffalo company and they told me they cannot open a US bank account for me after having my LLC up, I see you're sure they do that but they can't offer that directly for Legal issues. So would you please inform me what should i tell them in order to make them open a Bank Acc for me? Thank you Nate
Nate Andres (5 months ago)
i know they did for me lol, not sure how to make them do it
Carlos Perez (5 months ago)
Nate is very different! Always dropping massive value, Thanks dude!
progress is beautiful (5 months ago)
Thanks Nate, What about 2Checkout? Make a video hot to get accepted, and hot to fill W8/W9 tax form for non US residents. Do we accually pay tax if we sell in US?
YHTan (3 months ago)
I don't think you need to pay tax in US unless you have an LLC in US.
Juan Sanchez (5 months ago)
Please talk about taxes for non Usa citizens
Juan Sanchez (5 months ago)
Nate Andres (5 months ago)
Pay them
ROTT STEVE (5 months ago)
Thanks so much Nate, very useful video.+1
Nate Andres (5 months ago)
No problem
HDD MOFP (5 months ago)
I just love your content. It's indeed one of those rare channels that really help. Just to elaborate, I contacted Baffalo agents in Jan and at the time it did not seem like they could help with the bank account. I will check again. Anyway this is the first reply I got from their side: "Thank you for your inquiry! Just sign up for our $149 Business Formation Package, and we'll do the rest.  For an LLC, we file Articles of Organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State, provide you Initial Resolutions, Operating Agreement, LLC Membership Certificate(s) and one year of Registered Agent Service.  Similarly, for a Corporation, we file Articles of Incorporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State, provide you Initial Resolutions, Corporate Bylaws, Stock Certificate(s) and one year of Registered Agent Service. We also offer a EIN service and the fee is $150.  Under "Optional Items" check the box next to "Tax ID", then select "Responsible Party DOES NOT have SSN". Unfortunately, we currently do not have a bank account service available.  Some of our clients have reported initiating an online account with one of the large banks that have US and foreign locations, such as HSBC, Citi Bank, or Wells Fargo, then visiting a nearby foreign branch to make the initial deposit and complete the paperwork.  Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have other questions or concerns."
Dubsa (5 months ago)
Arturo Tongol (5 months ago)
Appreciate for the huge effort Nate! :-) Though I am using 3rd option. Just follow Adil's process. At HBS (Delaware) you guys can chat even before getting into their service. Cheers!
Ugurlu Amazon (1 month ago)
Adil is pro, but it may have future risks if you consider the second option you can check myusabankaccount.com. We have the same service ask me anything I'd love to answer detailed.Bank account and llc is guaranteed with us unless your country is not on our forbidden list. You can check the forbidden list from the website.
Noobra (1 month ago)
Hello Arthuro, does the third option of Payoneer works well? I heard that shopify catches you and you get banned.
CookieMountain (5 months ago)
Nate great content as always - this is all fine, but all comes down to one bottleneck "you need to go in US personally to open bank account" and they don't allow Payoneer bank accounts, so even if you somehow manage to create account in few months they will figure it out, flag you for review and ban you - it's simply not permanent solution. In order this to work you need a way legaly to open a real bank account in US, and now there is no way to do this.
HDD MOFP (5 months ago)
Eric Rainer Thanks!
Eric Rainer (5 months ago)
HDD MOFP Enter your EIN when asked and enter 0000 as last digits of your SSN and it should be fine
HDD MOFP (5 months ago)
Nate Andres I guess what he means is even if you change the routing number they will still figure it out. This is also where my research ended up. They also require a social security number for US stripe accounts which we don't have. Any thoughts?
Nate Andres (5 months ago)
you obviously didn't watch my video....
Alaa Almasri (5 months ago)
I tried signing up for Stripe Atlas last year, they don't support drop shipping.
HDD MOFP (5 months ago)
Alaa Almasri True. They only support three types of business as detailed on their website.
Alex Justin (6 months ago)
That one Sherpa (6 months ago)
Payment provider for third world country is a freaking nightmare. But I just thought, PayPal also allows credit card checkout from customers.
Nate Andres (6 months ago)
That one Sherpa customers get confused....
Jo Eibl (6 months ago)
Buffalo Registered Agents will NOT open a bank account!
Alin Adrian (5 months ago)
Nate Andres As a non US citizen I can confirm that no service will ever open a bank account without personally going to the bank.It's illegal.If you are an US citizen then it's another story.
HDD MOFP (5 months ago)
Nate Andres I did inquire and they said no! I sent a detailed comment with their reply. They aslo recommended checking SBB but I checked their site and they require a US ID to open an account online. So you can't just submit your EIN and company documents to open the account online. Are you sure this works for non US clients?
Jo Eibl (6 months ago)
Ok Nate, i will give it a try. Thank you for all these valuable informations!
Nate Andres (6 months ago)
they have to legally put that on the website....
Jo Eibl (6 months ago)
Nate, pls check their website! Here is what i found: No, simply being your incorporator does not allow us to open a business bank account on your behalf. However, with our LLC service, you will obtain all documents required by banks to open a business bank account.
rafik helou (6 months ago)
Man.. Thank you.. Your App Is Good And Everything .. But The Content Of This Channel Is Unique And Special ... A lot Of Success Coming To You ..Keep Going
Ivy Zhu (6 months ago)
Stripe Atlast creates a C-Corp, not an LLC btw... the 2nd option sounds good, 600 USD for LLC + bank account is pretty cheap!
Ugurlu Amazon (1 month ago)
Hey Ivy, Absolutely, basically Stripe Atlas and the second option looks like they are doing the same thing, but Stripe atlas does not open to every applicant because of their own reasons, and they do not open llc, Like the second option, we do the same thing check myusabankaccount.com . 600$ may not be for the non US people. Whatever questions you' I"d love to help
khafier France (3 months ago)
YHTan LLc or S ?
YHTan (3 months ago)
Don't get too excited, the scary part is paying 35% of your sales to US as tax!
Baraa (3 months ago)
Ivy Zhu Then it's not just me I filled the application for LLC on stripe atlas but they sent me email that still LLC beta not supported for founders in TURKEY but they're working on LLCs in more location I actually don't know the difference but they will tell us if they support our business in couple of weeks, however they told me if I'm interested in C corporation instead of LLC. Please if anyone has any experience tell us!!
Rostom Rostom (5 months ago)
btw i believe that you have to pay taxes if it's a c corp ..
Ivy Zhu (6 months ago)
I am currently using paypal only...stripe not available, applied for authorize.net but they denied me, because my LLC was too young (1 month old) and my store had no sales yet...
Ivy Zhu (6 months ago)
this is going to be a popular video! lots of people struggling with that...Great video Nate!
HDD MOFP (5 months ago)
Ivy Zhu Yes. Great guy, no BS, pure info. I guess we need to explore this further because I checked some of these options mentioned and they did not work at the time. I will check again though.
Ryan Koh (6 months ago)
Hi! Am I the first one here!

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