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Add and Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone

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Quick video on how you can add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts on your iPhone. Here is more detail: http://www.igeeksblog.com/add-switch-between-multiple-instagram-accounts-on-iphone/
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Text Comments (183)
ashleymguzman (1 month ago)
what if you've reached the limit of accounts and want to switch one of the accounts saved for another
smalltownmoto 1 (1 month ago)
Same it takes me back to my original account 😠
Blessingzxx (2 months ago)
How do you delete it
Daniel Rivera (2 months ago)
I have 2 accounts with one email can I delete the first account only?
Baby Talk (2 months ago)
I don't get this. Why does nobody seem to talk any sense on this matter? As one would expect, it just tells me I've added the wrong username.
Super heroes (2 months ago)
I want to delete it
Khloe THICC (3 months ago)
How do I delete the other account
Daniel Montalvo (3 months ago)
Anybody help! I have two instagrams accounts. One personal and one Business. Both are linked to the SAME Facebook profile. How do I link each IG account to separate FB profiles? So they won’t share to the same FB website. Thank you!!
Obie DaGod (3 months ago)
Wtf is he saying?
Dorjee Gyalpo (3 months ago)
Waste of my times
Dorjee Gyalpo (3 months ago)
Fuck u
Joseph Xnet (4 months ago)
Doing sfs. @Jxseph9999
Shane (4 months ago)
That doesn't make sense. When we go to add account, you can only log in using your existing account. You cant add a second account because it doesn't exist. What id like to know is how to create a second account then add it. Thanks
Zealy (4 months ago)
how do i do it on a compuuter
Im Dying Inside (4 months ago)
If i delete my insta acc and made a new acc with the same gmail that i had with my old deleted acc would id be able to log into the new acc?? ((PLEASE ANSWER))
SUCC UwU (4 months ago)
Game Channel (5 months ago)
GymnastForever 21 (5 months ago)
But how do I remove them ?
Archana joshi ideas (5 months ago)
Really helpful .. Thanks for sharing...
ONXY (5 months ago)
Darcy Ball (5 months ago)
this is ssooooo helpful thank you bye
Nina Garrett (6 months ago)
How do you get rid of one of he accounts
Francine Conley (6 months ago)
How can I remove it though
Chirag Parjan (6 months ago)
Hey you made a good video but plz for humanity plz don't use that fake accent
crazy kupcake (6 months ago)
plzz help me i don't find my account i have an add account and after uninstal instagram I don't find
Angle Shubhangi (6 months ago)
How do I delete or hide one of my multiple accounts from that scroll down ? I donot want my bf to know that I had logged into his account and it’s showing there permanently
Therese Grady (7 months ago)
I have a iPhone 10 x and I’m still trying to find out how to switch accounts ?
TheSvartdemon (7 months ago)
Doesn't work !!!
Come unto Christ (7 months ago)
How tf do you take them off
maya lmao (7 months ago)
how do you delete them?
Eliza Fun (7 months ago)
Were do u make the accaunt
PhoenixIceable (7 months ago)
I have two instagram accounts, but with he same Email at first it was separate the way I wanted, but now it acts like the same accounts. Help Me.
Kim Machiiko (7 months ago)
Does it work for android?
Delainey Brooks (8 months ago)
that was a good video it helped me a lot
Annie Rajpar (8 months ago)
And how can I switch off add account??? Plz tell me
Leya Rang (9 months ago)
You could have just said app
I AM Barcelona (9 months ago)
does not work either for me :(
Cryptid Hunter (9 months ago)
Skip the giberish and got to 52:00
wose nig (9 months ago)
please report the account @ninimociqulashvili
Lily Sales (9 months ago)
how do u delete one
The Meme Dude (10 months ago)
"instaglam" 😂😂
Alexander Lee Mysliwiec (10 months ago)
lose the REVERB nerd
Olivia Carter (10 months ago)
very helpful
Sima (10 months ago)
How do you remove multiple accounts ? I tried to remove it but it doesn’t go
GoldenHawkVII (10 months ago)
How can I delete it?
Roger Sherman (11 months ago)
doesn't have ADD ACCOUNT in latest version under settings. ??
Steve C (11 months ago)
Another fucking shit video that don’t show u how u add the second account
Karolina Kjellberg (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for this simple tutorial!
Weird Potato (1 year ago)
I want to remove a second account how can I do that
Sam Morrison (1 year ago)
If I added a account to prank someone would they be able to find out its me ??
Fat Peni (1 year ago)
Nice vid
nothappy 432 (1 year ago)
Sinqobile Buthelezi (1 year ago)
Bitch this didnt help
Sinqobile Buthelezi (1 year ago)
I’m Sylvya (1 year ago)
It didn't even work
Doppe Angel (1 year ago)
How do you remove the added accounts, I searched it and they said you have to just log out but, I still can see it, I don't want to see it.
Nazia Bibi (1 year ago)
I NEED HELP - so i have personal account with all my friends. However I want to make a different account which will be open to everyone and will be a business account - I dont want everyone who follows me on my personal account to find this new account as I want to start it anonmously. However instagram seems to send people notifications saying please follow so and so they are on instagram. How can I stop this?! i want to do it anonmously but it doesnt seem to be possible.!!! I tried already different email new account new username but obviously can only download one app instagram with mutliple account function. But my friends started following me on this new account because it pops up still to them to follow me.
La Flame (1 year ago)
How can I log out from one of those accounts because my friend logged in from my phone and I don't want her account
pankaj jha (1 year ago)
Thanks, it works!
Sonali Jagtap (1 year ago)
Thank you so much your video helps me a lot once again thank you
Lil’_Orangeee_101 _ (1 year ago)
I_ Visuals (1 year ago)
It still says *shared account* on other profile after I logged out of the account Will that go away?
Milly Tauber (1 year ago)
Anya Deising same with me
Lukas Moore (1 year ago)
lilmack 10 (1 year ago)
Follow me on Instagram: lilmackz10
Blogsanjay (1 year ago)
so can i have a different facebook accounts for each instagram account?
Jack Russell (1 year ago)
Anchal Pareek (1 year ago)
my instagram account is save in my phone whan i fill my username then it open how to remove my ac
JaLa (1 year ago)
My only problem is that I can’t get rid of the account that I’ve had previously added
Logan (10 months ago)
U need to logout of that acount
BR GANG (11 months ago)
Same I need to delete them
Siam Abedin (1 year ago)
It says incorrect password and shit
Sara Bointy (1 year ago)
I doesn't work
PS (1 year ago)
Dude, did you add vocal effects to your voice? Best thing I've ever seen in an instructional video.
backnit (1 year ago)
I think I missed the part on how to add an account!!!
Fatima Al Zarouni (1 year ago)
I want to know how to delete an account from the switching list so please answer me, I am really annoyed and need help!!!!
dr. khushboo (3 months ago)
Same here plz help me too
cookie sisters (8 months ago)
OMG same
We Are The Newmans (10 months ago)
Fatima Al Zarouni did you figure it out ?
R. Urquico (1 year ago)
hi there. i was wondering how you changed the home menu on your iphone. I noticed it on your phone. Is that an APP on the iphone store?
Paige257 .DatCranny (1 year ago)
How do you delete an added account
shani zuckerman (1 year ago)
i need to delete my secondary instagram account. It is impossible. How can i do it. there is no delete option on the 2nd account, only my main instagram account. HELP
Can anyone tell me, if i change my password ,does it mean other devices dont have acces to my Instagram profile.My friends are also using my profile and that starts to annoy me.
_GAMER_4_LIFE _ (1 year ago)
Александар Кењић I'm pretty sure yeah if they close the app then try to log back on they would have to enter the new password
Spam iHate (1 year ago)
thank u very much👍👍👍
Melody Chen (1 year ago)
I use to be able to add accounts but now I camt
SebNat00n (1 year ago)
How u remove it now? ;-;
Dasavvy (1 year ago)
I made two accounts and I've been using them both. I logged out of my main account and couldn't get back in, I've been putting the CORRECT PASSWORD and I'm positive it is.. anyone else having this problem??
_GAMER_4_LIFE _ (1 year ago)
salty.fucker well are you still unable to get back in to your main?
Chris Skrocke (1 year ago)
Doesn't answer the question, how do you create the second account. Complete waste of time.
Baby Talk (2 months ago)
Thank you so much Savanna Tam. Why can't any of these video tutorials tell us this simple fact?
Savanna Tam (7 months ago)
You have to log out of your first account, make a new one, then sign in to any one of the accounts.
Chabizzel (1 year ago)
Very helpful
Glamorous Ashley (1 year ago)
how to log outof the other account if we've done remeber by mistake??
LordTaco 633 (1 year ago)
How to remove an account that u didn't add at all 😒 Because I can't remove the other accounts so once it's there u can't remove them without deleting them
jules diy (1 year ago)
Ashley Bolds (1 year ago)
How to unlink
Tyler R (1 year ago)
How do I remove the accounts though? I added a account and I wanna remove it
Allie Cat (1 year ago)
thanks for posting this!
Cam Jones (1 year ago)
How can I remove one of my multiple accounts
does not work for me it always takes me back to my first account
Mumzapzap 123 (1 year ago)
It says error accourrd
Starship Toons (1 year ago)
I try to add a third account and it keeps on saying "there are too many users on this device" BUT I ONLY HAVE 2 ACCOUNTS AND I WANT TO HAVE ONE MORE
oddis per (1 year ago)
everytime I go out of the instagram app, I have to log in again and add the other acc again
Shaad Mohammed (1 year ago)
how did u manage to get that stylish dock???
he110 (1 year ago)
how to unlink an account
Chelby Rangel (1 year ago)
he110 Log out of all accounts. Then you should see manage accounts when u log out. Tap it and the you should see an X by next to all the accounts. Then delete the ones you want.
Jess Valdez (1 year ago)
How do you delete the account?
nora arlee (10 months ago)
Chelby Rangel when you delete all the accounts you dont want .. will it log you back to the accounts you didnt delete automatically or do u have to log in by typing username and password ?
Chelby Rangel (1 year ago)
Noah Rangel lol yes maybe
IICloutSeer (1 year ago)
Chelby Rangel maybe in some way haha we could be like far relatives lol
Chelby Rangel (1 year ago)
Noah Rangel That's so cool lol what if we were related haha
IICloutSeer (1 year ago)
Chelby Rangel My last name is Rangel to lol
ThatRandom Guy (1 year ago)
thx that really helped
Mimi Roz (1 year ago)
Thank you so much this video helped me so much

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