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No Role Modelz - J.Cole (Lyrics in Description)

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No Role Modelz - J.Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive *I do not own this music. LYRICS BELOW-ngton First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil For real, you the only father that I ever knew I get my bitch pregnant I'ma be a better you Prophesies that I made way back in the Ville For Phil, Listen even back when we was broke my team ill Martin Luther King would have been on Dreamville Talk to a nigga One time for my LA sisters One time for my LA hoes Lame niggas can't tell the difference One time for a nigga who knows Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved No role models and I'm here right now No role models to speak of Searchin' through my memory, my memory I couldn't find one Last night I was gettin' my feet rubbed By the baddest bitch, not Trina, but I swear to God This bitch will make you call your girl up and tell her "Hey, what's good?" "Sorry I'm never comin' home I'ma stay for good" Then hang the phone up, and proceed to lay the wood I came fast like 9-1-1 in white neighborhoods Ain't got no shame bout it She think I'm spoiled and I'm rich cause I can have any bitch I got defensive and said "Nah, I was the same without it" But then I thought back, back to a better me Before I was a B-list celebrity Before I started callin' bitches bitches so heavily Back when you could get a platinum plaque without no melody You wasn't sweatin' me Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved I want a real love, dark skinned and Aunt Viv love That Jada and that Will love That leave a toothbrush at your crib love And you ain't gotta wonder whether that's your kid love Nigga I don't want no bitch from reality shows Out of touch with reality hoes Out in Hollywood bringin' back 5 or 6 hoes Fuck em' then we kick em' to the door Nigga you know how it go She deserved that, she a bird, it's a bird trap You think if I didn't rap she would flirt back Takin' off her skirt, let her wear my shirt before she leave I'ma need my shirt back Nigga you know how it go Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas - probably in Tennessee that says fool me once, shame on - shame on you. If you fool me we can't get fooled again Fool me one time shame on you Fool me twice, can't put the blame on you Fool me three times, fuck the peace signs Load the chopper, let it rain on you [x2] My only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet My only regret was too young for Nia Long Now all I'm left with is hoes from reality shows Hand her a script the bitch probably couldn't read along My only regret was too young for Sade Adu My only regret could never take Aaliyah home Now all I'm left with is hoes up in Greystone With the stale face cause they know it's they song She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow) She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow) She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow) She shallow but the pussy deep (she shallow, she shallow) Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved Don't save her She don't wanna be saved
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Text Comments (6619)
The Nerd (59 minutes ago)
I'm listening to this on the first day of school starting my junior year!
PIXEL Namebrand (11 hours ago)
Around 2:35 stuff get real
Neoand12 (16 hours ago)
Cityboyz Rise to this song 2019
Jw Stay Lit (17 hours ago)
2019 still get lit to this who else
Eric Badder (1 day ago)
iTryXnoah (1 day ago)
Bumping this in June
Chris Duke (1 day ago)
TN here
zac raines (1 day ago)
This song is iconic
TheGoldenPick (2 days ago)
This is one of those songs you hsted as a kid but now you love it 😂😂😂
` ALYASSI (2 days ago)
Rip James Avery🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
K1asH3r (2 days ago)
don't save her she don't wanna be saved
MDX (2 days ago)
This beat hit hard.
Starrez Shepherd (3 days ago)
Bush part was the best part 😁😁😁 am i lying i live by da saying now days
Zayra Tapia (3 days ago)
Brings back memories I love this song 🔥🙏🔥
Free Palastine (3 days ago)
Listen To me! The Zionist joo rats of Hollywood and Music Industry killed NH because he didn't play ball and record through them! I wish dumb people would wake up and see the Truth! Zionism is Pure Satanism! Americans have been so brainwashed & propegandized by the Warmongering Zionist Jews & their full control of Media & Social Media that they are unable to grasp reality how they’re being led to the slaughter. America has become bankrupt to its fiscal & moral core. Zionist Jews have successfully maneuvered America into a dead end, it is a nation divided & will remain divided because Zionist control us & they want us to fall. America is ruined, it has fallen to Jewish predation & she shall be deposed when the Jews finished using it. Trump will not challenge the false Zionist inspired narrative, Trump will not re-investigate 911, Trump will not prosecute the Jew criminals that pulled 911. Trump will not stop the wars, nor will he balance the budget or restore our liberty. The truth is that Donald Trump is a baby killer, a mass murderer, a warmonger, a egomaniacal narcissistic killer, a Israel’s first Zionist stooge. Americans have no idea how badly they have been screwed by Israel.
Illi from Gaia (4 days ago)
f**k this shit
lirunda Gathers (4 days ago)
Ice Mike (4 days ago)
"She shallow but the pussy deep" I feel that frfr.🔥🔥🔥💥🙌
TritonLord77 (4 days ago)
Theres an old saying in Tennessee...
Really Real (4 days ago)
Ricardo Luis Paez (5 days ago)
still popinn
Lee Murphy (5 days ago)
Always King Cole 🐐
Rovi (5 days ago)
*Can we appreciate the skill it took to write this.* It's mad.
Virgo Ent (5 days ago)
thats sad how all the respectful comments are getting tooken over by dummies sayin 2019 nobody dont give a fuck..
Walter medeiros (5 days ago)
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adoro
NrCrunch (6 days ago)
2019 be like more relevant than ever before
EricisAzn (7 days ago)
This song just make me thinks about the dad I never knew, and how my mom used to work seven days a week for 3 kids, I really neva had no role modelz. I guess that’s why I like jcole so much he’s like the dad I never had.
Morgan Connolly (7 days ago)
2019!!! still fire
Rambo Tambo (7 days ago)
2019 and these hoes still don’t wanna be saved....
Mohammed Jerry (7 days ago)
Sbbity mibbity
Jack Light (7 days ago)
Parker Reis (8 days ago)
Someone wanna tell me why this god adds, has this still not been claimed by the label?! How in 2019?!😂😂
HauntedLoner (8 days ago)
July 2019 anyone still fucking with this shit?
Lidor Askayo (8 days ago)
FiberHive (8 days ago)
Stop sleeping on a real one
Russ Hampton (10 days ago)
Rest in peace to the great ones we lost in our life time, growing up to present I've lost dozens of friends a side from family alot I grew up from grade school streets got them or prison what I'm saying u can only lead the horse to the water but cant make them drink it, etc for relationships,
NoA Neill (10 days ago)
Why is it a big thing to "still be bumping this in 2019"?? Of COURSE we're all sill bumping this in 2019, same way as we'll be bumping it in 3030... Good shit is good shit. I'm still bumping Thelonious Monk since the 60's... Still bumping Doggystyle since '93... Still bumping Big L since '96... Still bumping Madvillian since '02... Still bumping Action Bronson and ASAP since the early 10's... Fuck ya'lls comment if that's all yiz care about... And fuck my comment too. cunts. BUMP IT ALL YIZ BUMPERS! nyah
John Cronk (11 days ago)
I'm responsible for about 500k of these views
Polka dot, donkerblauw +wit /geel+zwart, YG, NY font, NY pix
Abdalla Jbara (11 days ago)
"she shallow, but the pussy deep" -J. Cole
JohnthaGod18 SDA (11 days ago)
July 5?? Who still bumpin this on the ride to the store
ixiKoala (12 days ago)
Here 4th of July Yessss
Kobe Bryant (12 days ago)
Bro it’s 2019😂🥵
Hey You (12 days ago)
She don't wanna be shaved, don't shave her
Weeping (12 days ago)
J&J Vlogs (12 days ago)
good song!!
bucket king (12 days ago)
This song fire
zh0sè E (12 days ago)
Lotus Investments (12 days ago)
First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil.... For Real
Reuben Mofokeng (12 days ago)
5 years later still a bang.... GOAT
GOLDENCITY GANG (13 days ago)
Juveline hall song while taking a 5 min shower
Alissia Juravlev (13 days ago)
Ok but why does the intro sound like the angry birds theme song?
Bingbong Maniquis (13 days ago)
Bingbong Maniquis (13 days ago)
Ariel Perez (13 days ago)
its the 4th and this be the jam
Max ACHI (13 days ago)
Not sure but, in my opinion, the lyrics at the beginning of the song are "prophecies that I made way back in the ville, fulfilled" Anyway thx for sharing.
Yusuf Abdur-rahman (13 days ago)
I got a new song called like a doctor ‼️⚠️‼️🔥🤯💯
MC B (9 days ago)
This stuff still good in 2019
Maria Maria (15 days ago)
Summer 2019 , still on !! ❤️
Jul 2019?
Padraic Hagan (15 days ago)
Still bumping July 19
Ashkan Sniper (15 days ago)
Ricardo Navarrete (15 days ago)
Still playing j.cole to the death 👌🏻
KenGever Tabor (15 days ago)
Its July, who still poppin?💯🖖🏻
Zayra Tapia (3 days ago)
Yeeeee boi
BezoS (11 days ago)
This song is immortal
Lewis Orange (11 days ago)
KenGever Tabor can’t beat j coke
Muffin Man (11 days ago)
It's Kal (13 days ago)
Fuckin right, big up jcole
Marissa Varela (16 days ago)
Love this sonh
Bones (16 days ago)
People please stop giving out dates it's lame
Daryl Mcalister (16 days ago)
kevin shortt (16 days ago)
Me in traffic ....first things first!
itsQuentin (16 days ago)
July 1st, 2019 bumping it like its new 😎💯🔥
Peachymorgie (14 days ago)
me too
Logan Cooke (14 days ago)
itsQuentin Canada day Fam
Melorm Melorm.m (16 days ago)
2019 still, anyone??
shahana khan (16 days ago)
Still loves this song! i listens to this song everyday.
Sup reme (16 days ago)
2019 cole still fire🔥🔥🔥
Cronikz (16 days ago)
just found this song again and its still as good as it was before
Nikko Aris McCarroll (17 days ago)
Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved
OjoDDios Costa Oeste (17 days ago)
¿Alguien que hable español? :v
MurderMan OTP (17 days ago)
bruh i thought this song came out 2019
Michael Carver (18 days ago)
Gomez Iverson (18 days ago)
Legende j.cole
pranay reddy (18 days ago)
Still ppl didn't found this, shame on you.
Celeste Snyder (18 days ago)
June 2019 anyone still fire ASF 🔥🔥🔥
eddieboy (15 days ago)
Nice videos
Reice (16 days ago)
july 2019
Jhoan Mejia (18 days ago)
I would like to see j cole and Eminem making a song together
David Yang (17 days ago)
nah i dont want to see it to be underrated
Amit Joshi (19 days ago)
Role models are disappearing RIP Nipsey Stan Lee Tupac Martin Luther King Jr Biggie Stephen Hawkings Iron man
Jordan B (1 hour ago)
@tino He is a role model dummy
tino (7 hours ago)
Stan Lee? Wtf
Lil Bannock (1 day ago)
Young king david 🙏 Hes smoking big ole doinks up there
Paul Laney (3 days ago)
Its systematic! Shit crazy
Findley NJ (4 days ago)
Celeste Snyder that nigga ain’t no role model
S O F I A S (19 days ago)
If y'all just started to listen to j.cole tf where y'all doing back then
Harryharjaphayer Hayer (19 days ago)
2019 ???
David Gusciara (19 days ago)
She dont wanna be saved dont save her aka fuk dat bytch
Jasno Limit (19 days ago)
How th this video got 48 more million than the real one
Can u imagine a lil bill parody ya know "First things first rest in peace lil bill, u tha realest kid i ever knew, i get my bitch pregnant ima have a lil u" ya know...eh maybe one day
Eli Conrad (20 days ago)
The hope that we can be better then the best and that beat tho
anry (20 days ago)
2019 june ?
NigelTheWeirD_o (21 days ago)
Ohhh hang the phone up and proceed to lay the woodddd
Bubble Falcon (21 days ago)
R.I.P uncle Phil
lil nick (22 days ago)
I never knew my favrate rapper j.cole sang this song
Ismael Diaz (22 days ago)
Some of the lyrics were wrong
Tommy B (22 days ago)
Best song ever.
The King Over (22 days ago)
post-exams song, lmao
RioT_Firecat (22 days ago)
Never gets old
b jr (22 days ago)
i liked this j cole better
Reckless (23 days ago)
Legend says she still doesn't want to be saved...
Kale Wall (23 days ago)
Sorry I slept for so long 😴
Cayden313 OG (23 days ago)
so much has changed since this came out everyone I grew up with made a jump from a kid to an adult and I can't stop thinking about all the fun we used to have

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