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Berkley Panfish Bait

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Berkley Pros Steve Pennaz, Tommy Skarlis, Mark Courts, and Johnnie Candle discuss their favorite Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! baits to use for targeting panfish.
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David Calvert (10 months ago)
If the fish swallow one of these and it can't be retrieved, will the fish be harmed?
shawn eldridge (1 year ago)
I so totally 💖 and enjoy using Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows. They work 97% fantastic + also they are 97% more effective than anything out there that's on the market today. Not only that but when I use these I catch all types of fish. It's like a Feeding Frenzy with these Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows. It's true what they say fish bite hard fast and quick and they won't let go. And that's the way I love it. When I use Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows for fishing I catch a lot of trout, crappie, perch, sunnies, walleyed, Largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegills, rock bass, just naming a few different types of species a fish that I catch when I use these Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows. I always stock up on different colors. My favorite to use chartreuse Shad. Definitely this is my favorite color and I catch a lot of fish on this color.
Berkley Fishing (1 year ago)
This is great to hear, Shawn! We're glad our Gulp! bait helps you catch more fish.
SuperCoyotecaller (1 year ago)
This is my new secret bait! Love the cricket, minnow, and small fry! Color doesn't seem to matter. It's all in the scent. I keep them in tackle bag at all times. I do wish Berkeley would make a better jar for them that wouldn't leak though! Works wonderfully for teaching kids how to fish to.
Berkley Fishing (1 year ago)
We're glad this bait helps you catch more fish! We will share your feedback about the jar with our product development team.
Pond fisher man (2 years ago)
Christopher Doval (2 years ago)
What size hook do you recommend for the cricket? Or worm? For bluegill
Catfish and Bluegill (2 years ago)
I like the fish fry
Irene Vasquez (3 years ago)
I am a boy
Pinecone (1 year ago)
Irene Vasquez that is the most useless comment in history
Can you fish trout w/ that too?
Nathan Soares (4 years ago)
yesterday my dad caught 2jumbo perch one lake simcoe and some bass using using ur 4in minnow dropshoted
Bryan Powers (5 years ago)
Me and my brother caught 10 crappies and 50 bluegills today on crickets and minnows Gulp is awesome
Vectrocity Gaming (5 years ago)
they are more convenient than live bait, and when im on my week long bluegill/ small bass fishing trip, i dont want to buy worms for 3.50 every other day from the bait shop...
Private_Vortex (6 years ago)
I like that rod whats the name????
gkeirnih31 (6 years ago)
u are a good advertiser tho
gkeirnih31 (6 years ago)
or just use worms......special baits for panfishing? sorry, but i do not agree.
LostMujahid (6 years ago)
this guy advertises better than the other berkley employes
jakesrc (6 years ago)
ok thanks.
Hunter Cole (6 years ago)
just a small 1/16 or whatever jighead under a bobber, and yes
Jwmmm111 (6 years ago)
I swear by the gulp alive 1inch minnow for bluegill and crappie. If it dont catch fish, go home they aint biting.
Sunny Li (6 years ago)
Im the 10,000th viewer.
jakesrc (6 years ago)
please respond thanks, hi i was wondering what you were rigging the leach on?? just a little float?? also can i use these as they were live on a normal hook under a bobber?? thanks.
jakesrc (6 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 can you just put it below a bobber??
andrew (7 years ago)
ya im gonna buy a product from a guy named steve pennaz who is on a 50 k boat to catch bluegill...
branden joy (7 years ago)
One more thing to add worms still kick ass
branden joy (7 years ago)
@reptifreak99 its me SpiderDrver2456 i am not a beginer ive caught brook trout brown trout land locked salmon perch walleye lake trout and northern pike and i know how to tie 10 knots i tie walleye harnesses spool my rods i wanted to get into perch fishing a bit more from shore and dock i got some gulp alive and it works so stfu i am not a beginer i fish almost every day
reptifreak99 (7 years ago)
@tackleshop234 walmart in the fishing secton by the lures look for the grubs and little jig they should be around there
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@tackleshop234 Most tackle shops will carry them. Or try direct from our website.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@reptifreak99 You are true, rigging is important, but Gulp Alive is perfect for all levels of anglers because it's less hassle than buying live bait/keeping it alive/etc, and when the fish are pressured, nothing gets them biting like the smell/taste of the magic gravy!
reptifreak99 (7 years ago)
@SpiderDriver2456 for beginers you should use live bait until you learne a little then you can find a couple useful rig if you dont rig it right you wont catch anything
Tew Bpp (7 years ago)
อยากลอง อะคับ. อยากได้.
Michael Michalk (7 years ago)
I had great success with the fish fry through late ice on Lake Minnetonka here in MN - the crappies gobbled it up. I would appreciate more detailed information in your videos about exactly how you are rigging and how you're fishing. Thanks.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@SpiderDriver2456 You should be able to find the regular Gulp minnows, leeches and crickets, but the Alive magic gravy let's you recharge the baits to use over and over again, so it's a good option if you want to get the most out of your baits.
Fka Lydz (7 years ago)
what and when is it going to be in stores
sretyy (7 years ago)
Berkley gulp is my go to bait for panfish with maggots, minnows and fish fry but I haven't seen crickets yet so I will keep looking for them!

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