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How to update a failed plugin, Wordpress Plugin will not update automatically

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http"//justusewordpress.com WordPress plug-ins fail from time to time and will not update automatically. How do you get the new plug-in information on to your server? If you're going through the dashboard of WordPress and the plug-in will not automatically update unfortunately you will have to go back to your Go Daddy account and login to the FTP server. FTP stands for file transfer protocol. Now without using an FTP client you can login to Go Daddy and use their FTP file manager this enables you to upload a zip file of your current plug-in version. Once the current plug-in is uploaded to your server you can go back into your WordPress dashboard and activate the plug-in. This makes it simple and easy to keep your plug-ins up-to-date.
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manoj pun magar (9 months ago)
thanks for demostration guys.(NEPAL) www.1dhur.com
mbrola (7 years ago)
Ta Hee! hahah "He must work out" and "Samsonite - I waas way off" are two of my favorites! Thanks for these vids - I figure the only way I can figure out a sit eis via wordpress and I need all the help I can get - please keep them coming!

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