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Berkley Havoc - Money Maker

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Berkley has teamed up with BASS Elite angler Brandon Palaniuk to create a unique bait that we've named the Money Maker. Brandon explains some of the intricacies of this bait and why YOU need to have some ready in your arsenal!
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Text Comments (15)
Byron Turnbow (5 months ago)
This is my go to
Catfish Cayd (1 year ago)
Great vid. My favorite worms are Berkley Power Worms and Berkley Havoc Juice Worms.
Berkley Fishing (1 year ago)
Great choices!
Swagger Hound (1 year ago)
The Havoc MM and the Zoom 4" finesse are by far my favorite drop shot baits. Havoc MM is the best value you can find. $2.99 for 15 and they hold up !
William Mayfield (1 year ago)
Just caught a 6 pound large mouth bass on one of these and also about 30+ fish on this lure
Jaeger Bewick (2 years ago)
There's only one problem they are hard to cast even with spinning gear.
SAVAGE308SNIPER (2 years ago)
Fisk Outdoors (3 years ago)
Check out our video in which we use the "Money Maker" to pull up multiple Pickerel and Bass!
Steve Ngo (4 years ago)
C'mon guys. Simple idea. If you're going to make a "Product Video" show the product in action!!! Seems like BS marketing to force people to buy the lure just to see how it works. I won't be one of them. 
Fisk Outdoors (3 years ago)
If you want to see the worm in action just check out our most recent video!
chuck jelenek (4 years ago)
He is right the money makers do work it caught me a 3 pound large mouth just amazing lures and also very very durable I can do about 10 15 fish before it finally gives out
Sean Ward (3 years ago)
+chuck jelenek Use the rubber band trick for wacky rigs, and pretty much never use another one again. Team it up with something like Mend-It (soft plastic glue) to practically guarentee that.
k9feces (4 years ago)
"Berkley make me a Senko"
Gavin H (4 years ago)
Looks sick I know that bait will catch a crap ton of bass
Adrian Noble (4 years ago)
Brandon, please do not become one those "advertising fisherman" that sound more like a used car salesman than a fisherman. I know you have to make a buck, but don't become a Ronald Martin, or a Jimmy Houston. Those guys are laughing stocks. Good luck Brandon.

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