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CardPointe Mobile - Setting Up CardPointe Mobile Credit Card Processing Account

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Cardpointe Mobile - Setting Up Cardpointe Mobile Credit Card Processing Account ---To Set Up A New Cardpointe Account--- http://www.bancardsales.com/getcardpointe In this video Brian Manning Shows you how to set up and register for the Cardpointe Mobile app: Video Reference Link #1 --- How To Set Up Your Cardpointe Account: https://youtu.be/bw2Ui5mOpxo Video Reference Link #2 --- How To Add and Remove Users In Cardpointe Online: https://youtu.be/VRBaBo5eMNc Video Transcript: This is the Cardpointe app which is a new mobile payments and reporting tool by CardConnect and it works hand-in-hand with the Cardpointe web-based reporting and processing platform. Let’s take a look at setting up your mobile Cardpointe account. First, you need to download the app. It’s available in iTunes and in the Google Play store and as long as you’re using a recent model smart phone, it will be compatible with the Cardpointe app. Just search the word “Cardpointe” and you’ll see the first result which shown right here. Here it is in Google Play, and here it is in iTunes. Once it’s installed, just open it up and the login will look like this. Now, in a previous video, I showed you how to set up your web based Cardpointe account and if you haven’t seen that yet, click the link in the description to watch that video. In that video I show you how to set up your username and password for Cardpointe online and you will use those exact same login credentials to log in to the Cardpointe mobile app. So, if you HAVE seen that video, and you have your username and password set, just use them to log in to the app now. If you haven’t set up your online account and this is the first time you’re using Cardpointe mobile, just click the SIGN UP link right here and it will bring you to this screen. The entire transcript for this video (https://youtu.be/hvj3RqJeD4o) is located and related blog post can be found at: http://bancardsales.com/setting-up-cardpointe-mobile/ https://youtu.be/hvj3RqJeD4o
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