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Sorry for the break. Enjoy! For more detailed questions, follow me on twitter @Ds_Sneaks! My DM's are always open! Check out www.proxystrike.com! Use code "dssneaks" at checkout for 5% off! Server websites: https://www.vultr.com/pricing/ Get 10% off your AIO Bot using my referral link : http://www.aiobot.com?ap_id=devynstand If you have any questions about the bots that I use, please leave a comment in the comment section!
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dave rojas (4 months ago)
What is a good a sneaker bot ?
Milesis RaaGa (4 months ago)
Thanks for what you do. Fuck you it's because of you sites crashes and people can't buy them because of lazy fat ass who can't click three times. Just fuck you
Ricky Ortega (4 months ago)
Hey Bro! Glad to see your vids back up! Question- when I add a shoe and it shows up as “ADDED” in green, it never checks out automatically. I tried clicking on the task and then “browser checkout” and it opens up a new window to check out. While I try to checkout on the browser should I stop the task trying to checkout the shoe or should I keep the task running AND try to check out manually ? Thanks bro!
Gettin' Bent Fishing (4 months ago)
A little confused about deactivating the bot and reactivating on the sever. I have my vultr server already deployed but don’t remember ever deactivating anything.
Gettin' Bent Fishing (4 months ago)
Scratch that, just saw your video regarding that. Thank you!
Mateus Siqueira (4 months ago)
What do you think about AIO Bot X?
Machi (4 months ago)
can i make all my tasks right now and have them ready for tomorrow instead of making them right before they drop?
DsSneaks (4 months ago)
Yes. I recommend making them now.
Tanner Salyer (4 months ago)
devyn I love you for doing these release videos every time you make me so much $
warkun5400 (4 months ago)
get thats hit out
AppleKo2013 (4 months ago)
You need to cop those Yeezys/Jordans/Nike/Supreme/.../Limited kicks! Never Pay Resale again! bit.ly/orderbybot Good luck!
Firdaus Zulkiflee (4 months ago)
Anyone ever cop with anb? #seriousquestion. Consider to buy this bot.
Tanner Salyer (4 months ago)
Firdaus Zulkiflee I have multiple times
Machi (4 months ago)
u sure we put xxx for negative keyword? on other vids positive keyword was xxx but it’s not there anymore. do we use negative or positive keyword
Machi (4 months ago)
DsSneaks oh okay thanks
DsSneaks (4 months ago)
Even if you do or don't, it won't make a difference.
Machi (4 months ago)
DsSneaks so don’t put anything for negative KW right
DsSneaks (4 months ago)
Nah. No xxx for negative. You can skip that step. Even if you put "xxx" in there, nothing would happen.
MR SMOOVE 21 (4 months ago)
Is the HMAC destroyer necessary?
DsSneaks (4 months ago)
Daniel Ugalde (4 months ago)
What bot do you recommended now that there are many new ones?
Tyler Oliver (4 months ago)
My nigga back!!!!
XCELS14 (4 months ago)
My mans back....
Uglyboii_preme (4 months ago)
How do you cop 4s?
Prince (4 months ago)
How much profit do you think these will have? My guess is around $50 a little down the road from the release. Also would love more cyber videos! Thanks for all the help and insight
DsSneaks (4 months ago)
Yeah profit will be very small.
Chu Ting Hsu (4 months ago)
yeah!!! miss you!!! Thanks for the video!

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