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Infinity Market Spotlight: Crude Oil Futures

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Join us as we explore the global futures trading one market at a time. This weeks Market Spotlight is on the CME Group's WTI Crude Oil Futures Market. The agenda for this free event includes: - What are benchmark crude oil markets? - Why is West Texas Intermediary emerging as a leading global market? - Anatomy of the CME Group's WTI CL contract - Fundamental factors that drive market price - Technical analysis techniques - Why futures traders should consider trading this market - Open question and answer session - And more Infinity Futures and the third party educators mentioned herein are separate, unaffiliated companies. Infinity Futures is not responsible for the services and products offered by these third party educators.
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Ryan Kirchberger (4 months ago)
So I can have a 1000 barrels of oil delivered to my backyard? really good video thanks so much guys for your time and for uploading

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