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Raghav Somani Case Study: $350,000 Per Month Niche Shopify Store In India (Headphone Zone)

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Meet Raghav - the founder of Headphone Zone who bootstrapped his way to one of the largest Shopify stores in India. He shares his story, growth strategies, and challenges. Must-watch! There's a LOT to learn from this video, so sit back, relax, and watch the entire thing. And yes, keep taking notes. 🎧Check out Headphone Zone: https://www.headphonezone.in 🤟🏽Get The FASTEST Conversion Theme For Your Shopify Store - https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/theme ⭐ Start Your Free Shopify Trial: ⭐ https://www.flyingstartonline.com/go-shopify 🙌🏽 Join The DOer Group - http://joindoergroup.com - - - - - - - Please Note: The income shared in this video is a personal experience unique to Ritoban. Ritoban and his company, Flying Start Online, Inc. does not guarantee that you or anyone using these strategies will make the stated earning amount if you use Shopify. These are educational videos to help entrepreneurs - not income promises. If you liked what you saw, hit that like button and subscribe. And if you LOVED it, share the vid :) #Bizathon #Rito
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prajwal namoje (4 days ago)
RITooooooo.😎.I visited to AliExpress.com and Headphonezone.in I compare the prices. On headphonezone I noticed that the prices are lower then AliExpress . AliExpress have high price then headphonezone. How is it possible? How he get profit 🤑. Please reply Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrito .🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
prajwal namoje (4 days ago)
+Flying Start Online Thank u for replying.👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼 I like your starting words. beautiful people and also ur name🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrritoooooooooo
Flying Start Online (4 days ago)
Raghav sure knows how to crack some deals
Mohammed Rayyan (18 days ago)
All the questions I wanted to ask you have asked sir. Thanks
Suresh Patel (20 days ago)
headphone zone....delivery time is so fast ...!! how it happen in drop shipping...??!!
Mohith Sagar (1 month ago)
Hey Rito, You are doing a great job for young entrepreneurs, especially from india. Love you man. I am from India. I want to dropship products outside India. It would be a great help if you would clear my queries please . 1) what is the best payment gateway which accepts international payments from customers? 2) Do I need to pay taxes if I sell outside india.( Ik I shouldn't pay GST if selling outside India) 3) Do I need to file a LLC. 4) what are tax settings and how should I pay my taxes, if I am selling to other countries. I won't sell in India. I will be dropshipping to other countries. Please help sir. I am just 18. Need your help.
honorablecbm (1 month ago)
Wonderful interview! You ask challenging question and allowed him to deliver what we needed to hear without any interruptions. Thanks!
Marketing Area (1 month ago)
This is useful share 😜
ABHISHEK CHAUHAN (1 month ago)
Aap Hindi mein video banaye please ...
Hassan Dalvie (1 month ago)
Rito, I watch your videos all the way from south africa . You awesome Bro!! Started my Shopify store called Ultrafly.co.za
Danny Charles (2 months ago)
Great interview guys love it!
Yogesh Prabhu (2 months ago)
Nice insights... thanks .... :)
monarksingh yede (2 months ago)
I discovered your channel 6 months back, I purchased beyerdynamic headphones from headphonezone one month back. really like to see 2 things that I love coming together. You have inspired me to start something in the field that I like, its also a niche , let see how does it turns out.
Syed Aadil (2 months ago)
Fake Fake fake
CIO Zimbabwe (2 months ago)
+pran protim very true sir 👍
pran protim (2 months ago)
There will always be jealous guys like Syed Aadil. Cannot do anything about it.
CIO Zimbabwe (2 months ago)
Your jealousy your jealousy cannot allow you to comprehend the success of others !
Palash Priyanshu Dutta (2 months ago)
they are removing jacks
Sportamrina (2 months ago)
Great video 😍 had come across this website years ago and wondered who had started it!
which dropshipping company using Headphone Zone
Manuel Fernando (2 months ago)
Raghav looks like a very intelligent individual, great interview. Keep doing these interviews but do it with young guys like these who are the future
Tun Dutta (2 months ago)
wow man its amazing. where is august income report ??
AREA 47.8 (2 months ago)
*You are a funny Guy*
Rohit kha nganba (2 months ago)
I just want to know how the shipping works in India comming from Alibaba and AliExpress. Please make a video on this.
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a guy who can help u...He had teached me from beggining I was not knowing anything about dropshipping but he helped me to be a millionaire ....Contact him on whatsaap-8877680612
Salman Khan (2 months ago)
You reaction was amazing 🤓 🤑🤑🤑
Arien Tech (2 months ago)
Hi Rito Sir, can you tell me some suggestion for this https://bit.ly/2O1Vxe5
Lubna Satkut (2 months ago)
Excellent rito..
Dilpreet Singh (2 months ago)
parithosh s nayak (2 months ago)
please do some videos on "shopify GOLD" India
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped 300+ shopify store owners to make their buisness successful including me....Contact him on whatsapp-8877680612
samuel rapolu (2 months ago)
Hey Rito I write just like you with my left hand!!!! ❤️❤️
Ravi Seeram (2 months ago)
hellow Rito if I join in your Group, Then how much Profit can i expect from my store after 1 month?
Kelly Lu (2 months ago)
Wooo! Excellent job! Maybe I think he can come to CJ APP to find the products he is in selling now, maybe he can get a better price than he is using now!
EcomRD (2 months ago)
Found my twin Shopify brother haha, this is so cool! I found another guy with my name killing it!
MUSICAL GAMER (2 months ago)
How pay for shopify through indian visa debit card..
Viknesh V (2 months ago)
Mostly indian banks debit card are not enable to pay in USD. I think axis bank card work. Or apply for credit card
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure he had made me a successful man and now I want everyone to know about him.... Whatsapp-8877680612
Saurav Deo (2 months ago)
Hello Rito, is their any another website that provides dropshipping other than Aliexpress as I am getting lots of complaint and refund from my customers. Please Suggests if any provide dropshipping service better than Aliexpress.
Products Reviews Service (2 months ago)
Awesome video rito! One question, how did you add the security badges to the checkout? (McAfee Secure, 100% money back and the other one
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure..Whatsapp-8877680612
SK Rahamathulla (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for inspiring the toddler entrepreneurs by bringing the success stories like Raghav Somani. Such wonderful human being you are RITO, who try to help each bit of it with transparency.
Sarvesh Maharaj (2 months ago)
What payment processor do you use? Do you have a USA LLC?
WRooM Auto (2 months ago)
You cut the best part at 10:51
Abhishek Bhimsaria (2 months ago)
Hi Rito, Excellent interview...But my main concern is that how we can improve dropshipping experience in India. I myself is an hyperactive buyer but all my product takes minimum delivery of 25-30 days from Aliexpress & you certainly know the mentaility of Indian buyer, they want it right now and for cheap. How can we address this issue?
Viknesh V (2 months ago)
dropship to india is very challenging. Better ship on ur own.
Be Happy (2 months ago)
You are amazing.I started my new website rito and made 10 sales in my store babycrayon.com but,its not shoify.its woocommerce. I am execting more amazing content from you.
Rafael Kharkongor (2 months ago)
does he import the headphones from aliexpress
Nayan Belkhede (2 months ago)
No he buys the product from the manufacturer itself
Harsh Chauhan (2 months ago)
12:20 is that washing machine sound ?
mihály kovács (2 months ago)
Thank you Rito! It was amazing!:)
Rishabh Singh (2 months ago)
Shailesh (2 months ago)
Insane. This guy made it ✌️🙏
Mainuddin Airani (2 months ago)
Here INAYATAALI Hey RITO Sir your awesome thanks for this video
IndoUkrainian Family (2 months ago)
Rito, I am ready to go live with my store but face a hurdle now:- payment gateway for international transactions. What must I do to collect payments from different countries into my Indian account? P.S. my store currency is USD
IndoUkrainian Family (2 months ago)
I have seen your second video from bizathon 3 (https://youtu.be/xx5S6D4ZN0M ), where you explain setting up stripe but you did not configure it on commonpanda site. Can you please help me out with this, I have to set up payments except Indian Paypal (high commissions there)
Abhimanyu Saharajan (2 months ago)
Hi Rito. Great Information on your videos. Would really appreciate if you could make a video on how NRI people resided in the Gulf countries could actually start a shopify store. Information regarding setting up a company in India being an NRI. Had emailed your team earlier but never received a good reply. Feels like a dead end
Sonam Rumba (2 months ago)
Apps Raghav has mentioned:- 1. Push Owl: https://apps.shopify.com/pushowl 2. Klaviyo: https://apps.shopify.com/klaviyo-email-marketing 3. Bold Upsell: https://apps.shopify.com/product-upsell
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Thanks for the summary
Manish Sharma (2 months ago)
If you start your videos in Hindi Language then you will get 3x views than now. Because more than 60% people leave your your video in middle or in the starting. And when they knows you tell only in english then will not watch your new video again. Because it's India. But I es Really like your videos. Because I know little english and I can understand, but what for them who ho don't know english they are more than what you are getting views on your videos ...
Gaurav Kumar (2 months ago)
HI Flying Start Online i m big fan of u. i like very much how u describe everything on your channel. i just view this video but i can't understand how to use shopify n how i can get more traffic with shopify store . it's all about i want to learn how i can earn money with shopify plz describe in your video how to use shopify , basic to advance .....
Atif Khan (2 months ago)
Is that 3.5 lakh or 350000 usd
Nayan Belkhede (2 months ago)
He said it before its 2.5 crore or 350,000 USD in revenue
ONE LIFE NO REGRET (2 months ago)
In dollar not ruppes
Key Anime (2 months ago)
I need help
Tech Tadka (2 months ago)
hi rito why don't you make another video challenge on how to scale after our first sale(which is most difficult) ,just like you did challenge for getting first sale
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure.... Whatsapp-8877680612
Dhaval Bhatti (2 months ago)
Rrrrrrrrito back with inspiring entrepreneur of new generation. Keep going brother. I am learning lots of good things from you. Aboom!!!
Tejas Malshe (2 months ago)
My Eyes, Ears and Bum all were glued to this video. Awesome content by RITO
On-FEB Technical Support (2 months ago)
Awesome sir
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure.... Whatsapp-8877680612
VVG 916 (2 months ago)
Thank you thanks a lot :) :)
Abhishek Kamble (2 months ago)
Yes it's a hard truth, and many of us don't understand that, if you keep taking out money from the business, it will make you rich, but your company will start dying.
Wow!! Great value. Great interview. Helpful, yeah.
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Deepak Singh (2 months ago)
Whats valuable in this interview? Typical CEO bullshit talk.
Deepak Singh (2 months ago)
Flying Start Online Good for you my man 👍🏻
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Even though I’ve been running a pretty decent eCom business, I got to learn a lot from this session. Knowing the insides of a successful business does help a lot in your own journey.
surendra dixit (2 months ago)
Hey I have an appeal in AliExpress sir what to do give me some other solutions Thanks for knowledge I got my first sale!!!
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me making my first 100 sales....I think he is best in this field Contact him on whatsapp-8877680612
Amit Sainii (2 months ago)
surendra dixit bro can you help me in building my first store :)
Nirman Pradhan (2 months ago)
Awesome content as always Ritoo. You are one of the guys, who inspired me to start my own dropshipping store. BTW, I'm from Nepal.
Nirman Pradhan (2 months ago)
That's awesome. You're welcome.:) I'm pretty sure that you will enjoy your vacation in Nepal.
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Whoa dude. I’ve always wanted to visit Nepal. Someday someday
Muhammed Sanoob (2 months ago)
honestly your videos are so motivating
Hriday Mehta (2 months ago)
Dayyyummm RITO just knows what we want. THANKS, RRRRRRRRRRRITOO!!!!
anurag shukla (2 months ago)
YEP!!!!...more interviews pls :)
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
You got it. Seems like you guys want more interviews. On it 😊
Vivek Rajput (2 months ago)
Great Interview Rito..
Samir Kumar Sahoo (2 months ago)
Can you explain hindi rito sir,
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure.... Whatsapp-8877680612
Asir Khan (2 months ago)
Brother when will you bring Jeff bezoz to our channel 😍
Asir Khan (2 months ago)
+Nishant Rao hmmm that's a good answers 😂😂
Nishant Rao (2 months ago)
I think he is the reason I'm not getting sales 😂😂. Why do you want him!!
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Oh man, won’t that be fabulous
Abhishek Sarkar (2 months ago)
I just mailed HeadphoneZone yesterday and I am happy with their service. I discovered the website yesterday and today here's the video. Thank you Rito. ❣️
Abhishek Sarkar (2 months ago)
You got it right, I am mad about music. I even make music and of course I am an Indian resident.
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
You can’t ignore HeadphoneZone if you like music and stay in India
Merafen (2 months ago)
Hey Rito! Do you still recommend optimising for Purchase even if your pixel is fairly new? Thank you! :)
Merafen (2 months ago)
Thanks Rito! :)
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Nitin Baheti (2 months ago)
Loved the video.... Thanks Rito
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Cheers Nitin
PHOENIX GAMING (2 months ago)
woohhhhh damn!!! i was following him from some time now and great to see him here
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
He’s one to watch out for. Super motivated to make it big
Swap D (2 months ago)
I have made 1 sell in 3 months now. Still trying
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure.... Whatsapp-8877680612
Ayan Banerjee (2 months ago)
+Amit Sainii I have sended you request
Amit Sainii (2 months ago)
add me on Facebook www.facebook.com/djamit12345678
Ayan Banerjee (2 months ago)
+Amit Sainii Yeah i also want to talk so can we?
viraj patel (2 months ago)
so much to learn from you guys..all those tips about dropshipping,marketing and even your body language when u guys talked was superb ! 🤑😃
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Thanks for these acute observations
Fauzan Hakim (2 months ago)
Hey Rito!!! Can you make a video about Baapstore , it's a Dropshipping platform from India. Can you please share your views about it!!!
KK 47 (2 months ago)
Impressive revenue but what's d net profit
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
I reckon more than 10% cause his ad spend is pretty low. Most of his traffic is organic
Aakash (2 months ago)
Probably 10% profit, since he's reselling already established brands headphones. They can't cheat the customers by going over MRP. (unlike dropshipping)
Warzed Arcanist (2 months ago)
Im in awe their store is able to generate such exorbitant amounts. Their store looks good but not as good as expected. I guess it gives me confidence that everything doesn't need to be perfect. Good video rito
Srinivas R (2 months ago)
That was a very inspiring video. And what I want to ask you here is-what about shipping in India.If it is a US drop shipping,we could get it from china and choose epacket,but what about in India? and by that what I mean is if the products are to be in inventory and then ship it!
jagdees (2 months ago)
Shrinivas contact my mentor he will help u... Whatsapp-8877680612
sujit yadav (2 months ago)
Amazing interview..
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Thanks Sujit 😊
D TALK. (2 months ago)
Redbull is harmful for body or not?
gamepilation (2 months ago)
i feel so Happy when i see Success stories like Mr. Raghav. I am not into Shopify but always admire Indians who out of the Blues did something Extraordinary.
Yash Khelkar Vlogs (2 months ago)
Divide by 3
Aman Pandey (2 months ago)
Does he ship products by hi own across India ?
Suraj More (2 months ago)
Uhhh A fresh Feeling.!!! Great Rito Thanks for This Interview.. it is just a numbers game and it inspired specially to me alot..
AK Tv (2 months ago)
Anyone purchased Rito's 36,999 Rupees offer??? Is it better to buy or not?????
Viknesh V (2 months ago)
If you know how to set shopify store a to z then you just buy dropship theme alone. If not go for that price
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure.... Whatsapp-8877680612
magician jay decker (2 months ago)
Good video sir
Yenoda Mobile (2 months ago)
Why such big guys are still depending on Shopify? Can't they create their own websites like Flipkart or Amazon?
Rakesh Reddy (2 months ago)
+Flying Start Online Rito could you once help which app our guest suggested us for new beginniners for headphones...Is it boat App???
Ajinkya Pande (2 months ago)
Flying Start Online Sir want your help how can I contact you??
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
It's working good for them. and check their store first and see what feature do you think is missing.
Jean Carter (2 months ago)
Do we have to pay GST for earnings on dropshipping ??
Zeke Kace (2 months ago)
Santosh Singh thanks
Santosh Singh (2 months ago)
Yes, You have to register for GST and pay taxes accordingly. But if you are not supplying in India then you can file return claim under the export category. But Indian Government is very slow in returning in the filed claim. it may take 5-7 months. but you will get returns, that for sure. I hope this helped you. :)
Zeke Kace (2 months ago)
Jean Carter can u please elaborate why did u get a message from PayPal to file gst? I mean how come it's there business to ask their consumer to file gst?
Jean Carter (2 months ago)
anyone has to register for GST who is doing a business in India. Doesn't matter if its more or less than 20lc. But the thing in one of his vided rito said you dont have to pay any gst for dropshipping but i got a message from paypal saying ..you have to pay so and so gst!!!
Nishant Rao (2 months ago)
Watched the video with my headphones on that I bought from headphonezone.in 😃. Great company and awesome support. Thanks Rito for interviewing Raghav.
Nishant Rao (2 months ago)
+Raghav Somani a-Jays five. I liked it so much and bought one for my girlfriend too 😁. Planning to buy Jays a-six wireless.
Raghav Somani (2 months ago)
Wow! Me too! What headphones are you listening on?
Nishant Rao (2 months ago)
+Flying Start Online Rito please make a video on how to interest target for the product which doesn't belong to any Niche. Products like shoe rain protector or desk punch bag or temperature sensing faucet.
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
Wow, they are making a solid impact
Martin The Martian (2 months ago)
Soo White Label Product, Rito ake Common Panda Challenge with it's own common panda product and brand 🤩.
A Music would (2 months ago)
please sir speak Hindi language I'm not understand English love you
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure.... Whatsapp-8877680612
A Music would (2 months ago)
Yes but I am not understand English please speak Hindi
xavier wesley (2 months ago)
A Music would you comment is best English
Jean Carter (2 months ago)
hey , ritoban can you please answer my question !? I am dropshipping since last 3 months ! from aliexpress to usa and other countries. Do i need to pay GST for the earnings ! I am asking this because i got a message from Paypal that i have to pay a certain amount of money as GST ! please help. i am really confused .
jalabi99 (2 months ago)
Of course you will be paying taxes on your income from your business.
Amit Sainii (2 months ago)
Jean Carter what Is your niche bro
hemant kukreja (2 months ago)
Rito pls make a video on how did you find and approach your mentor to mentor you and out of everybody you got anik singal!
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me to make my first 100 sales contact him he will help u for sure and he is best in this work.... Whatsapp-8877680612
Prakash s (2 months ago)
headph zone is ranked under 10 in shopify
Misbah Uddeen (8 days ago)
+Flying Start Online currently headphone zone its ranked 88389 and common panda ranks 71029... Rito beats raghav though😂
Nafees Unnisa (26 days ago)
where did you get that list??
Zeke Kace (2 months ago)
Flying Start Online please tell how do you access weekly best-selling and current best-selling list of aliexpress. Please please!
Flying Start Online (2 months ago)
It’s #62 in worldwide Shopify store rankings - https://myip.ms/browse/sites/1/own/376714
Zeke Kace (2 months ago)
Nope nope there are other really big brands serving lacs of customers worldwide like fashionnova and all
Official Micky (2 months ago)
Let's See 😎😎
Daksh_ Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
Was soo Inpiring to meet Raghav at the meet! Glad to know that he is from chennai too ! Thanks for interviewing him rito! #ritotribe
AJ TECH 007 (2 months ago)
Daksh_ Entrepreneur hello sir, my ad account is disabled,I opened another account that also got disabled.Plz help me what to do?
Raghav Somani (2 months ago)
Jeff Baxter Official (2 months ago)
Great video, keep up the great content
Rrb (2 months ago)
Hi sir I m a big fan.. I love to watch ur video
Rrb (2 months ago)
But I have problems with my store gain traffic.. need ur help coz Idk what is wrong.. plz help if u can.. 🙂
harshit chaudhary (2 months ago)
I never made a penny 😂😂😂😂
ddugky files (2 months ago)
jagdees ... contact me plz 8217734942
jagdees (2 months ago)
I know a very good mentor he had helped me making my first 100 sales....I think he is best in this field...Contact him on whatsapp-8877680612
harshit chaudhary (2 months ago)
vasu chowdary have u been making money if yes then plz help mee

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