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coal mine roof fall afrter pillaring

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this is what happens after the pillars have been removed. A normal day at work for a coal miner .
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Robert & Jána Tackett (7 months ago)
Boy I sure remember those days!
Kenny Hennette (7 months ago)
I worked 20 years in the mine can remember roof bolts pinging taking weight then here it comes.
James Mangle (8 months ago)
Best part towards the very end.
NPC #303 (10 months ago)
Why did it rumble for so long was that an earth quake
Mattias Whitehead (1 year ago)
holy shit were they trapped?!! hey did they fucking get out without being pilled up by gravel?!!
brt 123 (1 year ago)
What is the low frequency noise for muchof this? Was it falling in at our locations? Dang sure a dark that words can't describe.
Virginian (2 years ago)
0:04 look in the middle of the pillars. Wtf is that little beed of light???
William Taylor (5 months ago)
Virginian rock dust flashing up
ItsKeeton (1 year ago)
stigy61 (1 year ago)
Looks like an Orb to me
Peter Baloyi (2 years ago)
Marikana Lonmin Mine is experiencing a fatal falls of ground on its shaft. every week Inspectors issues us with section 54's. poor supporting of ground, hurry production for bonus. Guys please jopa kalo standard kalo mine. Lonmin LIFE RULES Number 1 and 2
Max Owens (2 years ago)
Red hat, green hat and then straight to pulling pillars at 21 in the 70's. I know the sound and expectations very well. We had a few that refused to drop until we were already all the way back to the belt entry and nothing but air was holding it all up. I'm talking football field lengths that blew doors open all the way to bottom (cage). Thanks for posting.
Derek Settle (5 years ago)
this is hilarious..  I watched this video and thought man that looks like the black king (mine I worked at a while back)  turns out it was the black king lol  I pulled that block and did not realize it.  That mine has really hard sandstone top,  when pillaring you may not have a good fall for weeks just little ones.. then it all comes in lol
circlet58 (5 years ago)
Its been 16 years since I've worked underground and the sound of those timbers taking weight and a roof fall still clears the plaque out of my arteries...lol. Thanks for sharing.
circlet58 (5 years ago)
@John Smith Within the very first few seconds of the video,I think he called it in the video the timbers loading up.Sounds like popcorn popping is the best I can describe it. Never trust the top or depend on some one else having already checked it and its safe because conditions can change all to quickly.GOD BLESS and Be Safe !!!
DrewWoods (5 years ago)
Lmao....that was draw rock not a fall.. and the mine I work at it falls like volkswagons in front of my bolter an we just bolt threw it...
minerman (2 years ago)
Yeah dude, I know, the last 10 years or so, they've killed coal mining with laws/regulations....Most of the inspectors enforcing the law never worked as coal miners, most of 'em are college boys (not saying anything's wrong with that, just sayin' they didn't know what they were talking about 99% of the time)...I got in trouble pillaring about 5 years ago, & thought I was gonna go to jail...Luckily, it was a state inspector that caught me, if it'd be a federal, I would've went to prison, no doubt.... Be safe boys, it's good $$$, but anything & everything in there can hurt, maim, or kill ya...
minerman (2 years ago)
I worked with a minerman nicknamed "Goose" when I was a young'n, from about '92-'94...His name wouldn't happen to be Ronnie Charles would it??? Good man, great minerman...That's been a lot of years ago, I was young & didn't have clue... Be careful guys, never trust ANY top, the only good top is on the bottom...
DrewWoods (2 years ago)
We are pillering right now and so many regulations it's impossible to get all of it. We leave so much behind
Max Owens (2 years ago)
I am sixty and if it was possible I would be doing that now ( or at least I say I would ). We nicknamed one of our operators goose for a reason. We would be pulling blocks about as deep as you would care to go and he would come running through the throat of my buggy full tilt while the flights were still on and I would bail out the back because I would be all the way up in a rib and couldn't get out any other way. You can run full speed in the pitch black dark with a helmet flying behind you. We covered two or three miners up along with the buggies. Set tonnage records a lot, but gee wiz it was dangerous when you look back on it. 70% of my crew were war veterans and I saw very little fear from any of them! Couldn't drive a spike in mine though.
minerman (2 years ago)
Yep, draw rock...25+ years underground here, the last 15+ was on a continuous miner....I loved pillaring, that was some of the easiest & best work for a minerman, if you've got the balls to take enough to make it really fall...I've been covered up 3 times in those 25 years, 2 of them on a pillar section...I'm only 45, but the last mine I worked at, I was an old man, the average age on our crew was about 23...lol...
Kennedy Robert (5 years ago)
the good old days .bring back pillar extraction timber and we will see the real coal miners not some of the blow hards that work underground today. I love this love the noise the team work and the mateship .finding it in most modern underground mines these days is not going to happen well done boys
Fartingcatfish (6 years ago)
I miss things like this
Marki Lewis (6 years ago)
you call that a roof fall! what a joke
jannihead (7 years ago)
That is so scary! I don't know how you guys do this as part of a normal day and keep your cool. Amazing!

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