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Google Forms 2018-- The Best Free Forms Software?

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Looking for a great form tool? The Google Suite has you covered. You can use Google Forms, another one of Google's free tools, to create gorgeous online forms and collect data. With Google Forms, you can do a lot of the exact same things as paid tools, but for free! Discover what this marvelous tool can do for you. In this video: - 0:49 Google Forms Demo Resources: - Steve's Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfIqOkv82_p7Y2-CFogdPU3Kd-04lePhzsQGwuG89S7bYeNzg/viewform Other Google Drive videos: - Google Photos Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXe68IxpqWo - Google Calendar Overview 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5cWRMqwOUg&t=1s - Google Home 2018, What You Need to Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2ldXU6FncM - 5 Must-Know Google Calendar Tips and Tricks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGiY4dHWH20 - 5 Must-Know Google Drive Tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inl4nZIkksM Curious about other tools that can help you get more organized? Grab a copy of Steve’s toolkit! https://dottotech.com/toolkit/ Love what you saw? Subscribe to the channel for weekly Google tips (live every Monday!) Want to dive into the world of productivity, digital marketing and content creation? Join us for our weekly webinar this Wednesday! Every week, we break big, complex processes like building your email list and growing a successful YouTube channel into small, actionable steps you can put into practice straight away. Sign up: https://dottotech.com/webinars/ FOLLOW DOTTO TECH ON SOCIAL → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Vlog: https://dottotech.com/vlog/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/
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Sandra Pool (4 days ago)
Thanks Steve - good video. I have a question please ... any way that you can create multiple forms/questions on a form by importing data from say a spreadsheet maybe? I have to make a load of these and I already have the source info in spreadsheet form. Thanks!
Avinash Shrivastava (7 days ago)
very useful information, Can we capture mobile's GPS location while filling the form in Google Forms?
Fiona Cheung (11 days ago)
I got some problems using the Google Form these days. I made a Google Form a month ago for students to fill in. It worked perfectly fine. Then I used 'Make a copy" function to create a new form . However, my students couldn't open the form on their iPads. Then I tried it on PC. It worked. Is the problem related to tablets or the way I set up the form?
SK DAS (11 days ago)
Tnx to shareing
Tina Delgado (13 days ago)
thanks for sharing
Andres Teson (18 days ago)
Dotto, hi! Maybe you can help me out. I am looking for an online Form which has a calendar booking option integrated with Outlook. I have seen many videos and many many software to no avail.
Thusan Emmanuel Paul (21 days ago)
I have a question regarding using Google forms because I have tried it once and I faced a problem after entering the data. The problems I faced and the question I want to refer from you as follow.................... 1. Can I edit the data which I have already entered and saved in the Google forms. 2. As a team when we entered the data some of us used entering the number as follow(eg:- 1, 01, 1., 01.) Google forms shows these as separate data. Please let any one help me to edit this data
Abba Studios (21 days ago)
This was very useful an eye opening, since I didn’t know this existed. Thanks
Abba Studios (20 days ago)
I made use of this right away. It works great. This was not in my Apps Grid Menu as it was in yours. How do I add it?
James Gunn (22 days ago)
Hi Steve or anyone else, (BTW good video Steve). I using the form to do a survey and I want to send users to a different URLs after completing the survey depending on their answers. Will Google Forms let me do it ?
James Gunn (21 days ago)
+dottotech Google docs, sheets, slides and forms are not under that link
dottotech (21 days ago)
If you need more help try here, https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!home
Mohammed Wahab (1 month ago)
Hi Technical expert, as you are aware of Google form has single page form option, can we have booklet form option, so that on left side we paste a passage and on right side we give question to reply it. In addition i need 3 tabs as i have 3 section. can you help me in doing so.
TheCalgaryPainter (1 month ago)
Thanks Steve. I need to really explore this in depth. I want to add a 'help wanted' form to my website. Long time fan since your TV days. #TheCalgaryPainter
Hi all, i could not publish my form on web. I mean after i share the link to someone else and he clicks on the link, he comes the form page but it asks to login! What if he does not have a gmail account? And i watched the videos and read the documents about settings or so on but nothing changed. My account is an individual gmail account. Thanks for your response.
NEIL PATEL (1 month ago)
Thanks Steve. Very clear and accurate information about google forms.
EPRDF EPRDF (1 month ago)
Thanks so Much for your professional presentation and it is very important to me , but the embeded width is not increase. how to make Width 100% Full. Please Help me. Thank you.
EPRDF EPRDF (1 month ago)
T Thank you for fast Responce. I will try to it.
dottotech (1 month ago)
The best place for answers to Google questions is here https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!home
Jo Addy (2 months ago)
Thanks for demystiifying Google Forms!
Steve McMillion (2 months ago)
Very informative. Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism.
Lia Martin (2 months ago)
Hi! We use Google Forms to collect info from market research interviews...but we experienced a "limit" on the words that can be entered in a Paragraph type of question. Do you know if this limitation still exists? Because when an interviewee is talking, and we're typing along all of their valuable feedback into the Paragraph answer area...we don't want to be cut off at a limit. Thanks for your valuable knowledge on this!
63MacGuy (2 months ago)
GREAT VIDEO. Is there a way that i can be alerted when someone has summited their form.
UCKS - (2 months ago)
Hi! Great video. Thanks, really helpful. How can I change the sender from the gmail login address to any kind of address? Any options?
Navneetkumar Vairagade (2 months ago)
nice information sir
Thomas Doohan (2 months ago)
If I have a BAA with G suite, is the form HIPPA compliant if I email it and client responds?
deadlyxeno (2 months ago)
How to copy charts with data on it, especially for check boxes? Thank you. Cause bars are blank when copied.
Jonathan Mills (2 months ago)
Gotta love Google
i Margo (2 months ago)
I was wondering if this will work with IOS as I am really trying to move my workflow to my iPad Pro (which is so awesome for most everything I do). I didn’t see a way to do it by looking at the google drive app but then I googled it in Safari and got this webpage that explains in detail how to do it in IOS (now I’m doing the happy dance!) Thank you Steve & Google: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/6281888?co=GENIE.Platform%3DiOS&hl=en
Scott Spaw (3 months ago)
What is the best accounting software to use with google products
Scott Spaw (3 months ago)
Thank you
dottotech (3 months ago)
I use Wave, https://youtu.be/qD-81xpiKU8
Konstantin Gospodinov (3 months ago)
Great video! Thanks! You Americans are interesting people. I am fascinated! :-)
Konstantin Gospodinov (3 months ago)
dottotech (3 months ago)
As a Canadian I will say, we are interesting too.
David Elliott Lewis (3 months ago)
Very helpful. Thank you.
Anyway to embed a payment option (Paypal, STRIPE etc) at the end of a Google form before the submit button?
Thanks for the reply !
dottotech (3 months ago)
Not that I know of, but you can embed a google form in a webpage that has the payment system on it.
Jim Mendoza (3 months ago)
Nicely done Steve. A bit of tech-nerd TMI here but the definitive source for the submitted form data is actually in the Google Forms document itself. A *copy* is placed in the specified Google Sheets doc. Should the user edit the copy of the collected data in the Google Sheets file, they won't see a change when they look at it from the Google Forms "Responses" section. When the user submits the form, if the option is set to allow the user to *edit* their response, the edit URL presented is a direct **public** link back to that GForm's response. Editing the GForm entry and re-submitting *will* then update the GSheets file also. Note that 3rd party add-ons for GSheets such as >>*formMule*<< does give the GSheets editor the option of storing the Edit-URL to each submitted response in the GSheets file. Sorry for too much propeller spinning.....
Dick Putter (3 months ago)
Steve, 1. I want to use the google form in reverse 2. I listened to your interesting Youtube video about Google Forms, 3. My question: how can I import google sheet info to Google forms/ 4. The reason for the request is that I have a list of contacts in a google sheet 5. I need to update the sheet by the different individuals and companies themselve, through returning a completed google form 6. and let them populate the forms and forward it back to me as the actual update, 7. This should happen without many user interaction on my side, other than the client update itself. 8. This would imply their consent to the practice by completing and returning of the form. 9. What should I do to get an reply from you or your team about this request? 10. If possible please forward confirmation receipt and understandin Kind Regards Dick +27837453328 [email protected]
Wbbc Music (16 days ago)
Dick, you could create the form matching the layout of the contact info you already have in a google sheet. Create the google sheet to go with your form. Then, copy your contact info into the new google sheet. You could then separate out by company/contact name with a new tab by using a google sheet add-on. When a contact changes their info using your form it would have its new timestamp so you would know that it is the latest contact info. You could delete out the previous contact info by row. It's not totally automated but would only require minimum upkeep. You could have a check box on the form for consent which would only allow them to proceed if they checked it first. It's like an "if-then" option. For example, you can set up your questions to lead to another question if answered a certain way. Hope this helps.
dottotech (3 months ago)
Dick, I am sure you can do this but I am not sure the exact steps yo need to take. I would start by creating a sample form, and when you share it you will see the option to collect the information to a sheet. From there you will have to figure out the exact process to populate your sheet.
Daren Wride (3 months ago)
Thanks Steve! Very helpful. Your Google apps series is outstanding.
Suzanne Hart (3 months ago)
Hi Steve ^_^ You are proving to be very popular in my classroom in New Zealand! We love watching your videos. I have a question from a teacher point of view... Is there any possible way to get the link for one particular student response on a quiz/assessment form setup? For example, if I were getting an assessment moderated and wanted the moderator to be able to view only one student response, is that possible? Thanks so much!
dottotech (3 months ago)
I think so, Ask for the email address in the sharing panel. I bet that doe the trick..
African Leopards (3 months ago)
Wow! I had a workshop on this in my lecture literally 2 weeks ago. I might use video this when I get to it again next year.
PresidentElect ARPTA (3 months ago)
We use this all the time! It is also awesome at producing forms!
Ullimately (3 months ago)
Hi Steve, how the fuck are you doing this fine day? To tell you friendly, never missed the option of doing forms. Maybe its interesting for sum marketing dudes but for everyone else not very interesting a form creator.
Joachim Kerscher (3 months ago)
👍🏻 thanks. Will try that. Greetings from Munich Germany ... like you vlog ...
Stephen Williams (3 months ago)
Fantastic! I needed something like this for a non-profit organization that I work with and it fills the bill. Keep them coming.
Janelee Keller (3 months ago)
Hi Steve :-) It probably will seem strange to you, but I do not have a (computer/PC/Desk Top), nor do I know how to use one. (My husband, and the one Son that still lives here, both have one. My Son actually has built some for his friends). Anyway, I only have a phone, and a Tablet....The Phone is Android, the Tablet is iOS. I do have 20+ Google Apps on my Apple tablet, which somehow sync with my phone. Or vice versa ? Unfortunately, when I watch any tutorials that require, a computer, or are demonstrated via a computer, I am totally lost ! Is there any way I could just receive notifications which apply to only phones or tablets ? OR....of course I can simply wait for the tutorials that will work for me !🙄 I'll be happy either way 🙂 Just thought I'd ask. 😏 Sincerely, JaneLee 🧓 ^_^ A new subscriber as of yesterday ! 😊 Have a Great Wednesday 🤗 🌄.
HamsterTG (3 months ago)
I voted for Karl, he's my favorite haha
DigikidForever (3 months ago)
Every time I see one of your videos the Dotto Tech Cafe intro goes through my head. LOL
sfmech (3 months ago)
Hi Steve, thanks for the video. I just clicked the link to submit my choice, but was curious if there is a way to publish the result for those who submit the answers and for those who do not answer but want to know the result? Thanks a lot.
dottotech (3 months ago)
I will post them over in the community tab!
Nick Smith (3 months ago)
Steve, wow, great video, never knew about Google Forms. Keep these coming
simon jagassar (3 months ago)
Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Miss the old show
johanponken (3 months ago)
You really should have added to the questionnaire *the missing Marx brother Dotto* ("Just to mess people up" as you said). Am I right? :D
kurtmichaelson (3 months ago)
Steve, I have always enjoyed watching and learning from your videos that you produce, thank you!
Joe Benga (3 months ago)
I use it to track receipts. I included an upload so I can take a picture of the receipt and I have the data and image in one place.
olvi007 (3 months ago)
That's a great idea. Thanks.
The Bear Den Photography (3 months ago)
Hey Steve, great topic and presentation. I've known about Google Forms for several years and have toyed with the concept, but never really built anything of consequence. Forms is a great little app and can be very useful. I have Google Sheet Workbook consisting of 1850+ lines, 22 columns, and about 20 or so sheets that I've been populating for about a year and a half and would love to do the work thru a form. Of course I don't want to rebuild the sheet from scratch, that would be very counter productive. My other option would be to convert the Workbook to a database of some sort like MS Access, which I have very minimal experience with, and my time is running short for another huge learning curve. I'm pretty sure Google hasn't yet released a database application for use with Google Apps. If it has and would work in my case, I stand corrected and would love to hear about it. My question is, can a form be 'reverse engineered' from an existing spreadsheet?
The Bear Den Photography (3 months ago)
Thanks Steve. I'll have a look at trying that. And yes, the Google Forums are a good resource. I've used them in the past and find them a real help.
dottotech (3 months ago)
You can create a form and assign the results to a existing Sheet,, I am not sure how that would work for you but it is worth checking out. Also you can always ask for help here, I use it a lot! https://productforums.google.com/forum/
FiscalRangersFlorida (3 months ago)
Good overview of Forms. It is really a forms based, flat file database. I grew up in work with Lotus Notes, SQL, Ashton Tate's dBase (I worked there during their last year), Lotus Approach and Microsoft Access. Any comments about building a relational database for more complex data?
dottotech (3 months ago)
I would not be surprised if an option does not come into the marketplace to connect Sheets to a relational DB, but I am not sure how it would work. Might be an opportunity.
Jill Whiting (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing the information on google forms
45von (3 months ago)
Steve I see you are keeping trim.... AND still making helpful Google clips while you are storming the castle .... Thanks
dottotech (3 months ago)
Working on it!
Sabrina Hill (3 months ago)
Thanks for making this. I need to create a form for my students at university. This was a big help. Post Script: I've been watching you since you were on Radio Shack DVDs.
Robert Vanden Heuvel (3 months ago)
Can you set up email notifications so that every time the form is completed the responses get sent to a particular email address (multiple email addresses ideally)?
Wbbc Music (16 days ago)
+dottotech Yes. You can
dottotech (3 months ago)
I think so, not positive though.
Francis A (3 months ago)
You need G Suite to use this. That will cost you some money. So not really free.
Mark Johnson (3 months ago)
Just looked and it is there in Google Drive, just click the NEW button and them MORE
Francis A (3 months ago)
I phoned Google support and that is the answer they gave me. I will check drive out.
dottotech (3 months ago)
Nope. It is free with Google Drive.
Iain Murray (3 months ago)
Are you going to post the results?!
dottotech (3 months ago)
Good idea. I will in the community tab
Rod Gill (3 months ago)
Very useful, thanks Steve,
Christopher Murray (3 months ago)
I cringed every time you used the word "free" or when you said the product was free. As far as I know, there's no such thing as a free lunch!
Max Schwartz (3 months ago)
Steve......in answering your question...... It's this one.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIYR-ucWhKU
dottotech (3 months ago)
Love it Max.
Richard Wildhirt (3 months ago)
Perfect timing, Steve! I have a new job and my new boss wants me to send out a needs assessment using Google Forms. Thanks for the tutorial--very useful!
Jeffery Sullivan (3 months ago)
I was JUST asked if I could set up a Google form for a client's website and there you were (again) with the answer! Always helpful. Thanks Steve!
Pat Higgins (3 months ago)
Love all your Google help videos. Really informative. Thanks
John Marsden (3 months ago)
Thanks Steve, you have helped me to see its usefulness to me and other teachers and researchers
sherif afifi (3 months ago)
thank you
Luis Salas Lastra (3 months ago)
This was great info! THANKS!
Clive Thompson (3 months ago)
Love this Steve, thanks for shining the spotlight on this overlooked Google tool. Awesome!
Ralph Woodard (3 months ago)
Good one Steve. I found it very easy to use and I may think about doing something like that to get member input from our computer club. Thanks
Shane Ellswood (3 months ago)
I use several Google Forms at work for the finance, marketing, and vigilance departments. We’ve recently added authorisation via different multi-level authenticators (people), it even keeps the sender up to date on the status of their request.
Mr. Luigi (3 months ago)
Nice job Steve! If someone sends me a Google form to fill out, what information (if any) does Google learn about ME? If I selected Harpo, could I start to see ads for Marx Brothers movies that star Harpo! 🤔
dottotech (3 months ago)
I don't think Google is mining that info, but I have no real way of knowing.
RCdiy (3 months ago)
What do you use/recommend for collecting emails and managing them? MailChimp?
dottotech (3 months ago)
It is a good solution, but I don't recommend any soluiton, they all have shortcomings.
Mark Spence (3 months ago)
But no conditional logic...
Marcel Wolters (3 months ago)
Mark Spence sure there is. You can build multiple sections and based upon Answers move to applicable section.
Marcel Wolters (3 months ago)
Use this all the time, Add extra plug-in and you can create forms beyond most payed solutions. File upload however only works in gsuite.
Iain Murray (3 months ago)
Is there a way to generate an automatic reference? I help run a PTA for the school and have set up a Google form for expenses claims - would be great to automaticaly allocate a reference!
Marcel Wolters (3 months ago)
Take a look at a plug-in such as form publisher. Might Be something of interest
dottotech (3 months ago)
I would ask that at the Google Help Forum https://productforums.google.com/forum/
Lawrie Mann (3 months ago)
I use it personally to enter and track receipts.
Brandon Fried (3 months ago)
Steve, thanks for the informative video. Do the form recipients need to have Google accounts in order to respond?
dottotech (3 months ago)
Nope, browser based
LIQUID OCELOT (3 months ago)
Dr dottotech pls create for getting subsbcriber email list tutorial for google forms 2018
Don Moody (3 months ago)
Can you add payment into the forms?
Mark Spence (3 months ago)
Check out www.booklikeaboss.com, bookafy.com. They both have free options but without payment gateways, unless you pay monthly. Shame, you just missed a great Appsumo LTD on Bookafy.
Don Moody (3 months ago)
No, I am looking for an online booking system to help a non-profit org. if you know one let me know.
Mark Spence (3 months ago)
You gotta be kidding!
John La Cara (3 months ago)
Don Moody Probably not recommended because its security fearures are not strong like a merchant service form.
J. D. Ross, Jr. (3 months ago)
Very helpful information!!

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