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What is SEO & How SEO Works? Search Engine Optimisation Expalined.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation or Organic mode of bringing traffic...In this video you will learn all about SEO and how to optimise your website. Following are the topics that are coverd in this video : 1.What are the objective of Digital Marketing? 2.What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? 3.What is On- Page SEO? 4.What is Off-Page SEO? 5.What is White Hat SEO techniques? 6.What is Grey Hat SEO techniques? 7.What is Black Hat SEO techniques? 8.What are the tools to use in SEO? I hope you will be able to understand SEO in a simple manner. For any clarification please connect with me on www.diigitus.com. Happy Learning & Keep Digitising! Regards, Ashwini Kumar Bissa
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