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Berkley Gotam Shad Action Review

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Berkley's NEW Gotam Shads have an awesome finish and realistic profile making them a great option in clear conditions.
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Leandro Cavalcante (6 months ago)
Se mostrasse a fisgada ficaria melhor 👏👏👏👍
David Raguse (7 months ago)
What size hook and belly weight are you using? I'm keen to give them a run on jacks
mylurebox (7 months ago)
I think they’re 1/4 oz ;)
James Kolbe (11 months ago)
What size worm hook are you using with the 4.5inch mate?
mylurebox (11 months ago)
4/0 or 5/0 ;)
Matthew (1 year ago)
Great vid mate, catching English perch and golden perch on them . Aus freshwater.
Peter Johnston (1 year ago)
I notice the hook u used had a led weight on it. What is that hook.
mylurebox (1 year ago)
Please do ;) I’ve been buying the Manic Shrimp just for the hooks ! Haha
Peter Johnston (1 year ago)
mylurebox I’ll see what else I can find. I will let u know if I find them or something similar
mylurebox (1 year ago)
Yeah mate. I got it out of a Savage Gear Manic Shrimp and they advertise that they use Gamagatsu EWG. I haven’t managed to find the packs of Em myself yet.
Peter Johnston (1 year ago)
mylurebox. Is that got the weight on it because one I am looking up has got the weight on it
mylurebox (1 year ago)
Peter Johnston it’s a Gamagatsu Ewg.
Koji Kuza (1 year ago)
how much oz that thing?
mylurebox (1 year ago)
xeons22 xeons22 about 12$ for a 3 pack
zaroffy_ (1 year ago)
Great video mate
MrMinnow。12 (1 year ago)
Awesome vid john 😃. I just watched your new DVD and it was spectacular I just wanted to know what rod you are using in this video 😃👍
MrMinnow。12 (1 year ago)
Thanks john! 👍
mylurebox (1 year ago)
Cheers mate. It's a 2-5 kg Shimano raider. for the skipping and an 8-10kg Strudwick Hardbodz for the Bull Sharks and Jack on surface in the DVD etc.

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