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Digi billing fix payment not available

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Hye if you have any problem just pm me at whatapp 01116096283
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Text Comments (53)
Terrence Terry (15 days ago)
bro "your account is risky" how to solve that?
Ininjas Hydra (17 days ago)
Haiqal Hazeeq (22 days ago)
Tq for video...i like it
Emir Faiz (29 days ago)
Why after i remove digi billing i cant buy with digi billing
AffanAR (1 month ago)
Can it use in Game like Free Fire?
SALZ (1 month ago)
It didn't show me billing digi
Teddy Breaddy➊ (3 months ago)
Hahah Boboboy xD *LIKE*
Naggu Muraro (3 months ago)
Danish Haykal (4 months ago)
Trimas..sy menjadi..
TITANUS CUBE (4 months ago)
Ia berfungsi
TITANUS CUBE (4 months ago)
Terima kasih
Zombie Mellow (6 months ago)
But the thing is when I search for Google Wallet, It suddenly show Google Ads. I really confused on that time
Zombie Mellow (6 months ago)
Dude pls put the link on the desc bcus I've found it that there are different in the google wallet
FG Kaquilala (6 months ago)
i cant get smart billing again
FG Kaquilala (6 months ago)
wut have u done byatch
PhilippinesOrginalBall S (6 months ago)
this video destroyed my fcking acc!
teeN Vampire (28 days ago)
Priclys Earl Bacani (6 months ago)
THE AWESOME Gauntlet (3 months ago)
Bakit pag sineserch ko wlang lumalabas na Google wallet
KingIsiah Ocampo (6 months ago)
Wala nmn kau ma papala jan kahit anu gawin nyu ganun at ganun parin lalabas -.- sinayang nyu lang oras nyu tang inang payment yan
speedyace looc (6 months ago)
Fggts use English
Muhamad Timizi (7 months ago)
Thx bruh!!..this video was really good..now I can purchase!!
TheVintageDog (7 months ago)
Link please
Tiffany Tart (8 months ago)
OMG THANK YOU it's really helpful
TheVintageDog (7 months ago)
Can you give me the link?
Gusiøn Lord (10 months ago)
Now you just ruined our lives
Abe Mal (10 months ago)
Nak tanya.......saya nak recharge game........apabila tekan payment......dia kata sambungan tiada....padahal internet H+........dan dia kata peranti anda tidak diperuntukkn untuk billing.....tolong saya
Gleaming Zheres (11 months ago)
You spelled because wrong
Pian 17 (1 year ago)
aq buat xd klua tros bill digi hilang tros
waco lima (1 year ago)
I don't have the option help please
Rdx Playz (1 year ago)
option not coming again
i chiki (1 year ago)
uwesss . aku dh buat . tpi tkthu nk beli daimond dia tulis payment failed . kalau mobile legend rechager fail . mana btul . tkthu apa masalahnye
i chiki I don't have the option
Nokia 3310 (1 year ago)
i chiki pastu Duit aku trus melayang 😑😑😑😑😑
afiq aiman (1 year ago)
dh buat cm lam.video..lepas remove digi dibling kat payment pastu gy playstore cari app yg kene byr untuk download.. tekan payment method dye x keluar digi dibling... cm mna ehh?
Amirul Zeeshaan (2 years ago)
macam mana untuk u mobile
hakim hamizan (2 years ago)
recharge diamond hanya untuk hotlink dan maxis di malaysia
jflxz (2 years ago)
buat sama ke untuk celcom?
hapizzz hentahla (2 years ago)
eh silap kat google wallet.xde pon digi biling tuh
hapizzz hentahla (2 years ago)
dekat payment method xde pon digi biling tu
Wrath (2 years ago)
Celcom still does not work. what am i supposed to do?
Awie Plhh (2 years ago)
tq so much bro
syarruddin (2 years ago)
untuk maxis?
hakim comel (2 years ago)
Syarruddin samela...aku pn guna maxis
Ros Lan (2 years ago)
aslm bang maxis billing payment method
jflxz (2 years ago)
999,999,999 viewers celcom same?
Ros Lan (2 years ago)
+Syarruddin owh...ok
syarruddin (2 years ago)
Ros Lan kalau maxis, buat je sama macam dlm video ni
hakim comel (2 years ago)
i cant buy diamonds from crisis action....evrytime i try to pirchase the diamonds,the game restart...what should i do??
Romie Aqua Royal (21 days ago)
Ueahhh me too I cant purchase it says (all the time) "Payment Unsuccesful) (btw this is CA )
Some one (2 months ago)
hakim comel (2 years ago)
Syarruddin tp dah ok dah :)
syarruddin (2 years ago)
AllShootersPro hahaha ingat saya je ada problem macam ni

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