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New Berkley Trilene Sensation

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Pros informing you of the all New and Redesigned Berkley Sensation
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1995Blackrosedying (7 years ago)
@arisingartist why don't you try this stuff and tell us
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@TheBowlingboy300 We have in clear and green, I like the hi-vis green for sight fishing.
TheBowlingboy300 (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 i use green. i didnt know there are different colors but i may be wrong. Im going to Mrytle beach for vaca tommorow gonna use it in a pond behind hotel lots of trees and cover but the bass ive caught dont go under 5 lbs so gonna have fun not many people fish in there.
TheBowlingboy300 (7 years ago)
it looks green on the spool.. i didnt know there were different colors be i may be wrong
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@TheBowlingboy300 What color do you use?
TheBowlingboy300 (7 years ago)
this is the best line you can feel everything. use it for bass fishing and everything else. super tough i only go up to 12lb.
huntwithairguns (8 years ago)
@TomJackson986 Yeah I had good luck with it last year.
huntwithairguns (9 years ago)
is this stuff any good? i just bought it in 6lb for panfish.

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