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What is Target CPA Bidding?

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This video explains how Target CPA bidding works, and how this bidding strategy can help you get more value out of your Ad Grants account. Target CPA bidding allows you to exceed the $2 Ad Grants bid cap, harnesses the power of Google machine learning, and you decide how much a conversion is worth to you, with Google optimizing towards that value. Watch the full video to learn best practices for using this bidding strategy. And if you're ready to give Target CPA bidding a try, follow the instructions in this article to change your campaign's bidding strategy: https://goo.gl/xECXnn
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Harish Ganesan (6 months ago)
Does Google charges cost per click or cost per every conversion in CPA bidding strategy
Sunny Chaitanya (4 months ago)
If it charges for cost per click in cpa bidding...then what will be the difference between cpa and cpc bidding... could you please help me...
Google Ad Grants (5 months ago)
Thank you for you question Harish. Google charges cost per click when using Target CPA bidding, but Google Ads dynamically adjusts bids to keep the average cost per conversion at the Target CPA value that you set based on how much a conversion is worth to you.

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