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This Will Leave You Speechless! - One of The Most Eye Opening Videos

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Be Inspired (5 months ago)
This is our society today. Sad.. This is the Second Part of this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IW3y3x6o_g
Video Stuff (12 days ago)
Indeed, we are all modern debt slaves and the eart has parasites and cancer! *"Economist Michael Hudson Explains Bank and Bankers Are Parasites And Not Part Of The Real Economy"* /watch?v=A10bor8FBAk *"Keiser Report: US a Parasite Banker Host!"* /watch?v=FL0tP_VMFwo *"Usury - The Root of all Evil"* /watch?v=TCVRNBzo3uQ *"Usury - The Cancer of the World"* /watch?v=3g7Ii3jazAY Usury is the root of all evil and cause a growth imperative. The Arsonists are playing firefighters. Georgia Guidestones: *"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."* *"Be not a cancer on the earth — leave room for nature — leave room for nature"* *"A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."* -CNN Founder Ted Turner "Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell." -Edward Abbey No growth for the sake of growth, but for the debt and the greed of profit.
jazzy haider (16 days ago)
absolutely right
George Muncy (1 month ago)
Most definitely true, so sad
Big. mo. Oxnard (1 month ago)
At the end of the day, who gives a shit!!!!! Fuck all the governments, I hope their listening 😂😂😂
caroline van der Sluys (2 months ago)
Working For A Better Tomorrow What an intelligent responce to such an unqualified reaction. Very well spoken. In my experience God helped me several times in my life. Once He litterally lifted a car when I called his name out loud three times and a severe accident was prevented. Another time I was threatened by a very dangerous man who was after my life. I screamed for help and shouted:”Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God”. Out of the blue Jesus Christ stood before me and the man who was chasing immediately turned around and started running the other direction. All the way to my appartement Jesus Christ walked beside me and I was not able to speak while He was beside me. After I turned my key in the door and opened my appartement I turned around to thank Him but he was gone. You really think miracles don’t happen anymore?? Please don’t call God Whome I love so much a trapp. It really makes me cry. If you haven’t experienced Him yet doesn’t mean He is not around. If He would not exist He could not be a trapp either.
Victorious Maximus (6 hours ago)
Brilliantly true! I wonder how many youtubers will see this, agree, then go back to their gadgets and social media enslavement for self gratification and egotistical behaviors.
Random Person (9 hours ago)
the internet reveals too much and affects many people but it’s still an important part of your life. you can’t blame your imperfections on the devices. you have only yourself to blame. putting your phone away is not hard but doesn’t mean you should throw it all away because a video said it’s addictive as cocaine. in the end the content you see in your devices is evident in life too.
David S (18 hours ago)
Slavery. The sadest form of slavery is when the slave doesn't even realize he is a slave. Now the slave actually buys his own slave chain, and pays a monthly bill to keep the masters gps tracker on him to make sure he is where he needs to be, , an open microphone to hear what he says to others in private, a camera to see what he's doing when not in the field, a fingerprint reader to catalogue him, a heart rate biometric scanner to make sure he is not getting ready to get angry and snap. An iris scanner a fail safe to the fingerprint scanner. A brain stimulator to ensure he is getting properly brainwashed etc. etc.etc , bet none of this is in public school curriculum in fact the new curriculum is you don't know anything it's all a lie if you need to know anything just Google fact check it and accept the masters fabricated truth. The truth is humanity is already lost Pandora box has been opened. Welcome to the New World Order accept things the way they are you are powerless against the machine. Accept the new world religion and Thank you have a nice day. Now it is up to you to decide if the God is fake and if the Bible warned us all about everything 2000+ years in advance.
Mother Earth (1 day ago)
Denzel tumb Up ! 👍👏👏👏
Leon Smith (1 day ago)
The meaning of life? It ends.
Elyas Yusuf (3 days ago)
Thanks god we have youtube
Eric Jones (3 days ago)
If this is the measure of progress then we as a modern society need to regress for a while.
Rivka Coverdale (3 days ago)
I'm doing what I want with my life, but I wish I had that dental! People should just be as they wish to be. Normality, family, both of these matters are fine. We do not always have to be on!
David Ney (4 days ago)
Great words especially in these times
Carrie Bizz (5 days ago)
Good for Denzel I'm glad he's speaking out. When we go out to eat we have a no tech rule.
gary coulombe (5 days ago)
I'm 70 and i remember when the same thing was said about tv
Flamed65 (1 day ago)
@gary coulombe Lol, if you're interested to learn more there is a book called Zucked by Roger McNamee
gary coulombe (1 day ago)
@Flamed65 I can't say much about faceplant, I don,t twiddle and i don.t have a cell phone
Flamed65 (1 day ago)
Yeah but your TV did not sell the private information of you and your friends like Facebook is
john peter (5 days ago)
I agree, The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” ― George Orwell
Lưu Toàn Quang (5 days ago)
"They think they got dental" - what does this mean?
A. Med (6 days ago)
Papa roach: born with nothing and die with everything..... Theres a lyric in it that says "and the things you own , own you......
OldToughDW (6 days ago)
Oh not "everybody" Unplug, disconnect, and go outside. The scariest thing is also the best thing to do. You have a natural skill set, things you naturally excel at over and above everybody else. Don't follow your dreams, follow the path of your natural inborn skills. Since you are watching this will assume you know how to have a positive mental attitude, and are motivated. That you know about goal setting and want more than mediocrity. The path is one of sacrifice and delayed gratification, but you will formulate dreams and be passionate about it once you get beyond the first few steps on the path. I don't know your path, I only know my path. I chased my dreams for almost 30 years and could not obtain them. I ended up bitter broken in body and spirit, but it was only after I went through that, did I learn the truth. I was operating outside my natural skill set and the things that came easily for me. It was like a duck seeing a like for the first time and discovering all the duck things it never did before. There were things that were hard and things that I didn't want to do, because every path has rocky and steep places. Forget about "society" because "society" is stuck in a rut, working jobs they hate for 40+ years doing what everybody else does and expecting a different result from a life of quiet desperation. You were never told this in school because school is in the business of turning out mediocre people, who live a life of quiet desperation and desperately want to escape from their lives. This is the better way. Get a good education that complements you natural skill set then go and build a good business for yourself and others.The education you need to build a business won't be gained in college, but by being around successful people who have built businesses, and in books you will have to buy for yourself. That is the best way and it is only scary until you start down the path and get around the first turn so you no longer look back at what you are leavening behind. Since I am writing this to you, to help you start, can you guess what my natural skill set was?
Ajay kumar Gaddam (6 days ago)
Anything beyond the capacity of holding it is most dangerous so use anything only to a limit so that u dont destroy urself and dont destroy others.
James Konzek (6 days ago)
I bow my head and pray to the mother of all machines.
Georgie Boy71 (7 days ago)
JoAnn Galvan (8 days ago)
Yeah, be 2 yr olds I know dont play video games. 92 is bs.
Jean Warech (8 days ago)
He’s gr8! I hope he doesn’t die because of this!
Rick Gates (8 days ago)
He said $80,000 not $18,000. Huge difference.
Shawna Graham (9 days ago)
Worst thing ever invented.
Angelo Morte (9 days ago)
Not me, I built the 23 PC to be Manufactured by IBM and I am not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the Mind Numbing waste of time BS Media put out there by these Punk Ass Kids that want to tell everyone how to think. I don't even have my Cell Phone on me most of the time because I don't need it because it is a waste of my time. People forget that 1984 by Orwell was a warning that is here, take heed or fall Prey to Big Brother.
Hermand Lo (9 days ago)
Christina Podgorelec (9 days ago)
Bravo. Regards r
blob blue (9 days ago)
$SnatchK219 Donate 1$ please
Wonder Boy (9 days ago)
Leute sind dumm gezüchtet worden und verdammt stolz darauf... Leider, leider, können 99% der Menschen, nicht mal ein einfaches Brot backen, geschweige denn, kennen die Zutaten... Wie arm ist das bitteschön... Wer wollt ihr denn sein, wenn ihr euch nicht mal selbst ernähren könnt...
paul m (10 days ago)
thats exactly what you are doing by misleading people online with your biased contents
Elishea Hall (10 days ago)
What is the truth?Jesus said he is the truth and i beleive Jesus.Theres your truth.
Steph J (10 days ago)
This is sadly true. However, with God as Lord of your life things fall into perspective and we have hope and joy for today, tomorrow and for the world to come.
Leigh Tonne (11 days ago)
If its causing so much problems shut it down
jblcva (11 days ago)
America must turn to GOD or be no more..
TARA ALI (11 days ago)
Absolutley True 100 percent. We just Exist. Robotic life day in and day out. This is the Brutal truth I'm afraid.
S Hayes (11 days ago)
“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”
Mednfrtgan Mahlin (12 days ago)
Are you good at this video
aeqre (12 days ago)
theres nothing wrong with phones and internet, even if your eating or at dinner whatever. because if thats what your happy doing at that time and thats what you choose and want to do then theres no problem with that.
YvngAlmightyDre (11 days ago)
@aeqre i disagree with this bc we have a whole world out there but we are distracted by technology and u dont know when the next day is promised bc u could die at any time and we got a family too so u shouldnt be on ur phone at dinner with ur family bc its pretty disrespectful to ur family bc ur choseing a phone thats useless over them(sorry if my spelling is bad)
caroline O (12 days ago)
Blind us from reality. Blind us to cherish our time, our love ones, ourselves. Blind us from our surrounding etc.
IamASoldiers Voice (12 days ago)
Says Joe who helps push vaxxines also completely destroying our children. Hep B linked to multiple sclerosis, eczema. Encephalopathy listed in the inserts. Pharma is the biggest giant of them all. Pharma destroys us and makes money all while doing it. Agenda 21 has been ongoing for decades...use the tools they use against you.
Skander Ajengui (12 days ago)
nd we use social media to pass this message
raven wolf (12 days ago)
I'm on a very lonely path and I fucking love it! I'm fairly poor and extremely happy. Pretty much do what I want, when I want. Glad I'm not a slave to fill the hole! I don't need even a car so, have at 'er money chasers, I'm going out for a hike with my dogs!
Susan Summer (12 days ago)
You made a great job with this video. That's the reason why I don't watch news on tv, trying to change from city to a small, natural place...
Linda Hansen (13 days ago)
When I am not answering the phone, to go for a walk som quiet place, maby for a whole day, all hell breaks out.. why I diddent bring the phone with me. And I hate it when I am in the middle off a convertion(sorry my bad spelling) and suddenly everyone is sitting tjekking facebook or what ever. NOBODY gives a dam about what you are trying to talk about. Except if you put it out on a socil media platform........☮️❤️🕯🙏🏼
Bathory Dsubskriber (15 days ago)
Education video...try to watch my if anyone interesting.... thx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muS-2duC_Y8&t=40s
vas aslam (17 days ago)
I’m watching this on my phone....
Michael Cook (17 days ago)
Denzel......one of the few celebrities I like.......next time you go to a restaurant....look around....... couples....families ...staring at their phones..... taking pics of their meal to let the world know they are eating......all for attention......I make my son leave his phone in the car when we go eat ......so do I...
Il Capitano Alexandr (17 days ago)
*Unfortunately still the world will be even more rubbish..* *Even if 90% hit the like.. these same 90% won't do anything to literally change.*
Miguel Vazquez (18 days ago)
I like how Denzel thinks, not everyone will think like him because it's impossible. Not alot people are motivated to tell the truth like him. We live in world that it's all about money and social media. A place you would think it's beautiful but all honestly it's horrible a cruel heartless world filled with good and evil. Nothing is free everything has its own price. Nothing in this world fill our gaps in our heart because it's the truth. Speaking of a heartless world we look at police officer as our enemies even though they protect us, we promote stupid celebraties that really don't matter in this world. We care so much about our devices it starts to control us even money but what can I say we cannot live without money because people will trade it with goods for you to live. Death is the only way out of this world and I'm sorry if I sound dramatic but it's true sadly 😢
Allan Duarte (18 days ago)
I have hormonal problems my levels of dopamine are low so not even cellphones can grab my attention.
jennifer williams (19 days ago)
Why isn't nobody questioning or talking about why before interviewing on sites you look up for tips to interview and on videos giving advice on interviews they state to look into their eyes during an interview....for mind control hypnotizing snakes fuck you America "get out" ...snakes all around with witches .....Depopulate
Karmaindustrie (20 days ago)
This didn't open my eyes at all. Because they are already open. And now take a bow.
Gumbile Heartbazz (21 days ago)
Stay true to yourself
Joy Lucas (21 days ago)
Icipin nio nlang db ung buko juice nkakatanggal ng bara s pagihi un. At nkakagamot ng UTI kung bacteria nkabara nga nalilinis nun e d khit p resedue ng drugs s dila ng mga ngdrudrugs e ilalabas s pagihi un. 😁😁😁Ayan ha cnv q n lahat ng alam q khiy nd aq tinawagan. At proven yan n effective. 😁😁
Joy Lucas (21 days ago)
Ayae aq taeagan mgkakadeads n mga tao ayaw nio p aq tawagan bibigyan nio p aq ng kargo de ko sensya. 😄😄😄
Joy Lucas (21 days ago)
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Joy Lucas (21 days ago)
Ang alin n nnmn ung sterilize milk pr panglinis ng dugo. Ayoko nga svhin sana eh. 😁😁😁Tawagan nio muna aq. 😄😄😄Effective tlg un. Daily pgkagcng plang s umaga un n kagad inumin ng mga ngdrudrugs. Tpos khit mayat maya cl uminom nun smghapon pro dpt pure wl halos sugar at water. Pure lang. Wag titimplahin n may water at sugar. Effective tlg yan.
Joy Lucas (21 days ago)
Alin nnmn ang nd nio npagusapan. Ung ang maganda exercise s mind ni king rashid as of now n ngrerecover xa ay ung crossword puzzle tsaka ung puzzle n ang sinosolved ay numbers. Nd nio b alam un. Hala bat kau ganyan. Bat nd nio alam un. Khit ang mga may alzemeirs yan ang dapt n ibigay s knila pangexercise ng brain. 😁😁😁Tsk tsk. Nd kc kau marunong mgself study eh. 😄😄
P Spa (21 days ago)
Everything you watch look at eat touch hear is all bullshit
serenity J (21 days ago)
And I'm using my phone to watch this video 😂💔,,, *ironic*
yogeswar galav (22 days ago)
I like Denzel as a human being and as a actor
Elizabeth Wonder (23 days ago)
The truth? AI artificial intelligence. The big companies fb, Amazon are targeting the younger generation now to be addicted to technology because they are the adults of the next generation. They have already implanted a Mico Chip in the first human in Sweden. These companies have hundreds of millions in contracts.
playinragz (23 days ago)
Denzel before he sold his soul was inspiring.
Team Skovhugger (23 days ago)
🤔Much truth spoken in this video..
Mark Jones (23 days ago)
All men have two identities oneself and the one given to you by the authorities. Which one are you? Oneself equals the man the one given by the authorities equals a bankrupt corporation.
Mark Jones (23 days ago)
Believe nothing question everything.
fred ganyo (24 days ago)
Joshua Dean Martin (24 days ago)
I hate my phone. To be honest, the best thing to do is switch to a none smart phone, go get a old brick and watch how better your life becomes.. just remind others to put their phone down when talking to you because it's rude.. Society seems to be getting dumber
I worked a job 10 years. 9 of those years was for one manager. She promised me a promotion that she'd given the job to once before to someone else. After 6 years when it came time, she gave it to this much newer employee who schmoozed with her 24/7. Then when I left without notice, she escorted me to the door immediately and didn't give me a chance to say goodbye to anyone. Stone faced. After I was the star for 10 years. Don't believe the hype. You're just a cog in a wheel. Trust me. Then when I basically pleaded for a recommendation she didn't respond AT ALL 3 years later after I'd been the top employee for 9 years. Ridiculous. Everyone is just a hired hand.
I would prefer the truth even if it is extremely unpleasant. *_Who else agrees?_*
Kujtim Shabani (25 days ago)
So true
Victor Palmer (25 days ago)
I think Denzel Washington has lost his mind!
Demon Slayer (29 days ago)
well were on our phones somehow got guided ti this because if balance soooo... evry1 fuckin put ur phones diwn and start meditating like fuck 😂 im serious... just sit there and close your eyes as if your alone and you will feel weird and thats called life
Tim Yates (29 days ago)
This may be the best you tube (censor tube) video ive ever seen . Seriously, Thank you !!
Ophelia T420 (29 days ago)
Kind of off-topic but one of the reasoms that there are no jobs...like a job at Starbucks that he uses aa an example. These jobs are being scooped up by retirees that are bored. The majority arent working to have enough but to have MORE. (And yes, I do know this to be true in far too many cases. The old stealing opportunities from young people desperately trying to build thier lives. So why not disappear into your gadget? Between immigramts(which are humans and Do have value) and retirees who are simply bored( "you're bored because you're boring " )Then they bitch that " kids" arent working!! Humans are living WAY to long for our resources. Maybe we could send these bored oldies to oh say maybe one U.S. State where most of the oldies go. Sunshine, shuffleboard and conversations about directions and the food they ate, and the "terrible irresponsible kids". ...maybe we could call it " Florida" . and send those "terrible kids " down to shake things up a bit in the springtime. Viagra sales soar then I bet. But yes, good idea to put yr gadget aside now and then. No I'm not a millenial. Yes I'm for zero-population growth
DUJHON (29 days ago)
Those who have unliked the video should be the ones who aren’t doing their things that have been shown.
Mim Fer (29 days ago)
Joe the thumb Rogan ! Never listen to a midget he’s just a instigator! He wants chaos! He a fag and just like being addicted to fake news joe likes it in the ass! I give Denzel Washington because you don’t hear him everyday pushing an agenda like the rest of these fucks
Simi (29 days ago)
This is what I want to fix.
Elijah White (1 month ago)
All Facts
Elvinas SS (1 month ago)
Really, what are you all doing with your life, reading my comment? :D
Anser Daad (1 month ago)
We are losing everything Peace, environment, humanity and pure relations. We are turning into Human Machines.
TRAIE K (1 month ago)
nothing matters anyway you can live a great successful life do everything imaginable and in the end nothing comes from it.. you die.. so who tf cares, being a moron stuck on their phone is just as bad as saying a moron stuck on their phone is bad it's dumb either way, live how you want.
Briz Nest (1 month ago)
I think older generations understand this because we know what we had before (wisdom for every age)
Sophie Karimova (1 month ago)
What kind of f**king parents are they? This is a disgrace.
Ana Robertson (1 month ago)
So good! Very powerful ! Thanks and Blessings 🦋
Maico Oliver (1 month ago)
Denzel is awesome😎
J A (1 month ago)
Asked my girlfriend to watch this she watched the first 10 seconds then returned to Facebook saying "I cant be bothered"
777weeks (1 month ago)
in the next 10 ears you are going to need a licence to brows the internet likely with the exception on video game connectivity you will need to be of age and qualified. Internet police will patrol you and have rights to access your hard drive. smart phones phones will likely be a similar situation where texting and reviewing limited data on your phone will become the norm. of cores there are always exceptions regarding access rights abilities and duties. and this will all be in order to regulate information share in order to suppress the expansion and learning of almost anything over the internet. i suspect it will become an luxury rights will turn to qualification having access to unlimited knowledge. there will become a high price to own and operate smart phones. middle and lower class citizens will not be able to attain legal qualification or access to the net easily enough without paying for licences passing tests and jumping through the ridiculous hoops witch will prove to be to difficult for middle and lower class to accomplish. law built to regulate the resource of knowledge to keep people apart and make money of of the distribution of knowledge in order to be sure that that working fields are balanced in the way of government choosing. people will be fiends for audio books or extra bits and pieces of knowledge that has come from the internet that are sold at a high price. it will be deemed unnecessary and detrimental to the society economy for access to be easily attainable because of the unlimited power of it. they do not want people to take short cuts and loopholes or learn trades professions extremely fast without paying for the schooling, if school is still a thing at that time. sharing certain ideals through the internet would become illegal or heavenly reduced and monitored and considered threatening by what ever means needed to say it is. to push laws. well i think that about wraps it up have a good day all.
Cintia (1 month ago)
This really is making me reconsider my existence. I need to go find a Rite Aid that will still sell the Death Punch. I would call my existence off now but I get such weird stares when I walk into a Rite Aid that it's not worth going through all that just to die. I'm stuck questioning my existence.
Tatum Tulloch (1 month ago)
If people havnt seen the world is in total unrepairable chaos , not my problem, they should grow some brains ,and think ,get it sheeple THINK
Tatum Tulloch (1 month ago)
The thing about this,is it's not new 'news ' at all, the problem is ,people are very stupid
Yungdoe NewCali (1 month ago)
Denzel logic is deep his words speak volumes
# dragon (1 month ago)
Watching on my phone. (emoji here)
Pure Heart (1 month ago)
Best videos about technology through technology
This is the result of cult of consumerism which is being projected as "development" Countries which arn't into this cult are labelled as"underdeveloped"
Specific Content (1 month ago)
Denzel is a legend
lucy bond (1 month ago)
I love Denzel. He is spot on.
Victor Marques (1 month ago)
Cute message. So easy to criticize the hustle when you already have shit loads of money though. Keep doing what you doing people, be the shitty money machine. And it is not about the money, it is about freedom. Do you wanna take 10 days off get your kids and fly to disneyland and have a good time with your family, see your kids smile stretched to their ears? Guess what? You can't do shit without money. Don't listen to those guys, they already have shitloads of money. The hustle is valid! Respect it! It is your sweat and blood you are sacrificing to make things happen for you and your family.
fitofito1 (1 month ago)
The 9.2K people that didnt like this video are addicted to social media and their phones but wont admitted.
Mr Benelli (1 month ago)
It’s what people chose to do with social media For eg. you have some people who uses it to showoff and watch other peoples lives and then you have some who uses it to support their business or build it. For eg. The person who even made this video they are using a social media to build there business. So at the end of the day it’s not social media is the problem it’s the people who use it and what they do.

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