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How To Raise Capital (Money) For Investing in Real Estate

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Are you having trouble raising capital to continue investing in real estate? This is a common problem for a lot of investors - especially newbie investor's! But with a few simple tricks and strategies, you too can raise money to buy more real estate investments! PS: For being awesome and checking out my blog, I want to give you some FREE stuff! (You like free stuff, right?) Get all of my books and products below for free and take your business and life to the next level! – Get “Single-Family Investing Made Simple” for FREE here – http://kwpropertypro.com/Ebook/ – Get “The Real Estate Investor’s Handbook To Freedom” for FREE here – http://fasttrackwealthacademy.com/ – Get “27 Single-Family Investing Tips” FREE here – http://fasttrackwealthacademy.com/27singlefamilytips/ – Launch your real estate investing business with my Real Estate Investor Launch Program™ – http://realestateinvestingapprenticeship.com/index.php/real-estate-investor-launch/ Also, don’t forget to check out my Real Estate Investing Apprenticeship Program™ by clicking HERE. If you want to take your life to the next level and get one-on-one guidance from me for the next 5 years (yes, 5 WHOLE years), this program is for you!
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Shyanne Summer (1 year ago)
You should make a video on how you renovate to attract renters, colours and ex..
The Fruitful Investor (1 year ago)
I believe I made a video on this a LONG time ago but not a bad idea to redo it! However, I can't give too many of my secrets away ;) In order to get ALL of my secrets, you need to become a partner of mine in my "Real Estate Investing Apprenticeship Program" - http://realestateinvestingapprenticeship.com/
What kind of document do you use to protect your interest in the property, if you're not on title? Is this document drawn up after closing? Are the lenders notified of your interest in the property?
Ryan DeLaurentis (1 year ago)
You can also use a 'Bare Trust' if you need someone on title for qualifying for a mortgage that are not putting in money and don't have a stake in the property (IE a family member). It would be the same as adding someone to a rental lease agreement. The Bare Trust just says they are on title for name only and are not financially (or for tax purposes) tied to this property.
The Fruitful Investor (1 year ago)
You would use a joint venture agreement drafted up by your lawyer that illustrates your splits, roles and responsibilities etc. This gets filled out before or after closing and gets registered on title as a caveat to protect your interest.
Robert Savoy (1 year ago)
Not sure if it was intentional or not, but you left out the part about when and what your eventual cut is. Also, who decides when to sell? If you want to pm me the answer to not make it public I can delete this comment. Enjoying the KW focused videos, thanks.
The Fruitful Investor (1 year ago)
Thanks for commenting! I thought I did cover that, sorry! I take 50% of the profits as well. Below is a basic breakdown of how my partnerships are set up: Responsibilities of MY Partners - Put up 100% of the funds to buy and renovate the property on day one - On title to the property - Qualifies for 100% of the mortgage - Has a 50% interest in the property and profits - Has a 100% interest in the expenses (repairs and maintenance - but unlikely since we renovate top to bottom right at the beginning and put all cash flow back into the properties account throughout) - Be a part of EVERYTHING that I do and become a coaching client for as long as we're partners. Bring ALL of your real estate questions to me, not just about our specific property! My Responsibilities - Put up 0% of the funds to buy the property - NOT on title to the property - NOT on the mortgage - Have 50% interest in the property and profits - Set up mutual bank account for income and expenses - Access and ‘tap into’ my real estate team of professionals - Local and neighbourhood expert - Up to date local market information and data - Screen and filter potential investment properties with my expert knowledge (because I’m already a registered realtor specializing in investment properties) - Calculate for cash flow properly and conservatively leaving no room for ‘novice’ errors - Write offers - Negotiate with sellers to get the best deal on both price and terms - Help my partner secure financing with my investment savvy mortgage brokers - Perform home inspection - Negotiate with sellers again if necessary - Ensure that all proper forms are completed and steps are taken for our protection I.e. Mortgage broker, lawyer, etc. - Finalize the offer with lawyers - Pick up keys from lawyer upon closing - Work closely and instruct my contractors using my expert renovation knowledge to attract the best tenants - Hire my property managers to take over the ‘day to day’ functions - Use my marketing expertise to attract QUALITY tenants - Choosing the right tenant(s) once applications have been submitted - Constantly managing the property managers to stay ‘in the loop’ and on top of things - Manage tenant issues or complaints - In charge of dealing with and hiring contractors when maintenance is required - Overseeing the bank account to make sure rent is deposited monthly - Sending my partner financial updates every quarter - Communicate with my partner every 2 months (minimum) or the partnership is VOID! - Keep the books in order - Work with my expert accountant to protect both of us during tax time - Negotiate with buyers to maximize profits at point of sale - I DO NOT CHARGE COMMISSIONS WHEN WE SELL OUR PROPERTY!! (MORE profit there!) - And MUCH more ...

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