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Adwords Bid Strategy Tutorial - Google Ads Bidding Like a BOSS πŸ”₯

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Adwords Bid Strategy Tutorial - Google Ads Bidding Like a BOSS. In this Google Adwords (Google Ads) tutorial wee talking about Google Adwords bid strategy and how Bidding works in Google ads. Google ads bidding explaining. Our Agency: https://clicksgeek.com/ Our Google Ads Training Course: https://google-ads-training-academy.teachable.com/p/google-ads-training-academy/ Google Adwords Bidding Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyzgOeddPNKSfrRAH0NIiPlrNbfAh55nb
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Text Comments (6)
Clicks Geek (3 months ago)
Got any questions about Google Ads bidding strategy? Leave a comment below.
Ragz Studioz (6 hours ago)
Thank you, bro! Subscribed..:-)
watzurpassion (22 days ago)
I'm just starting google ads for the very first time (Zero data). I started with Enhanced CPC & after just two days changed to maximize conversion upon watching a video recommendation on Youtube. Since then my ads are practically dying. Looking like the change was a bad idea
Clicks Geek (14 days ago)
watzurpassion Yup. We never use maximize conversions without at least 3 months of conversion data.
PIXEL Agency (2 months ago)
Great job explaining bidding! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Clicks Geek (2 months ago)
PIXEL Agency 😎
dre alex (3 months ago)
Hey so this strategy is all I need to get the best possible campaign results? If not what other videos of yours would you recommend? This seems like crazy value tho!

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