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For more detailed questions, follow me on twitter @Ds_Sneaks! My DM's are always open! Use code "dssneaks" for 5% off your proxy order at www.proxystrike.com Server websites: https://www.vultr.com/pricing/ Get 10% off your AIO Bot using my referral link : http://www.aiobot.com?ap_id=devynstand If you have any questions about the bots that I use, please leave a comment in the comment section!
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Text Comments (124)
Andrew Sweet (6 months ago)
can you use different paypal accounts that are connected to the same debit card
Un Active (6 months ago)
i don’t understand is there a limit on how many tasks i should have or can i do like 100 at a time . or should i stick to 10 or so. does it depend on how many proxies ? if so how many tanks should i have we proxie on a website . sorry for all the questions
Supreme Chefs (8 months ago)
Do you have to use a proxy if you want to get more than 1 pair. What if I only want 1 pair??
Jacob Dahllöf (8 months ago)
Another question, is it possible to add different cards to the same bank account or does the system require different bank accounts aswell. Thanks again :)
Jacob Dahllöf (8 months ago)
I'm just starting to get into this, I have a few questions though. How many tasks are you running per credit card? How many proxies are you running per credit card? What's your opinion on AIO BOT's own servers? Is it possible to cop more than one item with a single task, or is multiple tasks the only way (Kith/Supreme)? And finally, in which instances does the location of the server matter? Oh, and I'd love to see copping guides for Supreme/Kith aswell! Thank you for everything you do, big fan of the channel! Keep up the good work :)
OvO_ Motto (8 months ago)
Yo what do you do if on AIo bot is says successful captcha solution then says error- forbidden? And also if u know adidas is Having a waiting room can’t you set up all your tasks as adidas 2?
Richi (8 months ago)
Thanks to DS sneaks for helping me cop on yeezy supply, I did it manual but if he didn’t mention that they might not do a password page I’d of never thought to leave my auto refresh on!!
Richi (8 months ago)
Managed to cop early thanks so much man!
THEBOSS34282 (8 months ago)
Hey guys I just have some quick questions if you don't mind. Do you need proxies for aio bot or you can still cop without proxies? Even if I have to buy proxies most of them are sold out so what do I do? Is it possible to run multiple tasks but only cop one pair of shoes? Because I want one pair and I also want to run multiple tasks so I can increase my chance. Thanks
GrittyPhi (8 months ago)
ADIDAS X PHARRELL WILLIAMS HU NMD 'HOLI POWDER DYE' ...... Video on these? Lol Appreciate your videos i've learned a lot about aiobot. Thanks!
Nate Eintracht (8 months ago)
What bot do you recommend to get limited nike shoes?
Hamza Vids (8 months ago)
Pascal Le (8 months ago)
was this the dude who cried on CMD's stream lol
bupa buckle (8 months ago)
did splashforce cook?
Dave Rinehart (8 months ago)
When do you make your tasks live?
Dayzj (8 months ago)
I'm from the live stream u looked so baked rn😂😂😂
StoneHeartz (8 months ago)
Is there gonna be international shipping? Live in UK
mario lorenzo (8 months ago)
bruh do i need vps if im buying from other country
mario lorenzo (8 months ago)
Cool Man (8 months ago)
What’s the discord
noideawhatimdoin (8 months ago)
yo i heard u got kicked out of shoeplex lol
Nurmin (8 months ago)
When I open the browser from the added cart it say ip cannot be found
Nurmin (8 months ago)
Can I use the same proxies on both adidas and yeezysupply
nugget (8 months ago)
if i dont have any proxies or anything, would I just run a single task or multiple tasks at the same time?
wwwwwwww091 (8 months ago)
honestly if you have no proxies you shouldnt be running any tasks but you could run a single one if you really wanted to
Noah McCray (8 months ago)
DS! Btw, you're an awesome dude thanks so much for all the AIO help. Quick question and hoping you can respond before the drop tomorrow but, do I need different payment method for every tab I have? I just got 25 proxies from ProxyStrike and was wondering if I can keep the same billing for all 25. Thanks so much man!
Kyle Webster (8 months ago)
Did your AIO bot work with the proxies from ProxyStrike
Zach Supreme (8 months ago)
Noah McCray Yes, keep same billing but enable the check out once per site option. Also stop all task if you see the bot saying it got checked out. Now if you want more than one pair of yeezy, assign different billing
spazvapes (8 months ago)
Bro i heard you got kicked from shoeplex. what the heck happened?
wwwwwwww091 (8 months ago)
they were saying he was stealing there info and stuff like that
Kole Raz (8 months ago)
If I want to cop 3 pairs how many proxies do I use? Anyone
Chef Adel (8 months ago)
great channel
David Paniagua (8 months ago)
What is a password page?
Patrick Morin (8 months ago)
is this release US shipping only ?
Kenneth Smith (8 months ago)
Hi, if you use mastercard, how do you auto checkout if it requires the mastercard secure code?
jzdude56 (8 months ago)
Do you use checkout delay? And what does a page monitor do?
An Tran (8 months ago)
Thanks for the tutorial. Quick question, do we need to change the delay checkout time during the "Add New Billing Info" process? Thank you.
Nate Eintracht (8 months ago)
I put my proxies in AIOBOT and I tried to get some adidas shoes to test them out and I kept getting errors. I put my proxies in ip:port:username:password format but AIOBOT wouldn't work. What do I do?
Nate Eintracht (8 months ago)
I tested them with my browser, they work 100% perfectly. I don't understand why they don't work with the AIOBOT. I tried to use both HTTPS and SOCKS protocol but they don't work.
Spriggan (8 months ago)
AYY AYYAYYAYYY test on a different site bro. Your proxies may have got banned testing on adidas.
ZeroCrisis (8 months ago)
Do all my credit cards need to have different shipping addresses?
ZeroCrisis (8 months ago)
Deckrocker 34 Thank you so much!
Kenneth Smith (8 months ago)
ZeroCrisis you can have the same one, just make sure you change slightly for the address. E.g card 1: St 123 example road. Card 2: Example road 123 St
victor lopez (8 months ago)
how many task can i run with no proxies?
DsSneaks (8 months ago)
UPDATE: Put the keywords in this format, "Wave,runner,700". They used the use the "&" format back in the day. Guess they're changing things up!
silvercelica19 (23 days ago)
Do you still use & or “ and ,
Jean Rodriguez (8 months ago)
would you know if this new keyword format applies to future releases?
Jose Domingo (8 months ago)
DsSneaks so when???
Jose Domingo (8 months ago)
DsSneaks so when do we start the task??
DsSneaks (8 months ago)
No it's not.
Zigeng Z (8 months ago)
Do this for Pharrell’s holi on splash force
Peter Tang (8 months ago)
will adidas or YS ban vultr user?
jzdude56 (8 months ago)
Peter Tang I use vultr, is there a reason it would be banned?
Sergio R (8 months ago)
For privacy.com I can choose what ever billing and shipping address right?
Salman Javed (8 months ago)
ollie (8 months ago)
Hey man what computer are you using? I need to buy one that can handle the bots, and i see that you use ur computer for more than one bot.
SirBabe (8 months ago)
According to aio help desk your keyword should be like this wave,runner,700 not wave&runner&700
Kevin Lee (8 months ago)
Do you choose the "shopify" option for captcha solving?
Mrvazquez636 (8 months ago)
What websites can I use the same card for multiple orders? And same adress
Kenneth Smith (8 months ago)
Mrvazquez636 unless u have proxies, if not almost all the websites ban you from buying more than a pair using the same card.
AR R (8 months ago)
DsSneaks my AIO bot doesn’t have YS under the captcha solver menu...Should it?
DsSneaks (8 months ago)
It does. You have to click on shopify for captcha. Then top left you open browser for shopify and find yeezysupply at the bottom.
Quan Nguyen (8 months ago)
Can you use different credit cards with the same name, billing and shipping address?
AyanIftikhar Gaming (8 months ago)
What time do they release on yeezysupply
Kenneth Smith (8 months ago)
I just saw an article saying it releases the same time as adidas
AyanIftikhar Gaming (8 months ago)
Oh okay thanks
AR R (8 months ago)
AyanIftikhar Gaming RANDOM!
Randy Orellana (8 months ago)
for the bot is it better to checkout manually or autocheckout ?? im asking cause last time for the ice blue yeezys i carted about 8 pairs and i solved so many captchas and nothing would checkout.
Jonathan Savidge (8 months ago)
Do I need multiple addresses or payment methods if I want to cop multiple pairs?
Jotho (8 months ago)
Jonathan Savidge you need multiple cards, addresses don't matter
Prpl (8 months ago)
Taskbot vids?😬
Tony Yu (8 months ago)
how many tasks should we do for this drop? what about the Adidas website?
Lukas Adam (8 months ago)
Tony Yu 哥们这机器人从哪下载啊 还是要买
Eli Hackman’b (8 months ago)
It’s on Yeezy supply you should do like 50 tasks
Thomas Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Dumb question, but when do I know when to start solving Captcha. I’m using AIO Bot. Please and thank you
Anthony Tosta (8 months ago)
Do I need a proxy and server if I only add one task
Prpl (8 months ago)
Anthony Tosta no
bigdaddydill (8 months ago)
Can you do this for Dashe?!?!?!?
The Chosen one (8 months ago)
Does a credit card and your PayPal count as the same card if I was to try to get two pairs?
Diman Ngin (8 months ago)
YS doesn't take Paypal.
Prpl (8 months ago)
The Chosen one no
Josh (8 months ago)
Do this for dashe on yeezysupply bro
Josh (8 months ago)
Patrick James when do i run the tasks tho
Patrick James (8 months ago)
Josh +wave,+runner,+700,-f&f use your profile lol simple
bigdaddydill (8 months ago)
Wu Richard (8 months ago)
What's your twitter
Marjie Louis (8 months ago)
Will you tweet out when to start the tasks ?
William Chen (8 months ago)
Do I start the task for yzy supply when the password page is up? Or start the task when is live, u know when the site is open and u add the shoe to cart and check out.
Unknown User (8 months ago)
i made the mistake of getting aio x, i can’t find any tutorials on yt. either i’m not using it right or it sucks😂😂
Murshed Alam (8 months ago)
How many profiles did you make and what did you try to cop
Unknown User (8 months ago)
Murshed Alam it’s super easy to use and they have a tutorial, ive only tried once but i didn’t cop, it’s probably not worth it, but i’ll try again, maybe i did it wrong, i think i didn’t open enough tasks.
Murshed Alam (8 months ago)
Unknown User Ive for questions about aio x, is it hard to use, how long have you had it for, copped anything with it, basically is it even worth it
Easton Harding (8 months ago)
I was wondering if all i wanted to do was get 1-3 pairs, would i need any proxies?
Easton Harding (8 months ago)
is it impossible to get 1 pair without using proxies?
Nathan (8 months ago)
Easton Harding you have to go to their twitter, every1 in the sneaker/bot thing has a Twitter, follow them on twitter and dm them
Easton Harding (8 months ago)
is it impossible to get the shoes without proxies? and when i go to boostedproxies it pops up asking for a password
Prpl (8 months ago)
You would need a lot of proxies
Nathan (8 months ago)
Easton Harding for yeezysupply proxies like @soleproxy, @brazykicks, and @proxystrike r good.. For adidas @boostedproxies r good
mrtlex better read this (8 months ago)
spash tutorial please
Nathan (8 months ago)
Is there going to be a video on how to get it on adidas.com?
Nguyen Thong (8 months ago)
thanks bro
conradconradcon (8 months ago)
What do us UK shoppers do? This is my first drop so sorry if it sounds newbie. Also if we can cop on Yeezy supply do we go by UK size or american? Thanks in advance.
DsSneaks (8 months ago)
Uk is screwed. It's USA only. Unless you have a reshipper.
Gio Lissa (8 months ago)
Do we start our tasks as soon as the password page is up or do we start it 15-20 minutes after the password page is up
Suddle D (8 months ago)
Well that might get your proxies banned if you go too soon.
Nathan (8 months ago)
DsSneaks what if it goes live before 15-20min
Gio Lissa (8 months ago)
The goal is to start tasks before the site loads stock right?
DsSneaks (8 months ago)
No, the site will load stock about 15-20 after the password page goes live. so start like 5-10 minute after it goes live.
Snifferprime (8 months ago)
Gio Lissa as soon as the page goes up. 15-20 after would mean starting it after the shoe is relased
Antoine Zoghbi (8 months ago)
How about captcha solver ? Do we need to use it for YS ?
Suddle D (8 months ago)
Most likely, or use the Captcha API
DsSneaks (8 months ago)
Alex Almanzar (8 months ago)

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