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How To Bait A Hook With Cut Shad (Cut Bait)

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http://www.catfishedge.com - Baiting a hook with cut shad or cut bait for catfishing. This video walks you through some essential catfishing information on the correct way to hook cut shad or cut bait and something to watch for when baiting your hooks to prevent missing fish when catfishing with this type of bait, especially when fishing with circle hooks for catfish. Cut shad and cut bait are a very effective bait to use when fishing for blue catfish. This video walks you through the process using the Daiichi Circle Chunk Light Circle Hooks and while it demonstrates the use of shad in the video the process is the same regardless of what type of cut bait you are going to be using for your catfish fishing. To get more essential information and learn more catfishing tips and tricks visit http://www.catfishedge.com
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Text Comments (47)
Gpiforever1 (1 year ago)
What size treble hook for cut bait or cut shad
Gpiforever1 (1 year ago)
Can you put cut bait on a trebled hook
Catfish Edge (1 year ago)
You can but typically best to only fish with trebles if you have to. Check out the T3 Triple Threat Catfish Hooks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34-rdNRxrHM
Indiana Catfishing (1 year ago)
Would 8/0 circle hooks and offset be perfect size for blue ? Or is that to big ?
Catfish Edge (1 year ago)
+Sturgeon Outdoors depends on the size bait you're using and how big the blues are
Jason Smith (1 year ago)
good info will do that for now on makes all the sense in the world.
Catfish Edge (1 year ago)
+Jason Smith 👍
Romeo M (1 year ago)
hu! i was hoking it wrong damm sweet now iknow tks
leo arreguin (2 years ago)
caught a monster with live shad check had no scale but it was like at least 50lbs in Clinton lake IL awesome nite trying to find way to send it to u.
Catfish Edge (2 years ago)
Great job!
Scott H (2 years ago)
what part of Clinton Lake where you at another good place is LaSalle lake in il it is about 25 mins north of Pontiac il
leo arreguin (2 years ago)
thanks another question should I use garlic to stink up my bait some more hear it's also good
leo arreguin (2 years ago)
Thanks Going Out tonight have frozen shad think it will do any good and we're r spots I should be looking for.
Catfish Edge (2 years ago)
Fresh shad? NO!
leo arreguin (2 years ago)
been fishing all my life for big cats I'm 25 largest cat I've caught is about 15 lbs tell me what can I do to catch my 50 lbs cat I've always used chicken liver so if I go to using shad would I have better luck on my big cat?
Catfish Edge (2 years ago)
+leo arreguin Yes
Ken Henson (2 years ago)
your hands were in the way the hole time!
Abraham Rojas (3 years ago)
smart thinking
Kenneth Marion (3 years ago)
I want to see u hook some big cut bait with the double hook rig to see how u position the stinger hook
Dragnauct Sylvas (3 years ago)
I was using J hooks last night and missed some big bites. Headed out to buy some circle hooks and to find a good source for shad since they are only catch and release here.
Cathie Wilkerson (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video !!! !!
mike freeman (3 years ago)
No matter what kind of cut bait i use i always run the hook through the eyes. Its worked for me so far and have been doing it that way for years now.
Chris McVey (3 years ago)
Despite the negative comments the idea behind this video is incredibly important and overlooked. Many people including myself forget such basic concepts such as bait twist and hook exposure. This idea is relevant for all types of cat-fishing too.
John Tonetti (3 years ago)
Great info video poor can't see what you're doing
Caleb Breland (4 years ago)
Good video I would like to know the best baits to catch big river cats
Catfish Edge (4 years ago)
Cut native bait fish
Caleb Breland (4 years ago)
Good video I would like to know the best baits to catch big river cats
Ron Bean (4 years ago)
Man, couldn't see anything you were doing. Half the time your hands were out of the frame & the rest of the time your hands were blocking so the viewer saw nothing. 
Catfish Edge (4 years ago)
Old video, we'll redo it one of these days
Thomas Story (4 years ago)
Great video!!! My wife and I often review your educational videos before headin out. We always catch another great tip no matter how many times we watch. Keep posting and thank you for taking the time. we've really learned a lot from you!!!
Catfish Edge (4 years ago)
Thanks so much Thomas!
Tuan Huynh (5 years ago)
cant see how u do >"<
sdfsadfkwejfoiqjeiqj (5 years ago)
You bad mother fisher. I cannot see what you are doing.
Glenn O'neal (5 years ago)
great video just what i was looking for.
TheThesnakepit (6 years ago)
Really like the information that's given on here
nmigliore (6 years ago)
This is more of a general circle hook question, but can you rig a strip (fillet) of cut bait on circle hook? Is it at simple as just hooking it once and letting it hang? Or is it better to hook it, bring it to the top (near the eye of the hook) and then hook it again near the bottom? Thanks!
Ron Woodruff (6 years ago)
Thanks for that tip. I've been doing it wrong, and have noticed it. Gonna start hooking them right now.
Jai Gar (6 years ago)
This video was very help for me... thank u
InKa4484 (6 years ago)
I've used shad a few times and had absolutely no luck. In my expirience cut bluegill, redear, and sunfish, except the green sunfish, will catch blues, bullheads, and large channels. Flatheads prefer them alive. I've heard the green sunfish work too i've just never had any luck with them. Beware of gar, turtles, and cottonmouths as they also love this bait and can become quite annoying.
pascualscott scott (6 years ago)
How do I catch catfish in fast moveing water
Jake Anderson (6 years ago)
What kind of boat is that in the BackGround?
stoper4077 (7 years ago)
Im new to catfishing when I go on the water how do find the best spots to fish
Ryan Green (7 years ago)
how do you suggest we store our shad for long term use
James Kirby (7 years ago)
Thanks chad, I have always used spoiled shrimp or liver just had some shad laying around that I got while fishing up at bear lake and thought I would give it a try I will see how they like it out here tomorrow.
cuff1957 (7 years ago)
if you keep practicing sooner than later you will become a masterbaitor
texasroundheads (7 years ago)
wish we lived closer, i'd be glad to help you out. i think i've got it, i was just concerned that someone without as much exper. would have a harder time.......thanks and keep'm come'n.........
texasroundheads (7 years ago)
chad, we couldn't see exactly how you were hooking the shad. you need a little different camera angle....

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