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Sortd - Organize Gmail Into Organized Task Lists

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Keeping up with our emails is a daily task that nobody enjoys. The creators of Sortd have come up with a new way to help us tackle our Gmail Inbox. Take a look at the tutorial above, it has be a bit curious. Its a "skin" plugin which seamlessly integrates into your Chrome browser. See how it organizes my Gmail in a matter of seconds. More about Dotto Tech Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dottotech Check out Steve's excellent online free workshops: Learn to create videos just like Steve Screencasting Secrets - How to create awesome screencasts like Steve http://www.dottotech.com/screencastin... Do you want to learn more about EVERNOTE? Solving the Evernote Puzzle http://www.dottotech.com/sep-fb-july-... About Steve Steve Dotto is a longtime host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running nationally syndicated technology TV show. After 15 years on television, Steve now delivers his advice and how-to videos on YouTube. Every week we produce new videos which show how technology fits in your life covering all aspects of technology from a personal use perspective. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, iPhone, apps, Gmail, Google drive, iPad tables all get covered. If you have suggestions for videos you would like to see, drop us a note at www.dottotech.com Book Steve to speak at your event, he is an outstanding keynote speaker. For more info: http://dottotech.com/content/speaking For more from Steve www.dottotech.com on Twitter @dottotech
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Barb Grajewski (21 days ago)
So where is the actual email that you dragged over to a Sortd column? If you were at a computer/device that didn't have sortd installed, would you see that message where it used to be, or somewhere else?
Pontus Berg (3 months ago)
Wow, just wow! I found this a few days ago and already like it a lot! I do all my mail in Gmail (which is a mandatory first) and also use Trello as a personal Kanban board. Sortd is Gmail goes Kanbal/agile and I like both the idea and the execution. I used Gmails star system to keep the relevant mail floating rather than sinking into the pit of doom that is mail from below the first two screens of GMail. But there is no way of clustering conversation threads, and I am notoriously bad at follow-ups. My previous effort as Evernote and then tagging acording to a GTD filosophy called The Secret Weapon. Still good and I will still use Evernote for much, but for now I believe this is better. I can already feel this is saving me a fortune currently spend on the yellow stickers on my desk ;-)
Roy Bennett (5 months ago)
Hi Steve. I came across Sorted by accident and just started using it. So far it is just what I am looking for. I like being able to customise the lists, I am just building a new computer and can keep all of the emails, invoices, delivery notifications all in one place until this project is done. I also like being able to switch so quickly and easily between the GMail interface and sorted. I think this is going to work for me. Thanks for the video.
Veloso Werneck (5 months ago)
I am installing this app now and it seems to be a great way to work combining email with to do tasks, thank you for the video.
Shewolff Undkubb (6 months ago)
LOVE your videos, they're the perfect note between PACKED WITH INFO and FUN TO WATCH, thank you! I have a question about Sortd - is there a way to create rules or filters so that when an incoming email has, say, a certain subject line it is automatically sorted into the right list, or labelled a certain way, etc?
dottotech (6 months ago)
Thanks! I am not sure, it has been a while since I tested it.
Kathy Dannel Vitcak (1 year ago)
I've been using Sortd and liked it, but using some of your suggestions I think I can LOVE it. One thing, I have had to uninstall and re-install it a few times. I think it's Chrome, not Sortd ;-D
Keith Morley (1 year ago)
I did not like it. Too difficult to use and I don;t have time to mess with it.
Philip Wharton (1 year ago)
I also found Mix Max very buggy did you ever report on this again?
Philip Wharton (1 year ago)
Steve what is your opinion now on this and is it better than Activinbox in your opinion?
William Ellerbe (1 year ago)
I'm using the *Sortd* app for Gmail, and I'm loving the experience thus far. I like the experience of using Trello type functionality with my email messages. Nice to see how we're able to add Gmail messages to a list, and also have the ability to add notes to a particular task. Obvious winner in my book.
Роман Бор (1 year ago)
There are people who have this app works on Android 5.0 with account Gapps on domain?
Chad Ingels (2 years ago)
So, are you still using Sortd? If so, how is it going and do you have any further tips? Have you tried it on mobile?
dottotech (2 years ago)
I still have it installed, but I am not the best "long term" tester for this as I have already tried out one more Email client since the video.....
Sandy Stelter (2 years ago)
Are you continuing to use Sortd?
dottotech (2 years ago)
Off and on, I am constantly trying out different solutions.
Cynthia Mallia (2 years ago)
Hi, Sunrise Calendar is shutting down, what is your next favorite Calendar?
dottotech (2 years ago)
So far just Google cal,
Steve Mougeotte (2 years ago)
I am not seeing the conversations past the first (or maybe most recent) email. I am I missing something?
TJ Parrish (2 years ago)
Does it work with Inbox?
Ashton Gardner (2 years ago)
Larry Lapidus (2 years ago)
I am very grateful for Steve's having brought Sortd to my attention. After trying various Email addons for years, I have found in Sortd one that provides precisely what I need. After less than a week of daily use, it has clarified my thinking, reduced my stress, and boosted my productivity. I believe my quest is over!
dottotech (2 years ago)
Well that worked out nicely!
Glen Reitz (2 years ago)
Thanks Steve. I like the interface and I think I like using it. One problem I am having is this. I do not know how to view the string within the original email. When someone replies to my email I see the original email in my inbox but I can't see there reply. I am having to go back into the regular gmail interface. I am assuming there must be a way to do this. Can you help me out? Thanks.
Allan Friesen (2 years ago)
Too "busy looking"....I am not going to try it.
dottotech (2 years ago)
Fair enough
Sarath Abaya (2 years ago)
Steve, Why are we talking about Gmail, when Google is all the time trying to push us to 'Inbox', not that I am a great fan of 'Inbox'
Sarath Abaya (2 years ago)
I don't know, my take is that Google is trying very hard to push us into Inbox, I may be wrong..
dottotech (2 years ago)
I don't feel that Google is trying to push us to inbox, and I don't really like inbox so that's why I spend so much time on Gmail
Kevin Young (2 years ago)
Steve, from what I say I love this. I tend to send myself emails of to do's as I'm out in the field. Now instead of having to create a task I can simply just drag-and-drop into the appropriate category like you showed. I can definitely see the saving me time, Effort, and money. Thanks for the great video.Kevin B. YoungHttp://Youngheartsed.com/push-here
dottotech (2 years ago)
Sounds like it's a perfect solution for you!
Danny Mc phee (2 years ago)
Hey Steve -- I think that Sortd is a great tool. I've been using it for a few days. I did notice that sometimes when you want to Put a particular email in a folder,you need to type in a few more letters of that folder for it to display. Other than that I think Sortd is a great product. Thanks for the heads up!!!
Adrian Sohn (2 years ago)
It's not in my mac book air app store????
dottotech (2 years ago)
You download it from their site, it is a plug-in for chrome
Adrian Sohn (2 years ago)
Thanks Steve, I'll try it
Christian RAGIL (2 years ago)
Very good post, Steve. Thanks. I began to look at it and sounds promising. I've seen people reacting and talking about Streak. Is it something worth to investigate as well? Back to Sortd: I did not succeed in grouping emails. Could you help? Thanks
Dev Nisar (2 years ago)
You can achieve a similar functionality by creating "labels" in gmail and marking each email as belonging to a certain (or a set of) label(s). If you do so, you can have many more than 4 categories that are offered by Sortd. Reminders can be set as events, and the same would pop up on your desktop (in browser) and on your phone (I use an android and it does on mine). Completed tasks functionality can be achieved by removing the label from that email. IMHO I dont think Sortd achieves much really that gmail already does not offer as a functionality.
dottotech (2 years ago)
If you have the technical capabilities that you're showcasing in this post, absolutely, Sortd does not makes sense, however don't underestimate the value of an interface, the Organization screen will work for many people I believe.
Joe Stubblefield (2 years ago)
what about a sunrise replacement?
Joe Stubblefield (2 years ago)
+dottotech you have gotten me hooked on Sunrise. you will have to give me something like that for my calendar's.
dottotech (2 years ago)
Nothing yet
Steven Rider (2 years ago)
I think wunderlist and todoist have the right balance of email/task manager by allowing you forward emails to your account. I would be curious what costs are involved as well as if you can attach item to newly created tasks. Good post though.
I just wondered if you were aware of ActiveInbox that is an absolutely fabulous Gmail extension I have been using since it's early days. It is even better than this in my opinion a total project management tool, well worth a look!
dottotech (2 years ago)
Yes, I've not used in a while but Active inbox has a good reputation, And when I used in the past it was very full-featured
Christopher Johnson (2 years ago)
I think I'll stick with Streak for now.
Роман Бор (1 year ago)
Christopher Johnson (2 years ago)
Projo Tek (2 years ago)
Can you share the differences or advantages of Streak over this as I'm new to this and trying to decide between the two
dottotech (2 years ago)
If it's working there's no need to change!
Daniel Umansky (2 years ago)
OMG! Steve...this is AWESOME! this literally solves almost all of my issues! Did this product used to be called TRELLO? Don't remember Trello being this incredible...but Sortd is just amazing.
Pontus Berg (3 months ago)
This is the concept of Kanban board. Trello is a totally other implementation of that concept. (I would still use Trello for other tasks. Sortd starts costing if you want to collaborate whereas Trello is free for that use case)
dottotech (2 years ago)
No relationship to Trello but it does look similar
Mascha van de Weer (2 years ago)
Great video Steve! I hear you saying in the video that are concerned about what some productivity people might think of using your emails as your tasks and keeping them into your inbox, but that's not actually what's happening here I think. I'm also someone who thinks that you should clear out your inbox and create tasks for emails that you still want to do something with. But the thing is: that is exactly what Sortd does! 1. You can give a different description to the email once you put it in one of the columns, so there you can create the real task description. 2. There is a setting in case you want to archive an email right away after you dragged the email to a column. (See Advanced settings). 3. By archiving or deleting the email from your inbox column, you actually get your inbox to zero :-) So I think it is great that they created a task manager on top of your email inbox. I think it might really help people to have a better way of dealing with their email.
RGBrobot (2 years ago)
That looks really nice! If you do like it, Steve, will you end up doing a follow up with the iPhone app?
I really do like Sort'd and the concept BUT I need the app to be able to see new emails as they come in and be able to move them to their lists. Right now it can only view the emails and tasks you have in the lists.
Mayuresh Kadu (2 years ago)
They appear to be using "Kanban swimlanes" to re-visualise email into tasks. That's too much re-visualization for me. Personally, I prefer using the combination of TODO-ist and Boomerang with Gmail. So no, thanks for me.
Rachel K (2 years ago)
there's only 4 categories?
You can have more than four lists
beth f (2 years ago)
Is there [any] concern that "Sortd" could steal or have access to any of your email without your knowledge? In other words, compromise anything personal?
Kevin Evans (1 month ago)
yes that's my question?
beth f (2 years ago)
+dottotech okay, thanks !
dottotech (2 years ago)
That did not cross my mind, it's not a big concern for me
pants (2 years ago)
What kind of Multi-Account functionality does this extension have? :) Great video once again Dotto
dottotech (2 years ago)
Multi accounts is based on your Gmail account, I have multiple accounts feeding into mine and sortd it seems to work fine
Carol Collett (2 years ago)
Organized is misspelled in the title.....Just letting you know.
Ros Haywood (2 years ago)
And it's "important", rather than "Imporant"...
dottotech (2 years ago)
Thanks! Missed that.
Tim Waters (2 years ago)
Good video Steve. Will give this a try. Thanks.
Barry McAlister (2 years ago)
Looks interesting, but I don't think I would drop Todoist in favor of Sortd.

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