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Text Comments (19508)
Vinícius Jotha (14 hours ago)
hi 5minit caft
retisha maniram (16 hours ago)
Rail cool brow
2 0 1 9 ????
Bristy Barhoi (1 day ago)
Carlos Eduardo (1 day ago)
Quem viu o Bruno recriando esses truques deixa o like!🇧🇷🇧🇷
Julia Malovich (1 day ago)
Julia Malovich (1 day ago)
no hi to you
Julia Malovich (1 day ago)
hi to you to
Sumpil Ali (1 day ago)
كلش حلوة مين تعلمتوة
zhana chan (1 day ago)
F. R. R. R. R. Rrr ccccr. R. R frrcrr. Rr. For free r
soi sáng (1 day ago)
58k sud wom wom
bansn bansn (1 day ago)
Verena Maduswara (1 day ago)
Jammer4x5ay98 (2 days ago)
4:32 That’s soooo fake >:(
ила найс (2 days ago)
Руские вы где
Twisted22 (2 days ago)
Who just watching cuz it’s satisfying?? No? Just me...k
Ben 123 (2 days ago)
Life with Liyah (2 days ago)
Mommmm tell Sarah to stop using all the toothpaste for her stress
Nadia Nadialagoss (2 days ago)
ΛŦ༒ кเllэя (2 days ago)
raposa lendária (2 days ago)
fuda-se 😡
Tt cool girl (3 days ago)
Who already finished stranger things 3
JulJoeMark (3 days ago)
Wow, I can’t believe people actually watch this trash
life with arianna (1 day ago)
Like you
فستق عبيد (3 days ago)
Sanjida Jhorna (3 days ago)
Dilara Khan (4 days ago)
Cilene Jujú (4 days ago)
Who love
AJIT KAWLE (4 days ago)
very cool and experience
Kitty Pie (4 days ago)
Me: mommy I want toothpaste. Mom: why child want to brush your teeth thrice in a day???😊😊😊 Me: want to make a slimy balloon . Mommy: I will slap you 👿👿👿 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Kitty Pie (2 days ago)
@Jeremy OZ even I am one of your subscribers. I just subcribed your channel and waiting for content. Good luck😉
Kitty Pie (2 days ago)
@Jeremy OZ it is even verified by Oxford English dictionary.😄
Kitty Pie (2 days ago)
Yes, thrice is the past participle of once...so we call it once, twice and thrice.😅
Areesha Editz (3 days ago)
@Jeremy OZ yeah, past participal of once Once, Twice & Thrice
Jeremy OZ (3 days ago)
Kitty Pie wait is thrice a word?
jage237 (4 days ago)
Why this musick??
Minabo Lawson (4 days ago)
Hey have you ever watched without trying
Avicii R.I.P (11 hours ago)
I always watch without trying 😂🤣
song world (4 days ago)
xX_Its Rose_xX (5 days ago)
xX_Its Rose_xX (5 days ago)
arun suthar (5 days ago)
Origami https://youtu.be/iRc5Ooy0au0
mxa kumar (5 days ago)
Andrew Hooveman (6 days ago)
I don’t know what would be more embarrassing, admitting you filled a balloon with toothpaste or going on stage to sing and you don’t know the lyrics
julia leão 2 (6 days ago)
(I KNOW THAT EVERYONE WILL IGNORE) !!!! So I'm 12 years old, and I've had my channel for 2 years, but I've still had 400 subscribers. I wanted a lot of help from you to help me grow. To share my channel would help me a lot. If you can help me, I'll help. thank you very much 😓☺😍.
Aditi Lodhi (6 days ago)
What's wrong with 52M people?
102 b dislike whattttt????
Al9aha Alkaabi (6 days ago)
I love u
ClutchAMas3 (5 days ago)
Al9aha Alkaabi *slams door*
Renea C (6 days ago)
Wow most viewed video on youtube
sweety trendzzz (7 days ago)
Who r all watching this every morning time?
Minabo Lawson (4 days ago)
sweety trendzzz you don’t know how to speak good English
Jessica R (7 days ago)
I hate the music
Kate Vlogerr Show (7 days ago)
Dont like this comm. Liked?? That sly one😂😂😂👌🏻
Mother L2 (6 days ago)
Margarita Eghoyan (7 days ago)
I laik
陳霈湄 (7 days ago)
Paulo Nick (7 days ago)
The world is lost-o mundo tá perdido
Sama Ahmed (7 days ago)
1:29 that looks like blood🔪💀
Withered Bonnie (6 days ago)
They probably killed People for this video
Julmin Ahadjar (8 days ago)
Thiago Higa (8 days ago)
Esse canal só faz tutorial bunda
Thiago Higa (8 days ago)
Que Merda esse canal
Who watch on 2019
Nospy TM (2 hours ago)
@MidnightYT finally a non braindead person
MidnightYT (15 hours ago)
Reality: I don’t care. Expectation: Me
shama ramzan (15 hours ago)
Enza Incognito (1 day ago)
@Basma elfhi 0 t e 3 fu
Basma elfhi (5 days ago)
Riham and Rahaf (9 days ago)
حلو تم ردهااا
Galaxy Plays (9 days ago)
2:07. That smile is bigger than my self esteem.
KNOAndrew (9 days ago)
This is the definition of a content farm , there's no reason for any of these 'life hack's' leave youtube
الي عربي لايك
Hanneke Van Elven (9 days ago)
Mina Bi (9 days ago)
لي عربي يحط لاااااايك
Rakhi Gola (9 days ago)
2:25 Minute pe ballon futaa nahi kya
Henry’s Toys PH (9 days ago)
I make candies and chocolate videos, hope you can visit.
Cheesy Lasagna (10 days ago)
Stinky testie :(
Cheesy Lasagna (10 days ago)
Testie yum
Cheesy Lasagna (10 days ago)
Cheesy Lasagna (10 days ago)
Bee Sidwell (10 days ago)
Who watches but never tries
Kawaii Potato (10 days ago)
Okay I’ll go with the stress ball until it pops
Heather Westenskow (10 days ago)
-_- how is this channel called 5 MINUTE crafts?!
Heather Westenskow (10 days ago)
uuuuugggghhh i hade a MEGA cringe
Arya Akbar (10 days ago)
I just wasting my time with this video
Spongebob Mania1 (10 days ago)
Who likes 5 crafts
Noah O Rourke (7 days ago)
Spongebob Mania1 no wonder u didn’t get any likes
SR 《GATO》 (10 days ago)
I 🇧🇷
גלית זאוי (10 days ago)
good video
Nelinka Chalupná (10 days ago)
I am Czech but I will something in english : good video
Nelinka Chalupná (10 days ago)
Rakhi Gola (11 days ago)
Hemantoes (11 days ago)
Do Fortnite hacks
Liliana Victoria (11 days ago)
Ok the first hack though was umm well, LOOKED SO WRONG
ClutchAMas3 (5 days ago)
90 Less (7 days ago)
Liliana Victoria you just have a dirty mind probably 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
Kids Nachman (11 days ago)
9:25 0 second crafts just use you hands!
Julia Martin (11 days ago)
Ibnu Sabil (11 days ago)
What's new see video hosting by blogger
Kwt 123 Kwt 123 (11 days ago)
Watches but did not do it
Kwt 123 Kwt 123 (11 days ago)
Happy ac (11 days ago)
I like it
Aashis Dhanuke (12 days ago)
I have already seen video for 120 times but I m sure I m not gonna try any of them. Do you guys try it if not make it blue
Heather Westenskow (10 days ago)
never try
shalu sharma (12 days ago)
1:55 amazing
Quyên Đinh (12 days ago)
IQ 101010011001001
Sk_awesome 23 (12 days ago)
Why Use plastic staws you are hurting the turtles 🐢
Galaxy Plays (9 days ago)
Grapez Fuel (10 days ago)
Sk_awesome 23 they’re legit using one, which they will throw away in a bin and not litter.
Abdulkader M Saeed (12 days ago)
انا ريتاج
Patryk Fron (12 days ago)
Wow perfect 😮
Sri Kanah (13 days ago)
Jancok kok 😂
Christine Wooldridge (13 days ago)
V C Look
Lauren McDermott (13 days ago)
Not a hate comment
Lauren McDermott (13 days ago)
For the beginning you should have different music
Creativity Dudes (5 days ago)
Any problem
Baidan George Valentin (13 days ago)
- 1:30
Jocelyn Gutierrez (13 days ago)
Dista Elmara (14 days ago)
Hank A (14 days ago)
This is how much toothpaste they used for this video
Hank A Dumb
XCyberLifeX1 _ (14 days ago)
*when it’s more than 16*

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