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Porter's Generic Strategies: 3 Strategic Options

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Porter's Generic strategies Explore our Marketing Strategy Academy https://www.oxfordlearninglab.com/p/bundle-of-all-courses For more info on Porter's Strategies https://www.oxfordlearninglab.com/p/porters-generic-strategies/ Designed by Michael Porter in 1979, Porter’s Generic Strategies is a framework used to outline the three major strategic options open to organizations that wish to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Each of the three options needs to be considered within the context of two aspects of the competitive environment. Firstly, the sources of a competitive advantage which establish whether the products are differentiated in any way, or if they are the lowest cost producer in the industry. Secondly, the competitive scope of the market determines if the company targets a wide market or if it focuses on a very narrow niche market.
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InTreueFest (5 years ago)
Why the goofy headset? Makes him look like a shady tv advert salesman
Ivy Jane (6 years ago)
TheQSRay (7 years ago)
This is just what i needed thanks
Anne Land (7 years ago)
Interesting and great content.
Rog (7 years ago)
I am very thankful that you put up this information for free. Its not common these days. I have my final exam tomorrow. This helps me ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !
Gurpreet Singh (7 years ago)
Thank you so much for this useful information.
TV 2 FILM (7 years ago)
I Really Like The Video From Your Examples of Porters generic and positioning strategies, Cost Leadership, Cost Focus, Differentiation, Differentiation Focus
penbottle (8 years ago)
lovely stuff.
Farhan Kamaal (8 years ago)
Very useful and realistic video .Thanks !

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