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OBS Studio Tutorial 2018 (Make Your Streams Look Pro)

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In this OBS studio tutorial for 2018, I show how to make your live streams look pro. I show how to add graphics in OBS, set up scenes and more to make your live streams stand out from the crowd. Subscribe now for more free YouTube tips: https://goo.gl/c57Xfh Share this video with a YouTuber friend: https://youtu.be/j2HzbY8E4yQ 🔴 If you enjoyed this video help others enjoy it by adding captions in your native language - https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=j2HzbY8E4yQ Watch my most recent upload: https://goo.gl/t9SQhi If you haven't yet, make sure to check out my community tab here on YouTube and sign up for notifications: https://www.youtube.com/user/NickNimmin/community ✅ Get video graphics and a lot of other things you can use in your videos at http://www.tubertools.com/members/ 🔴 This tool helped me gain over 100k subscribers in a year!!! - https://www.tubebuddy.com/nimmin 📷 Find the stream deck here along with my other equipment: https://www.amazon.com/shop/nicknimmin ✅ Get the transparent chat code here: http://tubertools.com/obs-studio-tutorial-2018-make-your-streams-look-awesome/ ✅ Subscribe to my new YouTube channel for creators opening soon - https://youtu.be/m1bUH4PhBCQ 🔴 Help me help other creators by joining the community on Patreon - https://patreon.com/nicknimmin ✅ Fast track your journey to 5,000 subscribers - http://amzn.to/2rw5gOq 🔴 The TubeBuddy channel: youtube.com/tubebuddy 🔴 Listen to Tube Talk, it's a podcast I host on YouTube: http://www.nicknimmin.com/go/tubetalk/ 🔴 Do you use video for business? If so, join Owen Video and me on our weekly podcast or download it on iTunes: https://goo.gl/KotP56 🔴 Learn How to Make YouTube Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQmQ3MjOmwI&list=PLsDhsOkbwsC6Ibko8cAaEz2tq3xVJ1-uD 🔴 How to Do YouTube on Your Phone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpexLu6yO74&list=PLsDhsOkbwsC6hnqGlvy-mjlrGoyQz0Rry 🔴 My Top Videos For New YouTubers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHC6YGvxVWk&list=PLsDhsOkbwsC6wix-Z4giWo7cAnTIg94Zp ✅ Join my VIP club - It's a weekly newsletter sharing YouTube tips, video industry news, freebies and more! http://www.nicknimmin.com/vip/ Disclaimer: Some of these links go to one of my websites and some are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. ✅ For paid channel reviews, YouTube consulting, software training, sponsorships or other inquiries contact me at [email protected] Summary: OBS can be an amazing piece of live streaming software if you set it up right. Everything you need to know is covered in this OBS tutorial and will help you get up and running quickly.
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Text Comments (996)
Nick Nimmin (9 months ago)
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Donnie Donnie (2 months ago)
@Nick Can you make a video on how you created the icon transition? That is really interesting.
LIFTING THE VEIL (5 months ago)
i cant even find the css code. did he delete it??
TheBoredGamer43 (5 months ago)
Is there stuff I have to put In the code myself instead of just copying and pasting it in there?
TheBoredGamer43 (5 months ago)
Hey I tried using that Transparent Chat Code that you showed in this video and it made the live chat go invisible as soon as I put in the CCS that you have linked in the description. I honestly don't know how to fix it.
Nick Nimmin thank you Nick for what you do God bless you Ken. What's it take to have a conversation with you bro? Hope to hear from you Ken
Pootis Heavy (1 day ago)
there;s only 3 options for resolution on my webcam, and they are all too big. the closest one was 160x1200 but it's too tall. can u let me know how 2 fix? thx
Nick Nimmin (22 hours ago)
Look up the type of webcam you have online, and see if it come with instructions or extra software to dial in the settings.
KieranSeeMoreVideos (1 day ago)
Great video! Just one thing, the CSS code doesn't seem to work, any tips?
KieranSeeMoreVideos (1 day ago)
+Nick Nimmin Ooh OK, thanks for the reply!
Nick Nimmin (1 day ago)
Google "Youtube Chat CSS Code" - you'll get a few options. Youtube have changed some things since I did that video.
abdullah ali (1 day ago)
I want do streaming or brodcast but it's 10 second late the video
Nick Nimmin (1 day ago)
There is always a delay from when your stream goes out until when it gets to the viewers.
abdullah ali (1 day ago)
Thanks for your replay I appreciate for your work
So Awesome! I'm planning to do this for my upcoming LiVE VIDEO TUTORIAL. Thanks a lot!
Nick Nimmin (1 day ago)
Mike Randle (2 days ago)
Nick, this is amazing. I am just starting with OBS. Big question: How did you make the actual Ticker BG before uploading it????
Nick Nimmin (1 day ago)
In Photoshop, but you can use any graphics program that exports PNG files.
abdullah ali (3 days ago)
great work thanks
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
No problem abdullah ali 😎
Spoony Pizzas (3 days ago)
Yo @Nick Nimmin - where is the CSS code buddy?
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
The code no longer works due to changes in YouTube's back-end. Google "Youtube chat CSS code" for options.
Khaz (4 days ago)
uhhh wait isnt scaling the text up bad and going to make it pixelated? with most other programs i know there is an option for font size and scaling pixelates it
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
Yes, you are correct.
Itin's Channel (5 days ago)
Thanks for the tutorial. it such a big help.
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
No problem Itin's Channel 😎
Mariana Aceves (5 days ago)
Great video nick, thanks a lot!!! you got a new subscriber! =)
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
Bigjuergo (5 days ago)
great tutorial - thx!
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
You're welcome Bigjuergo 👊
Marc Sanchez (5 days ago)
Good stuff!!
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
VideoZeus (6 days ago)
Nice tutorial - gonna rock it out, thanks bud!
Nick Nimmin (2 days ago)
Thanks VideoZeus!
Gary Virtucio (8 days ago)
*Thanks Nick ... this is so helpful* amazing video tutorial!
Nick Nimmin (3 days ago)
👊 ✋
constantino therik (8 days ago)
how to display live chat on facebook while streaming ?
Nick Nimmin (3 days ago)
That, I do not know. How Facebook displays their chat is a lot different to YouTube.
Ludwig Vonn (8 days ago)
Too much work...im lazy. Less is more.
Nick Nimmin (3 days ago)
Xtreme Media Dhruv (9 days ago)
Awesome Video
Nick Nimmin (7 days ago)
Thanks Xtreme Media Dhruv, 👊 ✋
Crypto Ozzy (9 days ago)
Does anyone know how to fix out of sync issues when I record a live stream with obs?
Crypto Ozzy (7 days ago)
Nick Nimmin thanks for the reply. So I'm just wanting to record some live streaming clips and yeh the lips are out a small amount from audio. I haven't seen any adjustments to change the sync, I'm probably not looking good enough.
Nick Nimmin (7 days ago)
It can be a processing issue (in that your CPU is not powerful enough to encode and keep everything in sync), or you may just need to tweak your OBS recording settings. If the stream is also out of sync, you may need to tweak the audio delay in the audio settings.
Frugal Mamma (9 days ago)
you always have what i want.... and i see your channel has grown alot amazing.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nick Nimmin (7 days ago)
👊 ✋
Saimum Rahman (10 days ago)
Thanks sir for this video. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.
Nick Nimmin (9 days ago)
👊 ✋
pcsbeatrix (10 days ago)
can anyone help??
Nick Nimmin (9 days ago)
pcsbeatrix (10 days ago)
whenever I try to find Ticker BG on the files, I cant find it ):
Nick Nimmin (9 days ago)
You need to figure out where you saved it to.
Yo Caligula (10 days ago)
Nick Nimmin (9 days ago)
👊 ✋
RockBear (11 days ago)
You've mentioned that you use a c920 and OBS, do you have a video describing your camera and OBS settings? I have the same camera and also use OBS but my picture quality does not look like yours.
Nick Nimmin (9 days ago)
You need to download the Logitech Camera Settings app to tweak your camera's output.
metroplex2k7 (12 days ago)
Could you do a video on how to livestream what's on your monitor and have the live chat box? I've been watching multiple videos, but no one really explains all that, especially if you only have one monitor...
Nick Nimmin (9 days ago)
Yeah, one monitor does complicate things.
Pan Kam (12 days ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing us all these good features..!!! I really appreciate it.!! This is the magic of the internet ... I live in Greece and YOU (from the other side of the planet).. helped me understand how useful this software is.! SERIOUSLY ..this video should be in the homepage of OBS website. Thanks again Nick.!
Nick Nimmin (9 days ago)
Thanks Pan. High praise! 👊 ✋
Yoshi ??? (12 days ago)
so i watched a video about a year ago where the dude showed a thing that you could download and change which audio plays where...can someone tell me what the name of that is?
Yoshi ??? (9 days ago)
+Nick Nimmin i already found it but thank you for replying anyway...its called audiorouter
Nick Nimmin (10 days ago)
I have no idea.
Reginald Deshommes (13 days ago)
Ok but what about Mac book.. still not the same
Nick Nimmin (10 days ago)
Macs can run OBS Studio, and it works mostly the same as on Windows.
Ronin Rowdy (14 days ago)
Mine has yellow bars with a white background but transparent enough to vaguely see the text/bigger words behind it. Can you help me figure it out, maybe i messed a small detail???
Nick Nimmin (12 days ago)
I'm not sure which part of the tutorial you're referring to?
jacqueline Driscoll (14 days ago)
it dosent show the files
NinjaManPlays513 (7 days ago)
Nick Nimmin I think he means the css
Nick Nimmin (12 days ago)
What files?
Hey Nick. Nice video but still can't find what I am looking for. Do you know how to stop the echo loop when you stream live in YouTube? Thanks
+Nick Nimmin thanks a lot. Your videos are great.
Nick Nimmin (16 days ago)
I'd check your monitoring settings for your audio devices.
WarlockCore (17 days ago)
Excellent instruction video, question is there a way of doing a live greenscreen background?
WarlockCore (16 days ago)
+Nick Nimmin awesome , thanks for the reply, 👍😎
Nick Nimmin (16 days ago)
Yes, they have chroma keying built into OBS.
TheRealCuzzi (19 days ago)
attempting to facebook steam but once i posted my stream key into OBS my camera freezes up on OBS but shows up on FACEBOOK, i do have a border planted on my OBS but neither show up on the FB Screen, and this is all before pushing the "GO LIVE" button on FB, can you help
Nick Nimmin (18 days ago)
That's all really strange behaviour. I don't do any Facebook streaming, so it might be something on the FB side?
Elias Gomes (20 days ago)
Amazing... I loved.!!! Do you know how can I add chat from facebook live?
Nick Nimmin (18 days ago)
Not Facebook Live.
Michael Weare (21 days ago)
Thanks for the amazing value!
Nick Nimmin (20 days ago)
You're welcome Michael 👊
Lushantha Anton (21 days ago)
Hey! I am lushantha from Sri Lanka My idea is starting to the Youtube Channel so what's your best advice for me.
Nick Nimmin (20 days ago)
Pick one topic and stick with it!
Sethalos (21 days ago)
Thanks much for this. My only suggestion would be to provide those images that you use or samples that we can use to try this. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out the transparent one, lol.
Redfish (22 days ago)
Nick Nimmin Can u make a Video that shows us how to make a Logo Transition like the TubeBuddy Transition you use in your streams.
Nick Nimmin (21 days ago)
Nick I have watched this tutorial many times and it is amazing. I followed right along with you to change my chat box. I pop out my chat, copy and pasted the URL info into OBS, copy and paste YOUR code to change the chat box. I am STILL running into the same issue.....The chat box AND the text is still WHITE. Is there something else I have to change? It seems like the chat box is NOT transparent. HELP PLEASE......
Nick Nimmin (23 days ago)
I believe the coding may have changed coming out of YouTube. You can use an online tool to customise your own chat CSS code. Google "Chat v2.0 Style Generator" to find that.
Can you use this for FB Live Stream?
Nick Nimmin (24 days ago)
Yes! Just about any streaming platform is supported either natively or via RMTP.
KHAN's Gaming (24 days ago)
Where Should I got that frames and Tickers?
Nick Nimmin (24 days ago)
You can make them, or get them from sites that provide stream overlays.
Punda (25 days ago)
This guy is the VSauce of tech
Nick Nimmin (25 days ago)
Crappy Productions (25 days ago)
If I want to make my own transition how do I make transparent
Crappy Productions (21 days ago)
thanks I ended up just drawing a thing in adobe illustrator
Nick Nimmin (25 days ago)
Most use something like Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion - you can also use regular editing software for basic actions.
Crappy Productions (25 days ago)
What software do you recommend
Nick Nimmin (25 days ago)
The how depends on what software you're using. You have to make sure to have the background transparent in the software, and make sure to export as a file that will hold the transparency.
Melissa TV (26 days ago)
This is an awesome tutorial! But how do you make your livestream faster?
Nick Nimmin (25 days ago)
I probably talk about it in the "How to Live Stream on Youtube With OBS".
Melissa TV (25 days ago)
So it has to be lower. Omg do you have an existing tutorial for that
Nick Nimmin (25 days ago)
Sounds like the encoder was not giving the stream to Facebook at the right bitrate, probably too high.
Melissa TV (26 days ago)
When I was livestreaming to Facebook it was so laggy , I was streaming a Zoom Call, the call was flawless but we looked like robots on the FB stream. It was stopping every second like move-pause-move-pause
Nick Nimmin (26 days ago)
How do you mean faster?
Really great tutorial Nick, I really appreciate the breakdown. Thank you!
Nick Nimmin (26 days ago)
👊 ✋
Skjelm (27 days ago)
08:36 perfect url-hiding-in-blur-postpro-skills 09:45 never mind ;)
Nick Nimmin (27 days ago)
goden gaming (28 days ago)
my screen whount show up
All The Way One Hunnid (28 days ago)
Is there somewhere I can download these elements for use in my OBS?
All The Way One Hunnid (27 days ago)
Nick Nimmin Could you make this layout/theme available for download? 👀
Nick Nimmin (27 days ago)
There are probably some sites that have some themed elements for streaming. I'd search streaming elements or overlays.
nsabimana emmanuel (28 days ago)
It amazing i have liked this video but Nick you're too fast please i wish you could make more videos or tutorial like this about OBS studio when you're not faster for absolutely beginners because OBS is complicated i'm learning it but it's not easy otherwise you're the best.
Nick Nimmin (27 days ago)
You can slow the video down and rewind if you miss something. There are some great OBS tutorials out on Youtube.
Nigels Postbag (28 days ago)
how about talking at h a l f t he speeeeeeeeeeeeeed please. For those of us who speak english.
Nick Nimmin (27 days ago)
If you have trouble, you can slow down there video 😉
Naqibullah Firozkohi (29 days ago)
Thank you very much very useful, it it working the same on FB?
Nick Nimmin (28 days ago)
You can stream to just about any platform from OBS.
joetylerdale (30 days ago)
CLASS ACT! If you are like me, the first time I watched it I sighed and said..."To much for me"! But I knew this was too good to pass up, so I watched it again and understood most of it, the third time...BINGO! Luv ya Nick, you're helping a lot of folks move a few levels up, provided they have the drive!
Nick Nimmin (29 days ago)
Thanks joetylerdale, 👊 ✋
Nick Nimmin (30 days ago)
Glad it was helpful for you!
Ampomah Yaw (1 month ago)
Hi Nick, thanks so much for the value you share here. I was wondering how to get all what was taught in this video (tickers, transitions etc) and be able to replicate it by streaming to Facebook while adding comments. Thanks very much.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
The graphics and ticker, etc. would be the same, but I'm not sure about the chat. I do not stream to Facebook myself. I hear Facebook integration can be a bit tricky as they are constantly changing things over there.
waffeln (1 month ago)
*CSS Code for transparent chat (Oct. 2018)* html:not(.style-scope) { --yt-live-chat-background-color: transparent; --yt-live-chat-primary-text-color: white; --yt-live-chat-secondary-text-color: white; --yt-live-chat-tertiary-text-color: white; --yt-live-chat-message-highlight-background-color: transparent; } Just comment here if it doesn't work anymore and i'll fix it.
waffeln (17 days ago)
+WeAreTeamING Can you message me on Discord? waffeln#0001
WeAreTeamING (17 days ago)
It's giving a weird white line and stuff for me.
Xalthy the Hyena (1 month ago)
So, the css code doesnt work properly any more. I figure youtube have updated something, any chance of you updating the css?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Now that I use Streamlabs OBS, I no longer need CSS to format the chat. There might be some more resources online for tweaking the CSS code.
Zairan studio (1 month ago)
please tell me i have a small problem on obs can you tell me that how to adjust the browser's layout,formation & resolution.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Go into your properties on the Window Capture to adjust the output dimensions, etc.
Aravind Sniper (1 month ago)
where is the css code
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
The link is in the description!
Falko (1 month ago)
Thank you. Nice video. But I have an other issue. Everything works fine, but my resolution of syphon of diablo 3 isnt in correct size. I always get only a small part of the gamescreen shown in OBS. If i change the resolution in diablo to 5120x2880 it is shown correct but the fps is under 10... How can i fix this problem? I ve already tested every kind of setting but it doesnt work. Please help
Falko (1 month ago)
thanks a lot. i am desperate...
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
I'd check in with the OBS forums on that one. I have not used Syphon myself.
Mohd Aliase (1 month ago)
Very good information. Tq so much.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
👊 ✋
Razz matazzi (1 month ago)
I am noob in this whit stream. have only making this fore 3 days now and u learn me so much and i am 53 yers old and starting whit this now.
Gameplay and Talk (1 month ago)
Great tutorial. Should get anyone up and running with OBS in no time.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
👊 ✋
Pazelee Daniels (1 month ago)
Nice! Best OBS Tutorial Video I have seen!!! Real Talk!!!
Pazelee Daniels (29 days ago)
Welcome, Nick! I can't get any sound from my screen, using a Macbook pro on OBS
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Thanks Pazelee 👊 ✋
THANK YOU Obi-Nick-Cam-Obi! (its corny and I don't care.)
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Franklin Fitzgerald (1 month ago)
Do you have any latency issues with your mic? How do you know if your video and audio are in sync?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Usually your viewers will let you know if something is not right. Testing beforehand is key also to fixing the bugs ahead of time. Delay on your mic will depend on how it's being routed into your computer. The more devices it runs through, the more likely there can be a delay. Sometimes it could be a camera delay, so you just have to try troubleshooting as much as possible beforehand. If you seem to only get a delay or lag after going live, it could be your CPU having difficulty at the encoding stage.
kristals bz (1 month ago)
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Christian (1 month ago)
+NickNimmin You forgot to cover your chat url @ 9:39
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
dummy account, all good!
John Pascale (1 month ago)
Have a question, I’m a vinyl collector and wanting to do vinyl reviews and show my vinyl records, would this be how to do thatt
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
If you want to do it live, yes.
Shannon Mack TV (1 month ago)
Does it matter the type of webcam I use? Does that affect the quality of video?
Shannon Mack TV (1 month ago)
Nick Nimmin ok, for some reason (and I’ve fixed all the settings) OBS looks great but my actual Facebook Live broadcast has a lag AND looks a little low in quality. I’m not sure what to do as I thought it was my webcam but it isn’t! Because I have the Logitech series...is there anything that you can suggest that may be the issue here?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
It does, in that many of the built-in cameras are of a lower quality, so it's better to pick-up a USB web camera that does 1080p resolution, like the Logitech C9xx series, amongst others.
Joe Leonard (1 month ago)
This tutorial is excellent. Great job and thank you.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Mathias Skafsgaard (1 month ago)
How do you get obs
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
You can download it from the OBS website - Google OBS Project
mike mclaughlin (1 month ago)
I see a "join" option. How do I set it up? And would you like to help on a few projects which could use the proceeds from my own group once I have the " join" thing set up?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
The Join button is for what is called Channel Memberships, currently open to channels over 50k subscribers and meet other eligibility requirements.
Bob SoloMan (1 month ago)
I noticed you weren’t using OBS for audio. Tips on that? I have a couple SM7B mics and UA interfaces, but OBS makes them sound like garbage. I’m a musician of 35 years an own my own studio but I can’t get OBS audio to sound good.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
A YouTuber called Mike Russell has some great audio tutorials, some specifically for OBS.
C B (1 month ago)
Just thinking of starting an audio blog, popped on your vid, fantastic by the way, but how would I go about recording audio from another source other than my main mic? I would love to be able to add live skype calls or whatsapp calls to my vid, adding their audio to mine, is this possible in OBS? like I say, new to your vids, so apologies if you have covered it before, but if you have, maybe a quick url to save me the time searching through your vids :P Excellent vid, very informative and professional :)
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Yes, using OBS could be one way to help bring in a Skype call or other audio, but there are probably simpler ways depending on whether you're using a Mac or PC.
HAITI NETWORK TV7 (1 month ago)
nice video. I guess we could add multiple web cam as a studio production set up. Suppose I'm shooting a live program and my subject is in N.Y. or parts of the world and the person is using a cell phone.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
It's all possible!
rathiid (1 month ago)
this is masterpeice
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
👊 ✋
GATURKS (1 month ago)
I dont have a resolution fps type as a feature? How do I get it? Did it go away? Are you using windows or mac?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
That's all in the settings.
JamesMcCloy (1 month ago)
Does anyone have an updated version of the code he gave for the chat box in the link, does resize the chatbox, but also makes the txt and background white for some reason lol
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
If you can transition to Streamlabs OBS, you can apply a custom theme that will also apply to your chat window. Everything is a lot simpler with Streamlabs.
Professor Omega (1 month ago)
HEY, Vsauce, Michael here!
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Ricebow-Channel (1 month ago)
Weren't you vouching for streamlab over obs? Are you a streamlab user or obs?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Before Streamlabs OBS came out, I was using OBS Studio. Both are great for live streaming but Streamlabs OBS is my preference.
Joann Lindsay (1 month ago)
ive been doing live streams and my latest stream came out real blurry..can you do a video on how to stop live streams from becoming blurry..thanky ou so much..
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Noted! It does sound like it could be related to your bitrate setting or resolution v's your internet upload speed. Either a bottleneck or the bitrate is too low for what you're trying to push to YouTube.
Patrice Saint-Juste (1 month ago)
Great tutorial. If I’m streaming on Facebook how can I get the URL chat?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
You should check out the more recent videos on Streamlabs OBS. It will help bring in your chat from whatever platform you are streaming to.
Techspotter India (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tutorial! i was finding this tutorial from months! Finally found it!✅
Jenoye Stewart (1 month ago)
Hey Nick thanks you for the tutorial. May I ask, why when I try to record my display that it is showing multiple screens in the program's window. Will this be something that I can get rid of so I can record like you are now only with my display being the source?
InquisitiveMind23 (1 month ago)
Great Video... love it... Quick question.... I can replicate the same setup apart from chat on facebook live right???
puNktumTV (1 month ago)
ok its awesome the thing where u had some part of your image file transparent, but what software did u use for it? and how did u do it? quick fix anyonee?????
Harun Musa (1 month ago)
Awesome tutorial Nick!! 👍🏻 .. btw how to make it mobile friendly? coz it seem the background is optimized for desktop browser .. cmiiw
lito llanera hobayan (1 month ago)
i dont know how to fix...
lito llanera hobayan (1 month ago)
hello i will ask you sir...regarding the mic because not working i'm making fb live with OBS we have only audio but the mic is not working...sir
Kieron Farley (1 month ago)
This was really helpful!!! But I’m looking to run a tournament soon so to do so I will need to switch feeds is there anyways I could do that. I was thinking of getting a Skype call up and removing the UI (if possible I haven’t used Skype in years) and just quickly tabbing but equally I wouldn’t be able to edit the overlay for the scores between rounds if I did that. Anyone got any suggestions or a way to help?
UnicornGaming (1 month ago)
Excellent Video, BTW
UnicornGaming (1 month ago)
Whenever I add the custom CSS found at 9:50, my chat box in OBS stays the same, no changes. Do you know if this code works with Facebook Chat, or only Youtube?
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
YouTube only as far as I know.
Paty M. (1 month ago)
Thank you! Great explanation! Thank you ;)
MorGanBiscoto (1 month ago)
Losille Lamb (1 month ago)
I love you!
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
David Martinez (1 month ago)
LOVE the Storm Trooper mask in the background! You post amazing video tutorials. I have learned a lot from them to be able and work on my little boy's own YouTube channel. Keep posting amazing content! Thanks for the time you put into this.
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Thank you, David 😎
Hey Nick im having an issue uploading my live stream from facebook to my kinemaster for editing can you please help me with this problem
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
You’ll need to download it from Facebook.
GameSnackBytes (2 months ago)
@Nick Nimmin Hello Sir , I am a content creator and I wondered how I can have like 2 or 3 streams at the same time from same youtube channel , can you do a video for that ?
Philly Lopez (2 months ago)
Thanks great video!!! I would like to know how to stream live gaming on Facebook with OBS.

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