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The Async Await Episode I Promised

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The await is over! Learn how to make your JavaScript Promise code beautiful and concise with async-await https://github.com/codediodeio/async-await-pro-tips Jake Archibald's Talk: https://youtu.be/cCOL7MC4Pl0 Demos with Angular: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYFd7Qy93YP7gPERnxP545A
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Text Comments (207)
Paweł Tomaszewski (2 hours ago)
I watched it twice and I'm can't wait for new videos.
3lby (10 hours ago)
It’s insane how quickly JS is developing new features. So excited to see what happens next or if we can get an ES based typing system. Thanks for the vid!
Micah Goodreau (12 hours ago)
awesome job. love your vids, keep the coming!
jandor88 (17 hours ago)
Great content! 🔥
kanishkabc kanishk (19 hours ago)
Learning great things from this channel...can anyone suggest good ui template for Angular and ionic???
Zigmas Slušnys (20 hours ago)
Found your video of right good code not 💩 in my feed, loved you style of explanation and the way you provide the video editing is exceptional 🤩 one of the channels I'll definitely share and follow!
john carlo miel (1 day ago)
This is so great dude :)
Preston Battin (1 day ago)
Rahul Gupta (1 day ago)
One of the best channel making intermediate developer expert
Gurpreet singh (1 day ago)
Your videos are really great
Gitcoin Bitcoin (1 day ago)
Amazing channel mate, nice emojis, nice content, everything just nice <3.
Jan Gajdošík (1 day ago)
Not sure if the smoothie was so sweet or async/await :) Great video as always!
Sigurd Sæther (1 day ago)
Being new as a developer with just over a year coding and picking up JS as my main language a couple of months back, this video explains so many of the issues I have encountered coming from a synchronous language (Java and Python) to async in JS and TS. This channel does a great job of explaining essential concepts to newcomers like me. I'm glad I found the channel. Thanks!
Edmond Movsisyan (1 day ago)
for await (...) does not work for me. What's the problem?
Rusman Wahab (1 day ago)
can you make a video about angular schematic?
Mohammed Azhar (1 day ago)
Hi, you are just wonderful teacher Pls can you tell me which editor you are using in this video
Rahul Ram (1 day ago)
Nikhil Talwar (1 day ago)
async TShirtWinniner() { await('Nikhil'); }
Moshe Peled (1 day ago)
wait for the next movie
nyghtseven (1 day ago)
Thanks alot, I was struggling with Ajax call , this is exactly what I needed. I found your channel with your video on good js code , and damn I thought I knew a lot about js but finally not :D , thank you sir !
Rishabh Jain (1 day ago)
Promise'd video is here finally! I'll a'wait for that joke to a'sync in a bit. Jokes apart, awesome stuff :-)
Newton Munene (1 day ago)
Mounish Sai (1 day ago)
Great Video! ❤
Ironn Lee (1 day ago)
No more excuses...it's time to stop blocking the web, async/await is here :). Great work and production style!
I await for your next video :)
Darshan Gowda (1 day ago)
Resolved 😁
Abdulhakim Bashir (2 days ago)
Always learn new stuff when I come here. Good content
TheLife IsYours (2 days ago)
Async/await is a thing I can get behind. (Nice shirt 😏)
Very helpful! great content..
indra susila (2 days ago)
and i set the speed setting to 0.75 for this
Jaeboy (2 days ago)
what code editor is this?
Abhishek Kumar (2 days ago)
Thank u for this awesome video
German Marin (2 days ago)
Great video
Nagauk (2 days ago)
Thanks for the video, I know I've sinned with the async/await functionality...
Joseph Serrano (2 days ago)
async await not a sink or a weight - funny!
Angular Firebase (2 days ago)
Yes, but I can't take credit, that joke has been floating around for a while now.
Maham Shahid (2 days ago)
Couldn't help but subscribe. Thank you for sharing the pro tips 😅
Luiz Motta (2 days ago)
Never knew about for await ( ... ), you helped me a lot. I saw that you use variables to store functions insteed of using the keyword 'function', why that? Thanks for the video!
Jorge Mendoza (2 days ago)
👍 awesome video.
Z3R01d (2 days ago)
Great video as usual, please what theme are you using for Vscode, love the colors, and the font.
Z3R01d (2 days ago)
Angular Firebase thanks
Angular Firebase (2 days ago)
Atom one dark. Recently changed the font to Fira Code.
Matthew Richmond (2 days ago)
Great video! This is excellent information for sooo many devs, me included. Subscribed and notification 🛎on!
Chellappan V (2 days ago)
Please do video for closures!
Chris Hyde (2 days ago)
awaiting my shirt
Matt Frowe (2 days ago)
Great video, thanks as always for sharing.
Danish Hayat (2 days ago)
Carlos E Carrillo (2 days ago)
<3 Damn you're the best man...
salah Alhaddabi (2 days ago)
Very nice topic and very easy explanation I feel well supported being a pro member
Kanav Malik (2 days ago)
Your channel is awesome!!
Cillian Ó Murchú (2 days ago)
Awesome editing. Great speed. Perfect.
Another great video!!! Thank You :)
Micael Levi (2 days ago)
Dănuț Florian (2 days ago)
I want a sink and a weight t-shirt
The Compiler (2 days ago)
May I win the T-Shirt?
Mohammad Hamza (2 days ago)
one of the best explanations of the async-await relation to the event loop 🤯
Foster Adorkor (2 days ago)
awesome !!
John Royce (2 days ago)
CodingAndCaffeine (2 days ago)
the Jake Archibald talk is fantastic! your tutorial too! thanks
ALLOMI Raj (2 days ago)
Thanks man, keep it up 🔥🔥
Nicolas Kleiderer (2 days ago)
Great video as always! I’m keeping this handy for training Javascript noobs :)
cypspark (2 days ago)
Thanks Again! Learning so much from you
Thadeu Brito (2 days ago)
what you use to past the code so fast? a simple copy and past an then cut the interval in the edition?
Thomas Needham (2 days ago)
Async/Await is a double-edged sword. It's a great addition to Javascript but it's also massively misused. I'm trying not to sound "elitist" here, but the complexity of promises and RxJS set a barrier for entry. People needed to understand how to write reactive code, work with asynchronous functions, etc. Now Async/Await has become the hammer for every timing bug that looks like a nail. I've seen the async and await keywords peppered through code in the hope it will magically fix a timing issue, mountains of code needlessly synchronised to the point it's stuttering to a halt on every page load. Hopefully people will take your "trolling" on board and gain an understanding of how it works. Really happy to see the pitfalls covered as well as the benefits.
Angular Firebase (2 days ago)
I agree with you 100%, that's actually why highlighted some of the misuse and started with the event loop. Overall though, its had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the projects I've been involved with.
Jaro Navales (2 days ago)
Jafar Chembatty (2 days ago)
Wow. Such a lovely explanation. Great work
Giorgi Merabishvili (2 days ago)
I want that T-shirt so bad! Absolutely great channel by the way! : )
zeroblackstar (2 days ago)
I will trade you this comment for a t-shirt
Rudi Persson (2 days ago)
T shit ?
Angular Firebase (2 days ago)
Magdas Mircea (2 days ago)
awesome explaining , cool channel. keep up the good work!
Matt Mccherry (2 days ago)
Really appreciate your videos, pushing me to be a better dev!
Max Furmansky (2 days ago)
wow cool Angular youtube channel
Ahmed Hassan (2 days ago)
0:34 yeah not a single joke :p . your video is worth watching
Calvin Muthig (2 days ago)
Marcos Elric (2 days ago)
Concise, fast a great explanation. Kudos to you sir
Hemanth Paluri (2 days ago)
Async await
Fernando Nicolalde (2 days ago)
One of the best channel out there !!! Excellent content
Rich Wheels (3 days ago)
I refuse to wear clothes until I win a T-shirt. Help humanity by letting me win and cover myself up.
mattia esposito (3 days ago)
nice job i really appreciate this video thank you
Shalabh Shrivastava (3 days ago)
Great explanation
shashank bhattacharya (3 days ago)
a comment
Deepanjan Ghosh (3 days ago)
You share best tech knowledge that too wrapped in smallest amount of time... Kudos... Loving ur stuff 😊
Sivuyile Magutywa (3 days ago)
very clear, professional and awesome explanation
Johan Swanepoel (3 days ago)
Thank you for this video! One thing I still am confused about is when is it best to use promises instead of observables?
Tushar Mehrotra (3 days ago)
Awesome video mate. you really put in lot of efforts :)
Valeriy (3 days ago)
Thanks for very good explanations!!!
Santiago Martín Agra (3 days ago)
Thanks for the video!
Gautam Mishra (3 days ago)
Nice explanation , learned a lot about async and await. Thanks for you frequent videos on practical topics .
Understand Coding (3 days ago)
Nice video!
Mohammed Ibrahimali (3 days ago)
Each an individual day is a learning from you guys, you guys deserved much better. Await for the T-Shirt
James N (3 days ago)
This is such a great explanation!
Pavel Kostadinov (3 days ago)
really helpful video tnx
Murugan S (3 days ago)
Please this time choose me. I'm following this channel right the beginning and I have implemented so many in my development using your tips. I never interested in getting t-shirts but as the days goes by seeing your videos making me to think that I should probably get your t-shirt and I should don it proudly saying you're my teacher. And again you're great. Man seriously you're awesome and the way you'll explain things is impeccable.
Shannon Hall (3 days ago)
Nice, thanks so much. Jake Archibald really made it clear for me whats going on. Your stuff is always great and i always get something from it even if i think i know already.
Angular Firebase (2 days ago)
Thanks! Jake's talk is one of my favorite of all time.
Rahul Sawant (3 days ago)
Your way of explaining things is just amazing! Thanks 😊👍
Roland Unferdorben (3 days ago)
Great video as always, keep it up ;)
Vivek Gawande (3 days ago)
Best video as promised!
Jerome St. Sauver (3 days ago)
your the bomb
Chad Hollman (3 days ago)
Great video! Great explanation, great quality, hoping for that free shirt!!
vikas kumar (3 days ago)
Thanks. I was waiting for this topic
Oleh Kolinko (3 days ago)
Great content! I love quality and how well thought all of your videos!
Xiao Shen (3 days ago)
That's a nice shirt
Khan Khal (3 days ago)
good stuf

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