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Project Prima: Teaching, #danceafterdark, Music Center LA

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Project Prima / Проъект Прима Thank you to the Music Center in LA for hosting great vents featuring LOS ANGELES based talent: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/architecture/la-et-cm-moves-after-dark-20150713-story.html#page=1 http://www.musiccenter.org/events/summer/moves/ New Content for the Austin dance project: Farid Zarrinabadi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1caNzeub5Fw Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYYa2urkBt4 Special thanks to Austin dance Project : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.850604215030804.1073741843.715103508580876&type=3 The Wonderful all talented Farid Zarrinabadi : https://www.facebook.com/austinpn The Amazing; http://www.austinphotonet.com/apn/index.php Vlogs everyday in english and Russian. Watch Joy Womack (A principal dancer with the Kremlin Ballet) train herself, live in Moscow, and try to become a Prima! Влог теперь каждый день на аглийском и на русском. Смотрите как солистка Кремлевской балетной труппы американка Джой Уомак совершенствуется, тренируется и живет в большом городе! The Prima Bar http://www.theprimabar.com / joy-womack.squarespace.com Thank you to Volant for the Music: https://soundcloud.com/volantmusic/closer Follow Russian Ballet Insider (RBi) Follow Joy here: Instagram : joy.womack snapchat: joywomack twitter: joywomack Recent Press : http://www.ladamedepique.ru/article/fenetre-kremlinFrench article Rbth article http://rbth.com/arts/2015/04/17/joy_w... Read about me and my story on Russian Ballet insider http://www.balletinsider.com/en/archi... Follow Project Prima https://www.facebook.com/theprima Follow me https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joy-Wo... Instagram https://instagram.com/joy.womack/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joywomack Annabelle Artists LLC https://www.facebook.com/annabelleart...
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Text Comments (15)
Washe Polnoe (1 year ago)
Современное искусство модерн - это попросту стеб. Это все уйдет, смоет временем. А реальный хореография остается, поэтому что это колоссальный труд.
Linda Harrison (3 years ago)
Wow, is that you giving a private to an adult?!! Awesome!!
Iris Chen (3 years ago)
You are a good teacher!!
BeginingOfSorrows (3 years ago)
i may be one of the few who knew what the lady was singing about in the dance after dark but i would encourage you to look up santeria and hopefully learn that it is based in west African religions of the yoruba people and is what is commonly known as voodoo it was combined with Catholicism in the that it was told to the pagans that , for example they would worship a false god of water and the priest would say oh your water God is our patron saint so and so who is the patron saint of water.....it is voodoo!! no Christians should b e around it...hate me if you must people but im just sharing truth with those who are unaware and i feel free to do so considering that joy is a christian ...thank you
supersunshineglasses (3 years ago)
I am hoping so much that you come to Chicago! I would love to take a class or lesson from you!! I have been following you ever since I found that "American at the Bolshoi" news cast on YouTube a few years ago. That was around the time I became obsessed with Vagonava and Russian technique. I love watching your videos and wish I could be in LA right now taking class from you :)
Margot H (3 years ago)
Loved seeing the video of you teaching the kids and adult student. I quit ballet when training as a kid because the academics and exams took away the enjoyment of it. As a 30 y/o returning to ballet, I find so much love and enjoyment in it now. I see the same love in a lot of adult students I find myself in class with now and the passion is totally contagious. Kudos to that brave adult student because I would be super nervous taking one on one class with someone of your caliber! Lol! I hope you find this summer relaxing and inspiring :)
Self Descriptive (3 years ago)
Joy I love your videos, you are so inspiring. The only comment I have is if you could maybe reduce the high speed clips, or make a shorter clip on normal speed. I find myself fast forwarding on those parts because I get dizzy and can´t really see what is going on. Much much love from Mexico.
Laura Johnson (3 years ago)
Awhile back traveling by New Orleans I saw a billboard that said 'Put the Womack on 'Em'. I so wish I had gotten a picture for you. Also neat after learning about your Grandmother 's work. Anyhow, your blogs are awesome and have personally inspired me! Shine on!💕✨💫👍
jankoraven (3 years ago)
Love to see you teaching! Do you get to perform in California at all this summer?
Plumayray (3 years ago)
Omg u seem to be so happpy in america)))while in russia u have so many negative emotions, why dont you want to lilve in us? I think u should definitly be happier in states,maybe it seems to me
ZorgSP (3 years ago)
+Plumayray Действительно Джой? В чем дело? В России нужно ходить на тренировки/репетиции/выступления - повсевременно. Ведь сезон открыт. Так немало стресса в России! Ужас! Так немало негативных чувств... Толи дело в штатах. Папа, мать рядышком. Почти никаких хлопот. Одно счастье... Как можно не осознавать этого Плюмэйрэй? Фэйспалм...
Footwork (3 years ago)
+Plumayray Culture shock, homesickness, strangers, having to learn to speak the language under stress - all that happening simultaneously is really taxing.. To me though, it seems that Russian videos show happiness of pursuing one's dream and enjoying being able to build something of your own in a challenging though mesmerizing environment... American videos show comfort, warmth, ease of self-expression...
MyLifeAsFranzi (3 years ago)
I mean in your following videos☺️
MyLifeAsFranzi (3 years ago)
Good video. Hopefully you understand what I want to say because I'm from germany. Ok. Maybe you can do the clips of dancing in normal speed because in timelapse you can't recognize so much. And I'm really interested in seing you teaching so maybe you can put the best clips together so then the vlog isn't too long.
itsalmostbrie (3 years ago)
Your so inspirational 💜

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