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Fastest Way To Make $500 Per Day With Shopify Without Drop Shipping

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Text Comments (315)
Dom Morace (5 days ago)
Dan is the MAN!!! He's helped me from the beginning, and he’s inspired me to create my own channel for others struggling to get sales. I really think you guys will enjoy, especially if you're looking for Facebook Ad help. Have a great day everyone!
Truth Seeker (25 days ago)
I like Tats and Pussy... But I'm a guy
givemedrums83 (1 month ago)
12 minutes into the video and and THEN you decide to say, "I've actually never done this before...." ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME DUDE????
One Hour Everything! (2 months ago)
Thank you for all of your detail! 🙌
mikorski16 (2 months ago)
Such a great video! Thank you
Dan Dasilva (2 months ago)
Thank you!!
lifestylehacks (2 months ago)
You have to have the money upfront with print on demand...
Soho Beat NY (2 months ago)
Is this model still working?
fast and tune (2 months ago)
Sylvia Townsend (3 months ago)
There is a *controversial* way to make a consistent daily income. The results are actually SHOCKING. However it’s legal and proven to work. See the results for yourself: *shor **turl.at/xKY46* (take out space to click)
Jordan Musleh (3 months ago)
The ads do you have to pay for it to make an ad??
chantha va (3 months ago)
we can make money this westside Enrichasia 20$ to 30$ per day you can learn more https://www.enrich.asia/referral/vachantha
Aasiah Chaudhary (4 months ago)
Hey can we use shoplift for our own branded products ?
Patrick Ubik (4 months ago)
If its so easy to earn so much Money. Why everybody dont do it? (Serious question because i load up some Designs and didnt sell any)
Dan Dasilva (4 months ago)
Patrick Ubik same reason you are here learning. Most people don’t know what to do. It’s so easy to be a billionaire mining for oil. How do you do it? If it was easy everyone would do it. To an oil miner it is easy.
CelestialBlood Moon (5 months ago)
I do need help and i did make my shirts on Teespring.com but i have yet to make any money.
Eloz Ortiz (5 months ago)
Print your design with us at www,stitchbystitchstudio.com we print your design and send it to your customers message us @ Instagram @stitchbystitchstudio We do print on demand
SilverHeart Grin (5 months ago)
Honest, sincere, and not a lot of fluff. I appreciate this content, Dan. Thank you.
Krzysztof Musiał (5 months ago)
shez (5 months ago)
were do u order the t-shirts,caps or mugs to start print on demand
Kellie Brown (5 months ago)
Thank you for showing how target an aduience through ad sense
Slava Gorbachev (6 months ago)
John Docherty (6 months ago)
a stupid question for everyone i have never done shopifybefore. i have seen shopify website store when getting made up on the net .i know the logo e.t.c BUT i have never seen this store on google. if i want to buy tee shirt of shopify where is the site on net john
Jonathan Tanase (6 months ago)
Oh and if you want you can target people who like Trump, STATE by STATE!!!! if you are a designer, or next president!
ryan vo (6 months ago)
Hey guys, I can build your shopify website for you and add all the hottest products for you, saving you tons of hours of figuring out everything. If you are interested, send me a message.
Rodolfo Flores (6 months ago)
Where and how do you design the graphic?
klatuveradanikto (6 months ago)
12 million women who like cats with tatoos...
OPU MIAH (6 months ago)
pls give me all video my [email protected]
Adam Worley (7 months ago)
Try this guys found it super easy task for 10 bucks no top out and 25 dollar sign on bonus try this link I found http://dollarstrue.online/?refer=135306
RedRider1600 (7 months ago)
How is this different from dropshipping?
koleksi oriishop (7 months ago)
hey, do you want $ 10.000 month, it's simply and easy. join right now.. https://goo.gl/Bt5HVQ
Kelfren Souza (7 months ago)
That's basically dropshipping, there are just few points that works different. But still a good method niche, I've done it before.
Hemp Billy (7 months ago)
Can someone plz help me get started?
Min Oo (7 months ago)
I live in Myanmar and none of shopify payments gateways are accepted,not even Paypal. Even if i do open a Paypal in Singapore or Thailand, how do i cash out the money?
Tiny House Life (7 months ago)
Dang your good bro, just subbed!
Sōshi Miketsukami (7 months ago)
For about 6 months I ran a dropshipping system using shopify selling 3D hoodies using Google adcents they brought me in 93 customers. No one bought a damn thing even though I reduced prices to about 30ish dollars.
Find a great supplier here https://tinyurl.com/ycbxj7eo
Miklos Jobbagy (7 months ago)
Thanks bro! I found a tool that claims to boost my sign ups/sales. I do not know if it works or not, so I set up a pre-launch site to test it. I would be greatful if you could help me with trying this stuff. I share all insights with you of course. The site is here: https://michelle-maureen.com Thanks a lot!
Bk Soft (8 months ago)
Can i do drop shipping with only a visa card? without an paypal account?
Eva McGann (8 months ago)
dang this master class is cool :)
Soft Wet (8 months ago)
Srilanka Holidays (8 months ago)
Amazing work and great stuff. Please advertise on this site....
Francesco Manzione (8 months ago)
Do not believe what this Guy says ....he’s complete false everything he shows ...from the screenshot of his “students” to the incredible amount of money people and his earn ....Be aware ....The mission of his people is that to sell courses they don’t care in nothing else
Francesco Manzione (8 months ago)
Dan Dasilva I’m sorry man I have proof ....you show on your web site screenshot of people that doesn’t excist....I just contact one girl that she’s said she’s never made that profit ....listen everybody knows that if you go on HTML code you can change every thing event the price ..I following you I wanted to buy your course but after this I will definitely report you to authority
Dan Dasilva (8 months ago)
Are you just upset that you can't succeed so you become a cynic cause its much easier and gives you the pleasure of putting people down? If I had a dollar for every person like you I would probably have an extra $3-$5M already.
iustin epanu (8 months ago)
Intra pe acest site si castiga mult http://ubmoney.win/1451823013252/
king piece (8 months ago)
I only got 200 in capital
king piece (8 months ago)
Do you have to buy from the e-commerce sight and resale those items
Perk at Work (8 months ago)
Thank you for the great video!
Harvez Pierre (8 months ago)
This video didn't teach anything. He just talk to show off
Messiah38 (8 months ago)
I’m going to teach you not to put stickers on a MacBook
Jacob Brisby (8 months ago)
damn this is awesomee! What's happens tho if somebody returns their shirt/sweater etc etc?
Abe Cervantes (8 months ago)
Has this actually worked for anyone? Someone please tell me what happened if you've tried this already... thanks.
Surprise toy City (2 months ago)
the advertising part, especially on social media, is frustrating. just a waste of time, even more frustrating when your dsigns are really smart, funny, and well targetted. What makes it worst is when some POD companies don't help make your designs easy to find. Sometimes you can't even find them when seraching on theire search engines, even though you can find them easily through google !
Derek cahill (3 months ago)
Abe Cervantes I actually have. I was able to sell a few shirts with a 14$ profit margin. Hardest part is the advertising cost. I used influencers and it didn’t work all that well. Looking to try again using fab ads
Diamond Grind Hustle (8 months ago)
Wow! Thanks!
Youtube Edits (9 months ago)
Kiss ass notification squad
Anna Ben (9 months ago)
Great video , thanks for sharing all the knowledge.
sm akramuzzaman (9 months ago)
cxa011500 (9 months ago)
Sounds awesome! I'd love to figure out how to get started getting designs.
Suh Cars (9 months ago)
Oh... it's that guy who did the $100k Shopify challenge and made $0 live in front of thousands.
Suh Cars (9 months ago)
Well OK then!
Dan Dasilva (9 months ago)
Bro, I've made over 50+ videos and this was months ago. Instead of randomly finding a video and commenting watch the videos as i progressively built it up lol!
Suh Cars (9 months ago)
I was following the challenge every step of the way. You made $0, then went silent for months, then I lost all faith in humanity and just assumed all you guys just make money selling dreams to suckers. Did you make any update videos of the challenge, or should I take your word for it?
Dan Dasilva (9 months ago)
Suh Cars bahahahhahhahahhahahhah made $0...? the store went on to do over $400k. You probably made $12 in your entire career.
Aurielle Philips (9 months ago)
jsanders702 (9 months ago)
Is this business model still lucrative in 2018?
TAICU (9 months ago)
i am using spreadshirt ... but I am not sure how to get peoples attention to even look at my shirt ... how do do the marketing stuff? or is spreadshirt just not the best site for this?HELP
IlonaK (9 months ago)
The shirts are super expensive! How do you make money with this? I can't see someone buying a tank top for over $30 when your cost is $19-25/top.
January Wek (5 months ago)
It's all about exclusivity.
Funnel Feen (6 months ago)
it's called print on demand for a reason lol
Lenawu (9 months ago)
Is there a print on demand company for cat clothing?
Surprise toy City (2 months ago)
cats don"t need clothes, they already have fur
Pooey (9 months ago)
I can create designs, but do I need to pay for it to be printed on a t-shirt so I can take a pic of it before I put it in Shopify? I signed up for your course - thanks!
BIGO VLOG (9 months ago)
Can i see your store on print on demand
SERGINHO VLOGS (9 months ago)
Do I need to create a Facebook fan page for each t shirt that I will sell to promote it or can I use any Facebook fan page?
Natty Nuggets (9 months ago)
Hey Dan. I need a link to your Facebook Messenger so I can sign up for your push.
C-Dragon (9 months ago)
hey guys, question...what's stopping designers from stealing your design and selling the t-shirts on the sly?
Surprise toy City (2 months ago)
christian piche (9 months ago)
wich is better teespring or printfull ??
K Michael (9 months ago)
It's hilarious how this guy just copied jake pauls intro, be original you loser
Jesse Peng (9 months ago)
This is fucking gold Dan
nwilson9697 (9 months ago)
Great info.. I'm so new to this I'm searching for items for my store now.. how many items should I start with? I'm nervous I don't want to crash in this business.
adri adrianico (10 months ago)
I learn from you but I don't know anymore what to believe
adri adrianico (10 months ago)
I love youtube full of shit...they make money but not from what they tell you to do, they take you out from what you have to do ; =)
Italiano Dio (10 months ago)
So the real trick is to create a print on demand company! Lol.
Arie Scherson (10 months ago)
Nice video Dan! This is really gonna help a lot of beginners out. I made a video about a new Instagram strategy that works for beginners too!
Dan Dasilva (10 months ago)
Tome Marcos (10 months ago)
Nice man! Thanks for the great video
yALpFred's (10 months ago)
Hey men i am new on channel but you inspired me and i created a store with your tips,I know it's not the best and I do not have much on it but it's my first store at 17 years old and I'm proud of it here is the store if you want to look and once again thank you very much and keep going"https://yalpfred-army.myshopify.com/"
Cameron Whiteway (10 months ago)
How do I get to the power editor page????????
Aaron Simoni (10 months ago)
good energy , awesome content
Dan Dasilva (10 months ago)
thanks Aaron!
Nobody really (10 months ago)
would this the same for me ,i live in the uk?thanks,
jabani (10 months ago)
How does print on demand deal with refunds? like if the text is gone after one wash and so on? Does it return to the supplier?
Marcus Hooks (10 months ago)
Can someone simplify what this guy is talking about. I wish he would be more clear and straight to the point
Ashley Whispers (8 months ago)
Marcus Hooks well he doesn't do print on demand so he doesn't know the details, just google it, checkout printful website, all the details are there.
Weed Wax (10 months ago)
But wont the packaging the consumer receives be covered in the suppliers brand name ?
Cherish Fletcher (9 months ago)
no. they will use your chosen business name and logo you upload in your account. and some will print your custom logo on clothing label.
Alexander Borschevsky (10 months ago)
Wow, thanks Dan for sharing what you know! Appreciate that! :)
Dan Dasilva (10 months ago)
Just doing what I can for my #danfam...
nescafepapi Brownsuperman (10 months ago)
holy shit a literally legit shopify masterclass for FREE!!!? Seriously Dan I'm gonna crush it with Shopify this year and when Ive reached that goal I'm gonna buy your merch!!! New #danfam guy right here lol
Dan Dasilva (10 months ago)
go go go nescafepapi! and welcome to the #danfam...
Kat Deever (10 months ago)
First time ive seen you or even heard about print on demand! I'm looking forward to this next best thing! Thanks so much for a great video!
Dan Dasilva (10 months ago)
Awesome, Thanks Kat!
Brandon Kemp (10 months ago)
Wait is it really this easy? Because I can make designs for days with some effort and patience.
Offline Creative (7 months ago)
Again i dont think you understand what happened, the reality is simple, 1. if your worried then dont share your information. 2. The issue with facebook is NOT how facebook collects information, the problems are based on WHAT was done with the information and how 3rd PARTYS used it! 3. When you BOOST something on facebook, all you are doing is targeting people with ads with information they willingly shared. Just like Tv ads target you. 4. I dont understand how it is that your personal feelings for facebook are stoping you from using it?
Sōshi Miketsukami (7 months ago)
Offline Creative the marketing I don't mind, what I'm concerned about is what and why was information collected on me without my approval other than agreeing to fb's tos, I didn't give Cambridge permission to collect data on me. In addition there was great outrage from society on the mining of data to the point where it can be considered illegal.
Offline Creative (7 months ago)
i think you are missing the point. Thats marketing, if you want to be an advocate for privacy then maybe marketing is not for you.
Sōshi Miketsukami (7 months ago)
Offline Creative na it's all good. It's exposed a lot of detail into how our lives should be secure but aren't. Data was collected/sent to Cambridge this data was the result of many different things but a large portion of it affected advertising detail. Part of the data collected focused on how people in a business like you and I would market that t-shirt to them based on their likes and dislikes.
Offline Creative (7 months ago)
With all due respect i dont think you understand what is going on, and what is going to happen. The "crisis" you mention, is still not going to change or affect what you can do in terms of marketing. The "Crisis" you mention would not a stop you from making money, if anything make a T-shirt that says #DeleteFacebook and sell it on facebook i can guarantee you will make money.
ThePixelPascal (10 months ago)
This video is sooo helpfull and awesome! Thanks Dan! Even the music on the end haha...What is it?
sasquatch1 **** (10 months ago)
No discription!!!
sasquatch1 **** (10 months ago)
Class master ??? Wheres the link?
sasquatch1 **** (10 months ago)
Chto Zaviduyesh (10 months ago)
hi, can I use the same strategy with my own store on wordpress?
Eddie Mo (10 months ago)
Dan Dasilva (10 months ago)
pure shadow (10 months ago)
we hit 1k likes
FOREIGN ZOE (10 months ago)
dan fan my ass tshirt that would sell too lol
Vicki Scott (11 months ago)
I would like your course
Peter Pedro (11 months ago)
Yes, great info on print on demand....thanks
Dan Dasilva (11 months ago)
You're welcome Peter!
kevinski1966 (11 months ago)
i am from the UK and was wondering if anyone has tried this in the UK.
Nikola Ratkovic (11 months ago)
Woo commerce or Api ?
Cameron Reverts (11 months ago)
MrCustomConcrete (11 months ago)
Awesome Info, trying to get into print on demand asap...just curious for those already registered into the free course are we all still getting it free, or does access go away for everyone come January?
Dennis Roembke (11 months ago)
Wow thanks sooo much for this. I absolutely love this business model. My mind is going crazy thinking about targeting, there are so many avenues to pursue!!!!!
Dan Dasilva (11 months ago)
You're welcome! and make up your mind! lol

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