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UCRM - ISP's revenue-making platform from Ubiquiti

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UCRM is a streamlined billing and customer management system with credit card processing, recurring invoicing, and automated features such as suspension and CPE outage detection. https://ucrm.ubnt.com - downloads and info | http://ucrm-demo.ubnt.com - try the online demo Please direct all questions to our UBNT Community/UCRM Forum and join in on the conversation! https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UCRM-Complete-WISP-Management/bd-p/UCRM
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Tadas Petrokas (29 days ago)
With all respect to @Ubiquiti Networks team - what were you thinking upon posting this video? The UCRM tool itself seems like a very nice idea, but this video? Even for a free product your marketing/sales team could've pushed a bit harder. It's not up to your own standards...
Awesome job Ubiquiti. I'm not really into tutorial type videos but you did a good job explaining everything in case I had miss anything myself working with it.
Supermaid Kenya LTD (1 month ago)
How can I download this ISP System?
Irshad Ahmad (3 months ago)
this great..thank you so much ubiquiti
Gals Herp (6 months ago)
u talk 30 minutes about every button which everybody with some knowledge instant knows (and i dont get u target with this system noobs) and dont even show one second the network settings? W T F.
Feroz Mahomed (7 months ago)
This is super awesome, please can you add contention on client packages
Vikas Swami (9 months ago)
Well done Ubiquiti! Keep it coming, this is why we use 99% Ubiquiti devices in our network.But please don't betray and be another Cysco!!
Tracy R (10 months ago)
I would like to see more how it handles automated suspension of client services.
Hugo Taljaard (1 year ago)
Loyer Wies (1 year ago)
que mal no hay guia de instalacion donde se instala en una pc dedicada, donde se crear el usuario muy mal video
De que forma se puede hacer?
RiusCode (8 months ago)
Loyer, ya sabes como iniciar el servicio despues de apagada la maquina virtual?
Feroz Mahomed (1 year ago)
awesome, im gonna love this. Can you guys please add contention feature.
African Drone Rookie (1 year ago)
Well done UBNT!
Federico G. D'Onofrio (1 year ago)
Thanks, Alex and Ubiquiti por reaching to us with this tool. Great tool!
Matthew Wolf (1 year ago)
Luma a (1 year ago)
Cuando liberan para Windows ??
Mustapha Khial (1 year ago)
i always wanted the edgeOS to have a built in hotspot with radius server and vouchers ...that will be great

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