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I Want You Back - The Jackson 5

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The Jackson 5 preform I Want You Back on their "Goin Back To Indiana" TV special in 1971. HQ sound
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Brazzer Bressy (11 minutes ago)
Izrahiah (58 minutes ago)
Give me likes, because 🐌 🥒
Michael Jackson (1 hour ago)
I love you King of pop 👑
Caio Freitas (3 hours ago)
I'm Groot❤
Wanted Maniacs (5 hours ago)
Feels bad man _ (6 hours ago)
No one: 0:46 : 🐌
Zachary Mindell (6 hours ago)
This should be the song we use when we raid area 51
mattattack (6 hours ago)
What are these comments 😭😭😭
Xdd (7 hours ago)
00:46 what yall lookin for
Julia Rafaela (7 hours ago)
Só de imaginar o quanto eles apanhavam nos ensaios daquele pai safado.
Sofia Peretti (7 hours ago)
I Love Michael Jackson
DeprecatingMemes (7 hours ago)
Fippen (7 hours ago)
Kofi Owusu-abboah (8 hours ago)
Kofi Owusu-abboah (8 hours ago)
lolmy snail thx for this
Barack Obama (8 hours ago)
Taban del Tottus
altjimin (10 hours ago)
okay but these emojis “🐌🥒” fit so well together
altjimin (10 hours ago)
🧒🏼🐌🥒 if ykyk
Valtex (10 hours ago)
Reef Cyan Iorek Ayling (11 hours ago)
Good Song
Reef Cyan Iorek Ayling (11 hours ago)
VX888 Gaming (11 hours ago)
yeye ! (11 hours ago)
🐌 🥒
undefined FSDFSS (11 hours ago)
Thank you cucumber snail for this bopping jam I love you cucumber snail 🐌🥒 my snail wont stop emitting this song from his body. hes also eaten all my cucumbers. please help
stunt man dave (12 hours ago)
Zombiecpj (13 hours ago)
Hey what’s up with all this snail stuff? Am I missing something? Because I feel like I’m the only one here who actually came because I enjoy the song
Lazy Hitman (13 hours ago)
Who else loves this song before the snail meme? ✋🏽
Lazy Hitman (13 hours ago)
αちゃん (14 hours ago)
マイケルが恋しいよ… I want you back micheal💔
R.I.P Michael Jackson 😭
🥒 ¿Quires?
SammyCybertron (15 hours ago)
*F O N K E Y B O I*
TTV_OreoLover (16 hours ago)
I hate this song because of the meme
Blushiez (16 hours ago)
Kawdock (17 hours ago)
Jonathan Robert (18 hours ago)
Guardians of the galaxy anyone leave a like
Justin Harden (18 hours ago)
OORゆいぴ (18 hours ago)
Monetização (18 hours ago)
I will cry ;)
Fawwaz arrayyan (19 hours ago)
God i miss him
b0b b0b (19 hours ago)
🐌 > 🥒
Refx (23 hours ago)
xDeeCk ™ (23 hours ago)
Michael Jackson😭
Versa mi Despacito (23 hours ago)
the 8.4k dislikes are slugs, those fools
“🐌🥒” in da chats
Faded Evolution (23 hours ago)
Snail? Cucumber? What did I come back to?!?!!?
levi is here (1 day ago)
can you all stop with that dumb snail/cucumber meme? it’s not funny at all. i can’t even come here to enjoy this music without all the dumb, immature, UNFUNNY comments about a stupid snail. grow up PLS.
Ki11erWasp35 (1 day ago)
gyllespie (1 day ago)
Message for the uploader of this video: Can you please disable the comments section? All I see are a bunch of posts from trolls. It's looking like a wall full of graffiti right now. I find it disrespectful.
Thundey (4 hours ago)
gyllespie lol just disable comments close your eyes lol walk away from the screen lol
DoctorGurren (1 day ago)
Ruski Racc (1 day ago)
Benedict Rachielug (1 day ago)
Anyone wanna explain what the snail eating a cucumber meme has to do with this song?
pluto (1 day ago)
🐌 🥒
Niggabanana (1 day ago)
Why tf did the snail eating a cucumber become a meme, I just can’t comprehend the genius of whoever created the meme
Flerbles (3 hours ago)
Chicken Legs (1 day ago)
This bangs no cap
Gavin Aguillon (1 day ago)
Anyone here before the snail meme?
Marcos Lol (1 day ago)
🐌 🥒
yamasonic26 (1 day ago)
Cucumber Daily (1 day ago)
oh no..
Ulises Diaz (1 day ago)
Just here for the music idk what the snail thing is
Dan Hourahine (1 day ago)
#pedowood crimes are unthinkble. go to be court. not to see images just name names, who, names.
Dan Hourahine (1 day ago)
#Michel Jackson book open, who how where when.
Pablo Martinez (1 day ago)
MarshallBen (1 day ago)
*cucumber noises intensifies*
Leonardo Gamboa (1 day ago)
1974: good song 2019:🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌🥒🐌
Jerry Liu (1 day ago)
SoakedBruno01 (1 day ago)
Lesvinx (1 day ago)
Chrissius (1 day ago)
🥒🐌 Don't mind me just feeding my snail 🥒🐌
Nadia Cardenas (1 day ago)
Desde pequeño eras maravilloso 😍😍
Diana Herrera (1 day ago)
Qué bella canción y tan lindo Michael
Diana Herrera (1 day ago)
I want you back Ferneld my LOVE
Code Uchiha (1 day ago)
When your dad went buy milk 16 years ago ; I WANTT U BACK😖😖
VictORIA (1 day ago)
🐌 🥒
Changuila Rodriguez (1 day ago)
El Rednaxela (1 day ago)
Who’s the lead singer?
Litty Simmy (1 day ago)
🐌 🥒
Frances Smith (1 day ago)
Love the way Jackie shakes Micheal hand and the end of the songs..They all really love each other.
SHET :v (1 day ago)
Ohh BB give me one more CHANCEEEE 🐌🐌🐌
JapanRain (1 day ago)
Perfect for feeding my snail
Lucas Monros (1 day ago)
fama tek (1 day ago)
I dont understand how a snail eat a cucumber 🥒🐌
voz igual não ah 2019 ♥️🇧🇷
ShadowKing123 (1 day ago)
Glorbt (1 day ago)
🥒🐌 a match made in heaven
TypicallyRich (1 day ago)
stranger things cast singing this with james cordon...Anyone here with me?
juma bitch niggé (1 day ago)
🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒 Here, have some.
Burorī (1 day ago)
*S N A L E*
matteo cioffi (1 day ago)
I love this song
matteo cioffi (1 day ago)
3:00 it's amazing
Dani YT (1 day ago)
I actually know this song because of Victorious lmao
Dani YT (20 hours ago)
Ramen Thief ???
UwU Furry (21 hours ago)
Sorry buddy but 🐌🥒
Elsa Moreno (1 day ago)
Kermits GotaGun (1 day ago)
Cucumber Snail has joined the battle 🐌🥒
diana Cavendish (1 day ago)
la del colacao
Luka Veljković (1 day ago)
i didn't know kids used numbers in their online names in 1971

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