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Angular Directives - Build a Hold-to-Delete Button

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Learn how to use Angular Directives to build a hold-to-delete style button that removes a document from Firestore after holding down for 1 second. https://angularfirebase.com/lessons/hold-to-delete-button-angular-directive-with-firestore - Angular Directives https://angular.io/guide/attribute-directives
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Text Comments (34)
Jakub Navrátil (6 days ago)
I did not test it, but shouldn't you subscribe to cancel observable? Else tap operator won't work no? Or am I missing something?
Tomáš Poremba (5 days ago)
No, the takeUntil operator monitors the cancel observable.
Dharmaraj M (11 days ago)
Simple Superb :) Thank You
yushin kalambai (14 days ago)
its always a delight to watch you program, cause your tips are very helpful. if only i could afford your pro subscription.
Akash Debnath (16 days ago)
Which OS is this?
Writangshu mukherjee (17 days ago)
Hey! do you use one dark theme for vs code?
Test Test (17 days ago)
What theme are you using in vscode?
Chris Ruby (13 days ago)
I think he's using Atom One Dark, it's the closest one I've been able to find.
Markus Heinisch (17 days ago)
Great idea and fantastic video. Thank you. I think, the user needs a visual feedback so that he has to push the button until the action is triggered. Any suggestions?
Reaper Tech (17 days ago)
Hi Jeff, can you do a video on Ionic Stripe API -> https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/stripe/
Manish (17 days ago)
Thumbs up to the custom css console logs. TIL!
Mateja Petrović (18 days ago)
Using css in your console.logs is so cool! Here's a codepen if anyone wants to tinker with it https://codepen.io/mytee306/pen/RebLmJ
Khumo Mogorosi (18 days ago)
Hey. Which CSS framework are you using?
gunitakon (18 days ago)
Yesss, getting more Angular content. Thanks.
Rafael Urrea (18 days ago)
Awesome use case to show the potential of rx/js
_I am killer _ (18 days ago)
Skia (18 days ago)
Bro, are you planing on releasing some sort of an advanced paid course for an Angular web application in the near future?
Angular Firebase (17 days ago)
Yes, I'm working on a project called Fireship.io that will include a good deal of advanced angular content.
Carlos E Carrillo (18 days ago)
Awesome, I've moved to another country, so I have been a little off, but I'm ready to keep going, greetings.
Carlos E Carrillo (18 days ago)
From Venezuela to Perú, and I start to work in a company of software, design and web development, right now I'm in angular but I keep learning and making stuff on my free time =D
Angular Firebase (18 days ago)
Good to hear from you, where did you move?
Will Abule (18 days ago)
Great I've never thought of long pressing for delete I always use a confirmation dialog but no longer thanks Jeff. Please I need help with firestore cloud function I want to automatically update a field in a document base on a date field in that same doc or in extension a different doc in a same collection and even more a doc in a different collection. Please I need it 🙏
Angular Firebase (18 days ago)
I agree, popup dialogs are annoying. Can you send me more details on Slack?
Rolly Peres (18 days ago)
Way more elegant than the rough modal approach.
Jacob muiller (18 days ago)
Great idea, love it
Benson Mwaura (18 days ago)
Very intuitive. I can already see some potential with this for improving the user experience. Nicely done!
Angular Firebase (18 days ago)
Thank you Benson :)
Chadwick Blackford (18 days ago)
Jonathan Concepcion (18 days ago)
Hey can you make a video about angular elements example anguler elements then ng build then use it to any angular-cli projects. Let say you put the angular-element in github and use it in angular-cli project. Hope does makes sense :-)
Jonathan Concepcion (18 days ago)
Sounds good!!!
Angular Firebase (18 days ago)
Yes, I want to do more elements stuff, but will see more of that next year when Ivy is ready to reduce bundle sizes
Angular Firebase (18 days ago)
Going back to Angular + RxJS fundamentals to build a nice UI element for deleting important records. Let me know what you think in the comments :)
Junaid Hassan (18 days ago)
<3 can't thank you enough for your videos.
Chris Chappell (18 days ago)
you're handsome ,guy :D

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