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Berkley Flicker Family - Which One When?

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With various colors and models the Flicker family of hard baits are broken down and simplified in this video as fishing tools by Berkley pro angler Gary Parsons who also just happened to help design them!
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Cory Hamilton (2 months ago)
They don't mention this, but the Flicker Minnow works great for trout too. It is my go-to Crankbait in the fall
Eric Lain (25 days ago)
Got that right! The Flicker Shad classic pattern kills it, too.
dustan jones (7 months ago)
Great bait
majeed khan (8 months ago)
flicker shad is beast lures
Thomas Bridges (11 months ago)
What is the best way to tie line to a flicker shad or do you think a snap is best
Cory Hamilton (2 months ago)
I only use a Rapala knot with these lures. It gives the flicker the right movement.
Adam Wilson (5 months ago)
Thomas Bridges I have the best luck with a perfection loop
Jake Creech (1 year ago)
Hi Chris!
D Kat (1 year ago)
Hi here in Calif this spring the water in our lakes look like yours chocolate soup very dirty from all the rain. I am trolling for trout. These are small Rainbows (mostly planted) and some German Browns what size and especially color in this soup water would you start with?
Berkley Fishing (1 year ago)
Hello D Kat! Thank you for your great question. Typically when trolling for trout in dark waters, start with brighter colors, like our Chartreuse Pearl and Lime Chrome that create contrast and flash for the fish to see. If they don’t bite, work towards more subtle and natural looking colors. As with all fishing, sometimes it comes down to trial and error!
THE BORICUA (1 year ago)
Love this lure !! It catches them good!!!
worlds best (1 year ago)
THE BORICUA I'm new to crank baits would u mind telling me how to properly use them like stop and reel or what
Diego Garcia (2 years ago)
What do you recommend for a 10 to 12 ft of water but has a lot of green on bottom
Fifty0ne (2 years ago)
For what species? I'd be paying more attention to the size of the forage in the lake. You want to match the size of the shad or whatever bait fish are present. Pay attention to see if any walleye or bass you catch are spitting up half-eaten bait fish, than try to match. As far as colors, same thing. If the main forage fish in the lake is say a Gizzard Shad, then silver & black colors are an obvious choice. Golden Shiners? Then a gold pattern will be good. Perch? You get the idea. If the water is clear, stick with natural colors. If it's stained, go for more brighter colors like chartreuse or purple, or clown colors. That's basically my rule of thumb. There are exceptions. On my local walleye lake, purple is a very dominant color. The main forage fish are Gizzard Shad and Yellow Perch. Those color patterns work too, but purple is always a performer. Whether it's on a crankbait or a hair jig. I'd probably start with a 3 inch version, it will dive roughly 10 to 11 feet depending on your line choice. If the walleye are suspended, you want your lure to be running on their level or just above them. I'm not sure if this is true but I was told a long time ago by walleye guide that walleyes don't look down beneath them when they're hunting. They normally hide on the bottom and look upwards to watch for the bait fish. So I started making sure I was running my lures just above their heads if I saw them relating to the bottom on my graph. So far so good. Not scientific, and I'm not sure if it's even true but I've had success.
Diego Garcia (2 years ago)
I caught one walleye too in boisen Wyoming
huntup1 (2 years ago)
Bring back the "Hollywood" color!
Steven Hadley (2 years ago)
i tried almost every flicker shad in Wyoming for 2 years, 1 walley
Bass wrangler (2 years ago)
u guys need to make a bluegill one
Bass wrangler (2 years ago)
I need a bluegill one around here thatsvthe main forage
InfuriousCoffee (2 years ago)
try the bad shad gilly looks similar to a blue gill
Random Tube (2 years ago)
Not many lures can compare to a flicker shad lure. I really like them. But for some reason. No matter the size, color, time and place on the Ohio River. I'm not catching more fish.
Md Sabri Safar (2 years ago)
does it work on saltwater species?
Mark K (2 years ago)
good video- but why this noise (music?)?
Luke Loughery (3 years ago)
I have every color they work there the best lures
Branden's Outdoor Channel (11 months ago)
there the best? wtf?
charlie madson (4 years ago)
the walleye in wisconsin eat them fliker shad up!! i got a 30inch 10lb walleye i got this summer that i mounted thanks berkley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nathan Jones (4 years ago)
what if you only have 1 size what would you do
Adam Wilson (5 months ago)
Number 6
Terrence Strurm (3 years ago)
Tom Cooper (3 years ago)
In Nebraska if i had one size one color i would go with #5 purple
WBC SKY (4 years ago)
They want you to buy more! Haha
BassMafia (4 years ago)
please sub to me

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