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3M Command Expert Hardware

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The amazing 3M Command Strips featured in an episode of the RTE Today Show with Alan of Expert Hardware last January, 2014. Find these great products in your local Expert Hardware and in our online shop.
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Richard Hubbuck (2 months ago)
OMG. How not to demo something.
Nitish Gondkar (5 months ago)
These are horribly expensive and not reliable
Eric Hollen (1 year ago)
3m is so unlike any company worldwide. they do so much more than any everyday consumer might consider
Mahogany_Hues (1 year ago)
Horrible demo... didn't clean the surface first, doesn't even know the name of the company, incorrectly removing the strip... Jeez!
Nag R (2 years ago)
Its 3M retard, not M3
Bernadette O'Connor (11 months ago)
How many strips do you put on to hold a picture 7 kg. Would 2 be enough
Nicolaas Jacobsen (2 years ago)
Name does not matter as long as it sticks.

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