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Managing Multiple Google/Youtube accounts

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Maximoff13 (5 years ago)
how to delete one of those multiple accts?
IMNancyC (5 years ago)
Goog accts have a feature: "Switch Account" by the username. A few months ago, setting up a G+ for a client, it associated his profile pic/name with my account. I didn't catch what happened; sent out a few emails (using an alias also managed from Gmail). Result was my client profile image/name going out on an email; 2 clients replied without changing the incorrect info. To this day, I still get email addressed in the name of my client. Have you seen this happen, and how to you resolve?
Zeke Johnson (6 years ago)
Thanks Chad, This very useful, glad to be on your email list. Zeke
Rae Lynns (6 years ago)
Thx Chad!
Chad Wyatt (6 years ago)
Glad you guys are liking this tip. Remember, it's also great for logging into any kind of website where you have multiple accounts/logins, like paypal or something. The session and login data is all segregated, so each user you set up behaves independently from other users.
Brian Morgan (6 years ago)
Sweeet! Thanks very much for this. I have a few accounts that I can use this for definitely. Much appreciated.
James Allen jr. (6 years ago)
OH, I missed the part about adding Users ... Never mind
James Allen jr. (6 years ago)
Where'd the Icon come from? I have multiple accounts but see no Icon.
Colin Jeffrey (6 years ago)
Thank you very much young man.. That happens to me all the time too, now I'm in a better position to work with them...
Terry Jett (6 years ago)
Thanks Chad, this is a real time saver.
Larry Fleckinger (6 years ago)
Thanks Chad!! I really needed this!!!

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