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Strategy I use to make $100 per day in the FOREX MARKET

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Text Comments (948)
Donna Taylor (13 hours ago)
You guys are full of shit
K R (1 day ago)
You start off by showing off your wins. Then it's clear it's a demo account. Immediate downvote. Good luck guys
Edmond Cooper (2 days ago)
Pyramid scheme bro..
Jeff Clifford (5 days ago)
As a beginner you need a good account managerfor you to make good progress you have to be careful as many scammers out there claiming to turn$300 into$7000 no good account manager will tell you that no matter how perfect he is you just need to be careful
Jeff Clifford (5 days ago)
Trading with Mr Thomas falcon has made me what I am today all thanks to Mary who recommended him for me
Young Reckless671 (5 days ago)
i want to get started <3
ForexSignals TV (5 days ago)
Reach me via mail.... ([email protected])
Cookie Man (7 days ago)
harmonic = repainter
Helma Curtis (9 days ago)
The rich gets richer out of the ignorance of the poor while the poor gets poorer out of his own ignorance and stubbornness. A lot of people think forex trading is only for the rich but in the real sense forex trading is more helpful to the poor
Violet Kai (8 minutes ago)
@shathiso thapelo Sir Andrew is one of the greatest traders i know and i wish to be like him some day!! he's a man of honesty and integrity and is also knowledgeable.< [email protected] com > Whatsapp + 852 9729- 0596
shathiso thapelo (1 day ago)
I want to contact you,please your email
Atique Ur Rehman (2 days ago)
Yeah exactly i am agreed with your opinion since i am trading with hotforex, i have not made millions however atleast i am able to make something which could pay my bills.
Arshia Anmol (7 days ago)
He is truly competent. I recommend tradings with Andrew. < [email protected] com > for more info
Mark Jose (7 days ago)
i made 12,510 Euro yesterday after a month plus of trade under Andrew Feldstein and it was just trial i did and having it went this way, i want to do another trade with him
Adolfo A (9 days ago)
What platform are you using when trading? In this case the one that you are showing in this video ? Thanks for sharing !
Donna Taylor (13 hours ago)
But don’t trust these guys
Adolfo A (13 hours ago)
Thank you very much !
Donna Taylor (13 hours ago)
Alissia Hibbert (10 days ago)
As a novice, I reached out to an expert trader who have been my mentor for the past 3 months now, he is the best trader I have ever come across and his trading software stands out among all.
Archer Blackwell (7 days ago)
Under sir beckford mentorship program held in UK 3 months ago he revealed the trend of the strongest currency pairs, Going down; GBP/CAD Strongest GBP/AUD Strong GBP/USD Mixed Trend GBP/NZD Mixed Trend GBP/CHF Mixed Trend GBP/EUR Weak GBP/JPY Weak and the weakest of all is; GBP/GBP I learn a hand full of things the few days Sir beckford coached in that conference meeting.
Alissia Hibbert (8 days ago)
you can get in-touch with him through mail MRWILLIAMBECKFORD @ g m a i l , com you can also reach him through other medium like WhatsApp and Telegram. Let me know the one that is best for you, write me on [email protected] so I can release his number to you @David Blundell
David Blundell (8 days ago)
@Abel Foley I started trading few months ago, with a so-called account manager called Mr Chris and he blew my account in just 4 days. It was a painful experience. Please how do I reach out to this Sir William Beckford?
Abel Foley (10 days ago)
Trading with mr beckford i receive 80 - 90% ROI weekly as profits from the initial deposit I started up with. The man is true to his words,he have never missed my payday
Michael Stones (10 days ago)
I recently received my profits from Sir Beckford, I got $2550 as profits and my initial deposit was $1100. I am thankful for him coming to my aid.
Sam Bennett (11 days ago)
3 hahaha
Sam Bennett (11 days ago)
Sam Bennett (11 days ago)
Burak Aslantas (12 days ago)
how do i get that blue vertical lines on tradingview?
Isabelle McCann (16 days ago)
You can make consistent profits trading on expaforex.com
Edwin Cutler (17 days ago)
Good video. But if your old way is not working, I suggest to try something new. Get an account manager to manage your account.
Anna Madison (17 days ago)
I can't thank Mr Edward Thompson enough, he has turned my life around. The world needs more people like him. 😄
Eric Layne (17 days ago)
Wow! Good to see other Mr Edward's students. What a great broker he is.
Edwin Cutler (17 days ago)
@Philip McLean You can mail him.. <[email protected]>
Philip McLean (17 days ago)
I have heard quite a good reviews about him. How can I contact him?
Edwin Cutler (17 days ago)
@Philip McLean Well not all of them are scammers. Mr Edward has been managing my account for the past three months now.. And I haven't had any issues with him
mukesh singh jaat's (18 days ago)
Jim Clarkson (19 days ago)
Not all traders  get the opportunity today  start trading  on a good note,i'm glad that  Mr Dwight gave  me that opportunity. i made about  $8,450  in my first  trial, I think that's  a good note.
Ivan (1 day ago)
Ya’ll still trading using indicators trendlines and support/Resistance like noobs? Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jim Clarkson (19 days ago)
@Bryce Dave contact him directly via ([email protected]). Dare to try, he's very good & trusted
Bryce Dave (19 days ago)
Hey, how can i contact this Mr Dwight, i have seen many good reviews about this man in other places too
lawrence Gibbs (19 days ago)
I have invested with this same Mr Dwight man, i just pray that he is trusted and real. I need to recover my losses
Rose Jefferson (19 days ago)
Am a living testimony to Mr Dwight dear, be a person that doubts alot i still believe that the evidence of payment shown to me by a friend who trades with him played a major role in believing him.
Thomas Krueger (19 days ago)
I started trading with Mr Williams strategy right from the very first day i saw great comments online on how profitable his strategy is, a week later i invested $5000 and then i really saw how much you can earn from his trading strategy. i now make about $40,000 a month, you can also benefit from his strategy by contacting him .. (Williamsdevid1952 @ gmail. com)
Free 30 dollar for trading @t
Л. Доржзовд (25 days ago)
abraham Valencia (25 days ago)
He literally showing us the most simple things and the lots sizes are all almost below 1.00
Andy Gerg (25 days ago)
Mrs Michelle Philips has really managed my account perfectly well, I'm now making huge profits trading forex
Donna Taylor (13 hours ago)
Such bullshit
Proc Barkley (25 days ago)
I will contact her,am new to trading thank u for the information
Mason Aaron (25 days ago)
@Kable hall this is her mail [email protected] .com
Mason Aaron (25 days ago)
Wow, i do trade with her she's is good
Janet grant (25 days ago)
Mrs philips is really reliable and a very great account manager, just won a trade last week with her strategies
Sophie Frankie (26 days ago)
Mrs Abigail Rodriguez told me in life the less successful are more in number compared to the rich and successful. The pyramid of financial status can explain this better(the more you go up the peak, the fewer the number) and Mrs Abigail also said the secret of the rich remains that most rich and successful people are hardened investors that invest into almost every business that can yield them the next available profit. She helped me reach the peak, become rich and successful with a little investment i made , i get over $10000 weekly when you invest just $3,000. contact her on whatsapp +14803743828}
Aldrick Laurent (26 days ago)
Good and profitable ways to trade on forex.
Ivan (1 day ago)
🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ noobs still using indicators and “patterns”
Aldrick Laurent (26 days ago)
For good management contact him directly with [email protected]
Andrea Knox (26 days ago)
Please how do I contact him
Aldrick Laurent (26 days ago)
There are many good managers out there who's trade expertise and developed indicators pairs can help you succeed in forex trade. I myself I trade with Brandon trade consultant, his winning system and his currency pairs are 100% beneficial.
Aldrick Laurent (26 days ago)
It's no secret that forex market can be highly unpredictable and your ability to understand it's complexity might not be earning you any profits. It's always better to get a guide or better a good management that assist you in winning and achieving your set goals.
valenpresh (1 month ago)
Trusting an expert was never an option for me until Denis Law trading was recommended to me by my brother. After giving it a try, he impressed me
bit jark (1 month ago)
Seems you knew him recently. He has been my manager for past three months now. He has totally changed my financial state
Thomas Morris (1 month ago)
I agree with you Denis law is an expert in trading, i keep making hug profits
Jay clark (1 month ago)
Try something real and reliable, trade with the best, Mr. Sanjaythe game changer, always a win <[email protected]> Thank me later
ben sartor (1 month ago)
You should try something real and practical. I have tried a lot of these in the past and they did not work for me, I almost became frustrated till I found Rosa Lopez and her team. Now I make a minimum of $4500 without having to pay extra for anything. I suggest you write her before you doubt me. There is no harm in trying. Here is her whatsap +14803787772
Oliver Stone (1 month ago)
This is the kind of information that we don’t get from the other Yoitubers - outstanding, Explanatory and simplified - have a great week and thanks for dropping the videos you drop! Hold on everybody - Don’t worry about the price today or tomorrow - remember I have said a few times: Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most! Excuse me to also say, I am also happy I made good profits trading on some XRP and BTC too, Rosa Lopez gives the best strategies and signals always. Get to to her Email on { whatsapp :+14803787772} thank me later
Marco Zolo (1 month ago)
If I do 1000 conservative scalps a day at 0.01 or 0.1 lot sizes, can I double my capital each day or increase my trading account by at least 30-50% each time?
Redstance (1 month ago)
W!! Lmao 😂. Totally ignored the support that was showing and focused on W.
Damnit Bobby (1 month ago)
He was hiding the screen on his phone.
Okon Sammy (1 month ago)
Nice work bro. Thanks for the information
Luke Garcia (1 month ago)
Skip to 21:40 for the network marketing reveal!!! Yipee!!
TIMOTI ONLINE TV (1 month ago)
hey i want to something about buy and sell. the trend of pair is consistence ?? . example GBP/USD IS BUY IN ORDER TO GET PROFIT IN MONDAY SO EVERY MONDAY WILL BE BUY ????
musa shaban (1 month ago)
@Asfand Aayz thank you brother
Asfand Aayz (1 month ago)
No its not like that. Download investing.com app on your phone and watch the calendar .it has different news for every day . For every currency of whats going on their countrys system about every single speech to every single data entry. Check the market and watch how much good they went from before to now. And when you get that you put your bids that time.
marriah morgan (1 month ago)
A wonderful lesson on making money, easily and without much effort, contact Mr Kennedy now, you will be glad you did. [email protected]
Robert Everhart (1 month ago)
I was thinking about drinking the cool-aid but then at 25:26, he literally drew the pyramid..
marriah morgan (1 month ago)
Robert Everhart A wonderful lesson on making money, easily and without much effort, contact Mr Kennedy now, you will be glad you did. [email protected]
Jake Mcd (1 month ago)
How u do that with zero deposit
marriah morgan (1 month ago)
Jake Mcd A wonderful lesson on making money, easily and without much effort, contact Mr Kennedy now, you will be glad you did. [email protected]
Chissano Scholes (1 month ago)
Yo please teach me
Babar Khan (1 month ago)
Total fake. It's just rubbish they talking about.
World Is Awesome (1 month ago)
Hey i got a course if you want to learn forex. In my first week I already had 60% win rate by using the strategy. You can reach up to 90% win rate. Ms me if you are interested.
Elizabeth Boats (1 month ago)
The trading system is a set of certain algorithms trading, instructions, and actions of the trader, on the basis of the technical analysis. In each trading system, the conditions for entry/exit, time intervals, money management, and risk management are clearly defined. Trading systems allow you to limit the factor of emotional influence on decision-making, as well as to give the trade a certain degree of systemic character. I have been trading forex for 6 months now and never have I regretted going into it, my only regret is not going through the right way as I lost a lot before I was directed to the best Trading Agent in the market, Mr. Sanjay. he grew my account drastically with my initial investment of $11000 to $137000 in 3 months. <[email protected] com>. thank me later.
Flash trend (1 month ago)
Thanks for the information I will get across to him because I have been loosing too much and cant afford any more loss
Anthony Taylor (1 month ago)
I see the selling point but I see some adjustment to be made also
Matthew Blizzard (1 month ago)
Anthony Taylor lol 😂
neotech888 (1 month ago)
Looks super fake. Hiding the deposit and withdrawal with ur finger. Smh
World Is Awesome (1 month ago)
If you want to learn trading i can sell you a course 170$. In my first week already had 60% win rate. The course learn you up to 90% win rate DM for more info
I would advise you to try this strategy in PocketOption. A company with a license, a good percentage and good bonuses.
Benson Toress (1 month ago)
i work with vosk coin he is the best tutor in cryptocurrency right now and a genius.
collins emedo (1 month ago)
john otto please how can I get started?
john otto (1 month ago)
I have gained more trading insight ever since i met vosk coin, i recommend him to every trader having issues with trading.
alexis Arroyo (1 month ago)
if you ask me, i will tell you i agree with him, i tried to explain to my wife how this vosk coin program but she insisted i was reckless to invest in the said skills of someone i heard of online, my first payout put a shock in her mouth and we haven't stopped working with vosk coin ever since
Williams Otto (1 month ago)
vosk coin is the best trader alive! You just have to listen and follow all his instructions
Johnson Richard (1 month ago)
started with only 2BTC now I have up 12BTC in my wallet,his miner is dam fast!
mesh ade runi (1 month ago)
I can not believe this I've received $3512 Try these and you will not regret it greatteammon.win?mZv1rU
Shelly A (1 month ago)
I just want to use this medium to appreciate this amazing trader Denis law trading. Keep up the good work Sir
Sam Bliz (1 month ago)
I still can remember vividly the first profit i cashed out, it was like a movie to me. I just couldn't believe it was happening. I'll forever be grateful to Mr Denis law.
valenpresh (1 month ago)
I invest in him immediately I receive profit for the week. He is a trustworthy trader. He doesn't want to earn your money he wants to earn dignity.
Shelly A (1 month ago)
@Thomas Morris mail him at < [email protected] . com >
Ramos AZ (1 month ago)
Last week's investment yielded a sum of $6,850 and is all thanks to Mr Denis Law Trading
Thomas Morris (1 month ago)
Can you share his contact please, have heard of him on many platforms
the wall street fx (1 month ago)
help me grow up this chanal and i will sahre free video soon!!
Hannah Cholerton (1 month ago)
Heard about Jim oddain, seems many individuals recommends his expertise. I live in Sweden I want to be part of this administration service.
kayla Garrison (2 days ago)
Hannah Thank you so much
Hannah Cholerton (4 days ago)
Hello Kayla So far it’s been consistent wins on my portfolio, Kayla this is great you should join.
kayla Garrison (5 days ago)
Hannah please what was your outcome ?
Andres Castillo (9 days ago)
Truly someone to trust with your funds, very genuine and hard working. Jim provided the financial breakthrough using his portfolio to trade. Since everyone is sharing, my opinion is to invest with his portfolio account
Hannah Cholerton (16 days ago)
The marketplace is very risky to trade. Since I got in contact with jimfx and joined his portfolio, I have been receiving trading signals on his telegram channel and the outcome so far is outstanding and great earning results.
Scott221 (1 month ago)
Complete nonsense. I can see a dozen W’s & M’s in this chart alone where you would of lost. And think guys, this chart has been selected because it’s one of the better examples.
Adrian (1 month ago)
What is the investment bitches
brandon flavell (1 month ago)
So good they hid the zero deposit with their thumb. Go learn how to trade properly
kalu kelvin (1 month ago)
how can u help me? i have lost so much money on this
Maniack k (1 month ago)
analyse why u failed, and use this as your benefit to learn off so u can win next time
Have A Great Day (1 month ago)
Well, There is no denying the fact that traders make more money teaching others than fetching it from forex market.
jessica megan (1 month ago)
Amazing trading scheme you got Jim .
Mary Willow (1 month ago)
Thank you so much Alec. A trader with so much know how on how to get profit
Lebon Mark (1 month ago)
He makes me profit
ztop ztop (1 month ago)
how do you know he's a trader or a good solid trader? His video is moronic and a lie!
Lebon Mark (1 month ago)
Sir Alec is also in charge of my trading. Making so much with his help
Mary Willow (1 month ago)
He’s the right man for that I can vouch for that. Hit on WhatsApp messenger +447520638324. I never encountered a trader like him
Amish Kant (1 month ago)
Mary Willow I want to make profit. How can I reach Alec?
Only Techno (1 month ago)
strategy to close your demon account in 1 week
Ariel Cepeda (1 month ago)
Lol this scammer double clicks in the beginning of the video so he can pop up a photo showcasing his “Profits”..damn these are so half ass scammers!!!
James Deng (1 month ago)
This guy is absolutely a scammer, nothing else! Why you don't show us your trading a live account? You believe him, you LOSE.
George Walters (1 month ago)
This is the best system I've found yet, and I've been at this for a while... hootforex.club
ztop ztop (1 month ago)
Annabel Jacobs (1 month ago)
Winning takes dedication and the will to take risks
Annabel Jacobs (26 days ago)
I keep conquering the market with his platform
Tim Coady (1 month ago)
A winning strategy which all traders can benefit from.
Mike Mills (1 month ago)
He has help me attain good financial outcome with his strategy
Annabel Jacobs (1 month ago)
Contact him directly with davidwilliams0198^@^gmail^com
Annabel Jacobs (1 month ago)
@Camille Parker I trade with Mr David platform, I started trading with him after losing so much, now thanks to him I have gotten back my initial funds and I have made profit of my own. Trading with him has increased my chances of earning profit
Carl Kirwan (1 month ago)
pyramid scheme
Pete Anderson (1 month ago)
This assumes you win every trade and that's just not possible
Kevin González (1 month ago)
I have questions about this: 1. ¿Does this requires a credit, debit or a prepaid card to start trading on forex? 2. ¿Does is start a deposit on forex? 3. ¿Is safer to trade forex without scams? 4. If someone make $5,000.00 in a month or a year, ¿how to stop the trade and use the amount of money to use to buy stuffs?
Liam Jayson (1 month ago)
Investing in forex without a strategy is like gambling and just a waste of time, there is actually a master class strategy that works and it is not all about softwares because there is no software, calculator or robot that can predict the market. if you are really interested contact me via <<[email protected] gmail ,com>>
Brooke Zoe (2 months ago)
Nice video but Mr Allen Brookes makes me more income weekly
Brooke Zoe (2 months ago)
I mailed him on [email protected] Com now I'm floating in riches
s h (2 months ago)
this looks easy. I'm gonna get rich fast with your W strategy. I have 100k in the bank to start trading. thanks for this great advice
Danilo Majhenic (2 months ago)
What is a pip?
meme memo (2 months ago)
whre can i Register my self And Can you make These courses Routine ones.
Michael (2 months ago)
"You guys were careful to place your thumb over the deposit amount". Doesn't pass the smell taste. Cya.
CHAZE BUTLER (2 months ago)
Awesome video bro. Alot of the questions I had u answer thanks B
Lerato Taljaard (2 months ago)
Great videos mate this information is helping me alot thanks
Uroš 123 (2 months ago)
many people go to croatia in summer. soo a lot of europeans are going to have croatian money...
Micheal Scroggins (2 months ago)
great work. trading made easy
Cane Kennedy (2 months ago)
could any 1 teach me i need some help im watching videos and stuff i would like to start learning
Truth_Serum (2 months ago)
These dudes are MARKETERS. I remember them from WAKE UP NOW.
Charles Chima (2 months ago)
winning is assured when investing in Forex with Mr Manuel Cleveland.
Charles Chima (2 months ago)
@JustEJTV Manuel is a professional Forex trading manager, he trades for you using his own admin account for just 20% commission from the profit he generate's for you within a trading period which can last up to 7 to 10, if you are interested you can reach him at <Manuelscleveland @gmail .com>.
JustEJTV (2 months ago)
Charles Chima whos that
Esto es un engaña bobos
Janet Swindles (2 months ago)
I don’t think I’ve seen anyone here who’s actually been profitable using signals (unless of course they were selling it themselves). I could be wrong of course and may have just not the met the right persons. but having a guide like Alec has really made trading beneficial for me.
Vinnette Morgan (1 month ago)
Try dayfinanceltd.com
Mary Willow (2 months ago)
Truth be told his skills are second to none. Lot of earning and learning under his mentorship
Janet Simpson Grail (2 months ago)
with his help I make so much thousands of rands. very excellent trader
Wayne baker (2 months ago)
I trust only alec poe to go about my trade cause I am guaranteed of positive outcome
Janet Swindles (2 months ago)
Indeed he has mate. HIs system has proven so wonderful. the market is intricate so you can't expect to win as a newbie just like that. I reached out to alec poe and he really changed my aspect of viewing the online market..>>>[email protected] whatsapp chat +44 7520 638324
Naji Samba (2 months ago)
I just watched 1 minute and I see you hide the deposit with your finger so I stop there should not take people for cons shows fake thank you!
The Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
Funny how FX traders always talk about making money they never talk about losing... Every FoRex trader knows that we make loses from time to time... and FoRex is not simple guys
audu nurudeen (2 months ago)
I have be expirencing a bad trade for long time until i was introduced to Mr Hafeez Ullah he introduced me to his specially designed layout and provided me with professional advice and accurate trade signals. With his system, trading has become easy and profitable, and I want to spread the word and thereby help as many that are in my previous unfortunate situation. For all questions, you can reach by **Mail [email protected] com
anita miller (2 months ago)
I trade with his strategy. He is surely the best when it comes to trading binary option, I made $10,000 under two weeks i let him manage my account. he is really a life Saver.
Paul Brown (2 months ago)
It always feels good to know that a good trade system is at work for you and that huhge profits would be made, out of your invested capital, be it little or much. Such breeds trading confidence. I have been trading and earning massively with Mr Hafeez
I don't think this is real. Imarketslive is a total fraud.
reeses journals (2 months ago)
Seems like a pyramid scheme
Shatau Platau (2 months ago)
This guy is a scammer with a non profitable trading system. I have a system that works long term BUT it makes little profit and safe systems are like that where they make little profits and work long term.
nimeni (2 months ago)
Muie ilie s vlogs
johnson harris (17 hours ago)
Great insight on forex, Earning with Jim has opened my eyes to easy trade scheme and benefits
john conway (29 days ago)
Truly said Johnson, his guide proves helpful on my part. It’s been 3 weeks trading with him and I am happy I sustain a stable payment procedure on long term trade investment with this portfolio, do have his mail address to contact directly! “[email protected]
wilson Owen (1 month ago)
Jim is definitely the right broker for the job, best know in Chicago
Kim Pong (17 hours ago)
Yeah definitely, you can reach out to Jim oddain from any country. I have been opportune to learn lots from him, like the trading pattern I am using now assures me more wins daily on my portfolio account.
Hannah Cholerton (1 month ago)
Can I join his platform from Sweden?
kayla Garrison (1 month ago)
His extraordinary openness to his clients is the best. I was so lucky following my trade with his portfolio assistant I am happy earning more..
محمد حمد (2 months ago)
In forex you don't need more then one strategy What you need is the money management. How much your risk in a trade .this is how you can be at the game for along time .that's how you can make some cash
shantel maxwell-hobson (2 months ago)
i gave my credit card for 1.97,then 4.95,now an additional 400.00 its just annoying to be tricked but i am appreciative of the investor trade i m relearning it over after memory loss blows to the head i am irritated excited yea jarred because the one time all package included london investor market traders yet address is usa florida ?????
Kayode Gbenga (2 months ago)
please help i don't make it right in my first trade am afraid
contact me
Efe Great (2 months ago)
Have you thought about investing or working from home and be your own boss, You can earn over $8500 weekly, work on your own time No experience needed required – * You have every access to monitor your account. * withdrawal easy and quick * withdrawal on everyday except on Sunday for more info contact WhatsApp +19316344710
thavha musitha (2 months ago)
this is just marketing video.
Isabelle McCann (3 months ago)
Start making profits on Fxemarkets.bid broker
Pokrovski Novel (2 months ago)
Anyone who wants to become successful should get started on fxemarkets to copy accurate trades and signals from your account managers after your account verification process.
Pokrovski Novel (2 months ago)
I made a couple of millions through the help of my account managers millionaire trading signals.
Pokrovski Novel (2 months ago)
Fxemarkets is the best trading platform for beginners and investors.
ISAAC YELBERT (3 months ago)
Another useless scammer.
SkyTheDestroyer- (3 months ago)
LMFAO iML. the dude i joined back then said. Focus on recruiting and learn to trade later. instantly got out. iML is pyramid scheme.
SkyTheDestroyer- (2 months ago)
@Jalen D cool
Jalen D (2 months ago)
SkyTheDestroyer- i dont know who he is or what his strategy is only my personal team used my stategy
SkyTheDestroyer- (2 months ago)
@Jalen D I assume youre iML? Daven icao has that 3-4 rule too. Is that what you're using.
Jalen D (2 months ago)
SkyTheDestroyer- I personally have a 90% accurate trading technique with only 3 requirements that must be met after they meet you will win the trade 9/10 literally just need discipline and patience
Jalen D (2 months ago)
SkyTheDestroyer- its not whoever got you in probably wanted the residual side of iml more instead of actually learning to trade and teach you strategies to win on your own trades
Ericson Michel (3 months ago)
?I agree with you
Darren Millington (3 months ago)
this guy is a complete amateur, talking bout Ms and Ws, you can learn a whole lot more than whatever you'll pay to learn from this guy just by reading a few books (for free). This dude calling a minor break of structure Ms and Ws lmaooooooo.
TheSpikerGaming (1 month ago)
Thank you
Darren Millington (1 month ago)
@TheSpikerGaming if you're just starting..... try Naked Forex (a book) and Forex For Dummies and you can check out Wall Street Academy. Good luck.
TheSpikerGaming (1 month ago)
What do you recommend?
Real Eccy (3 months ago)
I have try trading already, if u want make money, need very carefully, manage how much lots per pip, knows where to put Enter at support area to buy or sell, do analysis for put stop lost or take profits.
Tayeb l Mimouni (3 months ago)
0 withdrawal = demo account 😂 If you made 500$ a week so you dont need people money .
Be Successful (3 months ago)
White lie
Abdi Omar (3 months ago)
😭😂😂😂 wtf is a "W"? You gon get these pple rekt...anybody that wants to trade needs to first learn TA (technical analysis) search YouTube there are tons of free vids
Steve O (3 months ago)
More internet marketers acting like traders, lol.

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