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Teachers uses rap to teach math

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A local teacher is using rap to connect high school students with math. http://wj.la/Wb2h7g
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Jacqueline Estrada (1 year ago)
Damn he so fine would love too meet him by person 😍😍
Jacqueline Estrada lmaoo he’s my teacher now at springbrook high school😂😂😂
BloodyWereWolf 55 (1 year ago)
I love that this class is musical!
Mark T (1 year ago)
If High school math is 'tough' you are a moron.
Mark T (1 year ago)
I learned math the old fashioned way. By a qualified teacher explaining it in plain English. I (and my children never will) ever need to have basic knowledge explained in rap crap. They are much smarter. :)
Charles Cummings Sr (1 year ago)
Sad person the is the Minority version of the Magic School Bus. Anything that aids a child's learning is a positive thing.
BloodyWereWolf 55 (1 year ago)
Mark T yiu are so mean

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