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Managing Multiple Google Accounts in Chrome

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Having multiple Google accounts is commonplace in today's world but managing those accounts can be tricky. Luckily Google Chrome can help you manage them by letting you login to multiple accounts and easily switch between accounts loaded in separate browser windows.
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Demon Rantz (1 year ago)
How do you move your bookmarks, history and saved passwords data from one user to another?
wedda on earth (2 years ago)
OMG another idiot who thinks a LOUD clip would make it better
Chris Irvin (2 years ago)
Another idiot who doesn't understand the wonders of volume control
Savedy Vuth (3 years ago)
Thank for your nice video! Anyway, do you how to check which account that has been designated as the owner? I am the device's owner and want to prevent my user account from being remove. Please help on this and many thanks for your kind answer.
Bill Bass (4 years ago)

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