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Shad Fishing Part-1

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Road:Bone ,Voyage BVC764XXH & Caperlan boat c 270 Real :Shimano Curado 210 HG & White Ranbbit Sunshine 5500 Line :Shimano Power pro boat game 67 LB & Spider line PE 60 LB Shad:Geecrach Gyro Star, Berkley Ripple Shad & Generic Shad Camera:GoPro Hero 6 & IPhone 8 pluse Video Editor:LumaFusion Face Book Page:https://m.facebook.com/tackletipshd/ Email:[email protected]
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Text Comments (19)
sudheesh p (23 days ago)
Tackle TipsHD (1 month ago)
Shimano Power pro boat game 67 LB 0.33 MM Diameter
NS MEDIA (1 month ago)
line dia?
niz ar (1 month ago)
ഒരു ദിവസം പിടിച്ചതാ ഈ കാണിക്കുന്നത്
Tackle TipsHD (1 month ago)
pacfaz (2 months ago)
Hi where do you get there lures
Tackle TipsHD (1 month ago)
Fishing hub
NS MEDIA (1 month ago)
kochi shop name plsss...bro
pacfaz (2 months ago)
Thanks. What’s the shops name.
Tackle TipsHD (2 months ago)
I used to buy from tackle SHOPE in my place ,Kochin,Kerala,India . I can search in eBay or amazon
Salih Pv (2 months ago)
Izaru Fishing (2 months ago)
Hi, which leader are you using ..
Tackle TipsHD (2 months ago)
Seaguar or Varivas
just4entertainment (5 months ago)
Ith Kadalundi yaano??
Tackle TipsHD (5 months ago)
Sabeel Aluva (6 months ago)
Nicely done
Tackle TipsHD (6 months ago)
Mallu Angler (6 months ago)
Very informative wajika
Tackle TipsHD (6 months ago)
Thanks dear

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