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Entrepreneur Breakthrough Session: Anik Singal Speaks Up About His "eSCAPE" Book

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🔥 Get The Free eSCAPE Book Here: https://www.flyingstartonline.com/escape After you get the book, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: "My eSCAPE Bonus". In that email, mention the name with which you purchased the book. We will verify, and send you the link to sign up for the mastermind session where I'm revealing my $100k product. Please Note: The income shared in this video is a personal experience unique to Ritoban. Ritoban and his company, Flying Start Online, Inc. does not guarantee that you or anyone using these strategies will make the stated earning amount if you use Shopify. These are educational videos to help entrepreneurs - not income promises. * Subscribe to our YouTube channel * #GetReal - Like, Comment, & Share
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Jorarjoy's Life VLOG (12 days ago)
I am not Reading... But i always watch tutorials just like Rito... While i am working in sometibg else.. This is my new radio / TV.. 😍 love both of you. Anik and Rrrrrrrrito. You are truly SMART. 🙌
Jorarjoy's Life VLOG (12 days ago)
I love Anik... I love his sales videos in all his products online...
kristino singh (1 month ago)
Thanks Rito, I ordered this book.
Tarun Negi (1 month ago)
Thank you so much made this video for us now I am taking gold from your side never give up attitude
Gaurav Nanda (2 months ago)
this session was just too coool h
preritn (2 months ago)
If you're willing to Fail but not be a Failure then Success is Inevitable!!!... 😊
HR 19 Aale Jaat (2 months ago)
*1 ques.* What type of store should a starter or begginer make : General OR Niche. Which will be best for begginers. Plz REPLY
Vivek Rajput (2 months ago)
No video from last 2 weeks? where you disappear? i hope everything is okay..
rahul shetty (2 months ago)
Hey Rito, How does one get rid of the designed by booster theme (footer) Ty You have been a great inspiration.
Amna Urooj (2 months ago)
Hey Rito, I am from Pakistan and currently starting an ecom store but I am having issues with payment gateways.. I guess you cant also use paypal and stripe.. What other payment gateways do you use or suggest me to use..??!! Please reply me man, it would be highly appreciated!
coco trending (2 months ago)
hello Rito, quick question: can i use the pixel of a flagged fb ad account in my new ad account without getting banned again?
7shim records (2 months ago)
Hi sir my name is simran ND I'm 17 year old my mother is cancer patient I'm not going to ask you for money I just want to earn my own money but I don't have any investment . Any work which pays good in your knowledge which I can start please tell me 🙏🙏
gaurav pandey (2 months ago)
Hello sir for dropshipping from india which purpose code we have to select in paypal account?
vloging kingdom (2 months ago)
I quit I lost my my savings 800$ and shopify plan Now I'm totally lost and now I'm going to beat my life by rito sir and all guys 😭😭
Shashank Bhoon (2 months ago)
Great session! Hey rito can you please tell me the video in which you tell about tabs to have in ads so that I can analyze my progress... ?
Asir Khan (2 months ago)
Rito Why your website Common panda is showing " we can't process your payment at this moment" while trying to pay through PayPal. Even I am facing same problem in my store. Any solution Bro?
Tech HUB (2 days ago)
Hi there, if you're buying through your indian PayPal personal account, you'll see the error. Rest for foreign countries it'll work perfectly. So target foreign countries only.
AK Tv (2 months ago)
Any one buy rito 's 497$ Dollar offer for dropshipping ????? I want to buy it.... But would you tell me is it good to buy this offer.... Plz help
Bhuvan Reddy (1 month ago)
What was this offer about
Hey Rito ,brother i bought the book .. I sent you the screenshots of order confirmation too you didn't reply and didn't gave me webinar link
Shamith Mylar J (2 months ago)
Rito Bhai ..... Please help me buy my shopify plan ...... I'm 16 yrs old and I have built my store only through mobile as I don't have PC. There's only 8 days left in my free trail but I don't have 29$ to buy a plan. I have somehow arranged 1000 Rupees and I'm still a 1000 rupees short !! Can u please lend me some money so that I can start my business and I also promise to return it as soon as possible !!! I will also give u my shopify account till I return the money ! Please please help me #flyingstartonline
Shamith Mylar J (2 months ago)
Rito Bhai ..... Please help me buy my shopify plan ...... I'm 16 yrs old and I have built my store only through mobile as I don't have PC. There's only 8 days left in my free trail but I don't have 29$ to buy a plan. I have somehow arranged 1000 Rupees and I'm still a 1000 rupees short !! Can u please lend me some money so that I can start my business and I also promise to return it as soon as possible !!! I will also give u my shopify account till I return the money ! Please please help me #flyingstartonline
Harpal Singh (2 months ago)
Hello Rito/Team, I hope all of you are doing well. I want 1-1 phone call session with Rito. Anyone help to schedule this session.
Inspiring India (2 months ago)
Very very gr8 talk.. thank for making people to businessman... keep the good work. Thank Anik for your valuable input
sambhu sharma (2 months ago)
You both guys are awesome. Well said Anik if you can't invest in yourself just shipping cost to read this book that will help to learn the game of entrepreneurship then how you can be an entrepreneur. Add value and invest in yourself. Thanks! Rito to take on board Anik
Prafull Pande (2 months ago)
can u create a shopify store for me ????????
ANKUSH BANSAL (2 months ago)
Sir plz tell me agar money withdrawn karne ho to kese kare aur mere pass credit card nhi without credit card plz....... Tell me .....
Gulshan kumar (2 months ago)
I am trying to make payment for escape but i am not able to make it with my indian VISA debit card it showing error again and again is there any other method to pay . help me so that I can buy the book
I love the book it's freaking awesome it's everything I thought it would be and much more I highly recommended thank you so much and thank you Anik for writing it and Rito thank you for putting Anik on your channel . I'm up to Open declaration. I can't put it down I love it thank you again. I highly recommend it.
Wulwey TV (2 months ago)
Hey Rito, Obscure question but where did you get your subscriber counter? Thanks!
Mithun Reddy (3 months ago)
Great info, We are not giving up Rito...!!
Ghost (3 months ago)
Need advice: I have built a store around the Shoptimized Theme, but have not launched it yet. The mobile optimization is poor compared to the Booster Theme and some other themes. Should I switch to the Booster Theme, which will make me rebuild my store completely plus will add on a hefty 200$? Or, should I keep the Shoptimized Theme running?
Jugraj Singh (3 months ago)
plz next times plzzz put in all backup and update
sensible sky (3 months ago)
Can u plz do a bizathon on affiliate marketing.?
Aakash (3 months ago)
If anyone doesn't know, this is called JV Webinar (Joint Venture Webinar). Where you collaborate with someone else to help them sell their product & make commission (50% most likely). Its really a pity to see people fall for these youtube channels, thinking they're getting value. If you do get value out of these kind of videos, please take an honest look at your numbers. Value Videos don't equal real numbers. I just feel bad for the beginners that fall for these shitty things, not knowing what it takes (not to make a sale), but to make REAL PROFITS in dropshipping. Time=Money, invest both wisely.
Mukesh chauhan (3 months ago)
i want to get the free book but it showing me an error to place order... what should i do?
Tech Tadka (3 months ago)
Go and buy this book for free with rito's referral and then after reading it all do buy their $1000 software and then more software this is how they are earning this days, there is nothing such as social work they are doing..it's pure process of funnel
Vishal Rastogi (2 months ago)
Tech Tadka https://www.facebook.com/robert.dolan.714
Sahil Sachdeva (2 months ago)
They are just cheating instead of giving it back to the community
Jenson Varghese (3 months ago)
You said it buddy!
Aakash (3 months ago)
RAKESH SHAW (3 months ago)
Thank you so much Rito Sir.. Today is my New day.. I m not Motivate, Today I Inspired from my core of my heart.. Thank you so much again Rito Sir and Anik Sir for this extraordinary knowledge..
supu p (3 months ago)
supu p (3 months ago)
we spent 1000rs for movie . Dont give for free correct. People wont value it
supu p (3 months ago)
All my MBA even same is thought Find Problem solve them Add Value.
Gaurav Tiwari (3 months ago)
Wow! What a great season. Thank you Rito.
Mike Illes (3 months ago)
Great interview. Thanks Rito
Rito your videos are very very cool and inspiring also check out our store and assist in gaining the same momentum you have https://cloudnebulaitke.com , thank you.
Nandan pandey (3 months ago)
How i can make the website for shopify store... Pls reply
Rain Storm (2 months ago)
Search it here in Youtube. Sign up for a free trial in Shopify and play around. That's how I learn building a Shopify store without any tech background.
Hema Latha (3 months ago)
watch this: https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/india
Supriya Kanjilal (3 months ago)
Hey Rito, why do you make us fool?. i am astonished that, Anik is a great personality in entrepreneurship, but why did he not think about the free PDF copy , instead of losing 4$ for every book. I respect you for your great tips and lesson, but it is not expected from you... you make your business (that is not bod, when you act like a seller) and act like charity. if you have good wishes for your followers... you may provide the PDF version of the book. Can you explain the logic behind losing 4$ for every book?
Manish Paul (2 months ago)
If it's free, you won't value it as much as you'll if you pay. R u trying to become a genuine entrepreneur, change your mindset. I've read the book, it blew my mind, it'll blow yours too. And the answer to your question, is right there in the book. Good day.
money mind88nehit (2 months ago)
hey man do u have a Shopify store??
Anup Das (3 months ago)
If I buy this book from Amazon Kindle, will I still get your support @Rito
Yenoda Mobile (3 months ago)
Can anyone tell me gow how much does it take to shipping to India?
GIZMO GYAN (3 months ago)
blck square (3 months ago)
Rito my order is not processing for the free book
Mubarak Khan (3 months ago)
Inspiring... Thank you :)
Madhavi Logidi (3 months ago)
Sir u deserve more subscribers
Rohit Kasurde (3 months ago)
Hey Rito I'm not able to buy the book it keeps loading after entering the card info and clicking the COMPLETE ORDER button, tried using 2 debit cards still same issue.
SK Rahamathulla (3 months ago)
Its fabulous interview .so much energy and experience in it.. Thanks for bringing the legend in the Anik signal..the lurnation... Rito is always as superb.. Thank you
MJV Productions (3 months ago)
Thank You Rito and Anik...what you doing is tremendous Job...
Kushal Khanra (3 months ago)
Rito Oh how can I tell you! You have changed my life! I came across Shopify previous year! At that time when I realised that this will take a lot of money! I thought this is not for me! But After searching for ecom and all I realised the value of having a great mindset and then slowly changed my mindset! And now I have my own shopify store doing hundreds of dollars per month! And I am just sixteen! Thank you Ritoban!
Kushal Khanra (2 months ago)
+jack meHoff hey! 1. Find what's working. ( In fb) 2. Then make a better looking description page.( Use some of your own spices) 3. Start advertising on fb. $5 day, conversion ads, video ad, only do US targeting. And Create multiple adsets with different interest, see which is working after 2 days, and kill other ads and run which is bringing you profit. Just follow the footsteps of Ritoban sir
jack meHoff (2 months ago)
+Kushal Khanra how do you find out current winning products ? And how much money you started with ? Would be helpful if you reply.
Kushal Khanra (2 months ago)
Sophie Potrick It is easy process! You just need to follow the process of Ritoban! First setup a high converting store! 2. Find a already working product. 3. Make better product page than your competitors product page. 4. Run fb ads. Easy! But some factors still involve in this process! Like- your budget, your mindset if you lose, if you select everything properly. For most people the budget is low. If your is too then try making a profile in upwork or fiverr and work as VAs and anything you can do.
Kushal Khanra (2 months ago)
Yenoda Mobile Nobody told you to do shit!
Md. Shahid (3 months ago)
Rito sir are you Indian? Agar aap Indian Ho to sir please kuch Hindi me v video banaiye place sir
Abhinav Gupta (3 months ago)
Jio Bindas he is an Indian but south Indian I don't think he knows Hindi much but thoda thoda he speaks
Aryan Singhal (3 months ago)
best video, best 👌👌👌👌
Deba Debbarma (3 months ago)
Need Credit card ops
Sebastian Braganza (3 months ago)
Amazing rito You're really helping out people and motivating young guys to become a successful entrepreneur because in India people have the same mindset that is been literally taught from our childhood. So there is loss of vision and possibilities like we don't see anything out of box, Thank you for showing us possibilities and most important these will take Our country to another level. PEACE
J bro (3 months ago)
The end always brings a smile to my face :) let's all Win We should all be grateful to rito for doing this 🙌🏻
Deba Debbarma (3 months ago)
Hey to when I enter the page and after filling all my information and credit card is show buy lifetime access of the group at $197 show disappoint with it and I can't buy the book
dalli ramu (3 months ago)
hey nthing is free he makes money on backend
Kushal Khanra (3 months ago)
Find! Under that! It says No I don't wanna be a millionaire!
Deba Debbarma (3 months ago)
Where I can't its only show buy lifetime access and no,I don't want to be a millionaire
Bwhoopee Negi (3 months ago)
Deba Debbarma its called upselling, funnelling people. Upselling. U can buy the book, just see where to click to avoisd that. : )
surendra dixit (3 months ago)
Can I sale leggings in cosmetics niche? Sir pls reply
tarek kid (3 months ago)
surendra dixit Dixit leggings are belongs to the clothes category Fashion, Active ware , ect ... You can't relate it to cosmetics Just my oppinion you wasting your money in ads .
surendra dixit (3 months ago)
I have run ads (19hrs ago) but didn't get any sale?
جرادة بن عنتر (3 months ago)
surendra dixit dont expect a sale from first trial... ur mindset needs to be changed mate
surendra dixit (3 months ago)
Sir can you review my store cosmeticdude.com
جرادة بن عنتر (3 months ago)
surendra dixit discription is messy.. bold font must be only at first line. plus multiple variants are making the product page ugly, should be hidden.
J bro (3 months ago)
surendra dixit your store looks pretty good 👍🏻 you might have to change the pricing structure tho🤷🏻‍♂️ Btw what theme do you use 🤔
Launda Logy (3 months ago)
I want to know i can start shopify with android phone. because i don't have computer ! Please answer!
RIZKING (3 months ago)
I odered for this book.
Ajeet kumar (8 days ago)
RIZKING should i buy this book?
RIZKING (3 months ago)
Very Nice & Motivated
YS News (3 months ago)
Hi Rito bhai I want to join the deor group will you guide me there about dropshipping I need some help!?
Hema Latha (3 months ago)
Link to join DOer Group: http://joindoergroup.com
Michael Canete (3 months ago)
ritoooooooooooo the magician.....
Divyesh Chaudhari (3 months ago)
Any one can help me to Grow dropship biz
bablu bhai (2 months ago)
Hema Latha (3 months ago)
watch this webinar: https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/india
Over40Love (3 months ago)
Love your energy - both of you
lior yossefov (3 months ago)
Do u use curry to whiten your teeth?
casper sander (3 months ago)
Really? You feel proud of yourself after hurling racial slurs . You are the reason why shows like "what would you do? " Exist .

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