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How put a Berkley PowerBait 3" Power Floating Trout Worm on Hook

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Quick video showing how to get a trout worm rigged with a hook to be sure that the worm is straight and you can catch your limit of fish. Check out my website at www.mammothlakesfishingtackle.com to see all the best tips and techniques to catch your limit in Mammoth Lakes, California.
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Text Comments (19)
Frank Morris (1 month ago)
Not very straight!!!
Friend A (1 year ago)
SyneRgy Marble (1 year ago)
I am new to the plastic worm and a begginer fisherman and how would you tie the hook ?
EKAngler (1 year ago)
Vault 4 gaming search up a tutorial of how to tie line to a hook
Wilma Kudera (1 year ago)
thank you for the info!
Alan S. (1 year ago)
A good instructional video I read others are talking about something called The Wacky rig. Does the worm still float with that type of Hook? Some advice I read elsewhere suggested buying extra fine fly tying hooks so that the hook did not wait down the floating plastic worm.
Apt Pupil (7 months ago)
As long as it's a small ish hook they seem to float well. I fish them on a size 8 egg hook with the hook buried further back into the body of the worm with a slide weight and they catch great.
Shootem556 (1 year ago)
Wacky rig is the way to go on these. way more action .
Nick Atkins (2 years ago)
That's three minutes I just lost. Texas rigging it is a much better presentation than that lazy rig. I've had better luck wacky rigged. And if you're fishing deeper than a couple feet a slip bobber
420 In The Evening (2 years ago)
Always better to wacky rig these worms. Give it a try, ull get alot more bites.
Rick Reed (2 years ago)
i use them with a small jig head and a weighted jig bobber. cast and consistently jig the bobber as your retrieving. my 1st color choice is white, 2nd is chartreuse and 3rd pink!
doulosaz (2 years ago)
great info thanks!
This bait store helped me catch my first trout!
Jordan Kim (2 years ago)
how do u rig them including the like types, etc?
B JAWS (2 years ago)
what would happen if I made a hook out of bacon?
Ziad Ajam (2 years ago)
because i fished at the twin lakes
Ziad Ajam (2 years ago)
r u in mammoth ca??
knifedintheface (3 years ago)
i always had the best luck with the bubblegum color. gotta give the orange a try
FishingNoob619 (3 years ago)
Make some fishing videos.

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