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The BEST Bidding Strategies For Your Google Shopping Campaigns!

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Learn how to run a successful E-Com business with my AdWords course - including real-world campaign setup: https://go.theecomproject.com/ppc Follow me on Instagram for more info: https://www.instagram.com/marcoecom SUBSCRIBE to the channel for up-to-date E-Com videos: https://goo.gl/tsd1EZ Learn about the right bidding strategies for your Google Shopping campaigns. When to pick the right one and the differences among each. The eCom Project is a show for E-Commerce entrepreneurs on how to launch, improve and scale their businesses. My experience with E-Commerce comes from running my own 6-figure brand and working with dozens of 5-, 6- and 7-figure clients in the past.
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Learn how to run a successful E-Com business with my AdWords course - including real-world campaign setup: https://go.theecomproject.com/ppc
Marco Rodriguez - The eCom Project of I paid you could you fix my shopping campaign? Adwords is charging me $200 a day right now. I had my campaign perfect on Sept 5th I was only paying $100 every two days and showed up first spot. Now I'm not showing up hardly and I'm paying to much.
Dylan (24 days ago)
Hello Marco, I hope you can help me, I created a feed for my dropship store and started advertising in various countries. However, I've just selected a few items from my feed to advertise as I have a low budget. I've received only 10 clicks from the USA without a sale. That's why I have a few questions: 1) Would it be wise to advertise all the product on my store instead? 2)How do I make separate groups of product? (I have now "1" product group called all products and selected the products in that group based on product ID and excluded the rest of the product 3)group) How, can I make it more structured without affecting the daily budget. 4)When I click on the product ID in my USA campaign I suddenly notice the following message: " This product group doesn't have any submitted products." This is weird as they did work. 5)Should I include multiple variations of the same product when testing? Thanks in advance!
Kale Daly (1 month ago)
Hi Marco, Just wondering if you're taking on new clients atm?
Haha, yes I do bro! :D
Tanuj Kumar (1 month ago)
Can you please tell me what bid do you use for the general testing campaign in manual cpc?
Manual CPC!
Will Fisher (4 months ago)
I don't seem to have the option to change the CPC. Any recommendations?
Will Fisher (3 months ago)
On my google shopping campaign, it doesn't give me the option to change the bidding strategy. Any ideas?+Marco Rodriguez - The eCom Project
Make sure that you don't use "Maximize Conversions" or another Automated bidding strategy :)
Thanks you for this video, its help me
Awesome to hear!
Beiby Bamboo (4 months ago)
Did you do a video on how to move a product from the test group to a specific campaign?
Hey, I don't think so but its pretty simple, simply remove it from the original one and enable it in the specific campaign.
ZA (5 months ago)
can you just target desktop or iphone with google shopping?
Ilja Fritzler (6 months ago)
great value, so it is better to start with maximize clicks and then switch to target ROAS instead of manual cpc?
Thanks man, in general I'd start with manual CPC and then switch to ROAS, max. clicks tends to drive too many "bad" clicks for us sometimes.
Day2Day Deals (8 months ago)
Hello, I have several shopping campaigns doing well over 30k a month, How can I hire your to optimize my ads?
Rich Smith (9 months ago)
Yes. Can u please do a video on testing group campaigns
Rich Smith (9 months ago)
Thanks bro
Will do bro!
MA AS (9 months ago)
hey bro i don't know if you will read this but here i go, my aliexpress account got banned today after opening 21 disputes against one seller, each of those disputes were items from one seller that did not get delivered even after 40 business days this is epacket too. also the tracking numbers did not work and came up with error for all of them. so i did 21 disputes and i was getting shitty replies from the seller like hello friend we ship your item please wait.. wtf i had waited 40 days and i had already refunded all the money to my customers lol coz i had delivery as 26 business days advertised on my site and that time had passed and i was getting hit with paypal disputes by my dropshipping customers. so aliexpress straight out banned me and any attempt at explaining and providing evidence of the situation is met with we are sorry we cannot un-ban a banned account, so i told them to hell with the 21 orders that will not be refunded to me, at least freaking get me back my account which was deactivated for no freakin reason. but the answer was no everytime. finally the suggested i make a new account with a family members name and credit card, its just such a fucking hassle bro, omg this shit just ruined my whole mood man, do you have any suggestions? i mean i can make a new account and everything but wtf if an item is not delivered and i open a dispute ill get banned again.. just wondering if you had such experience or what do you think i should do?
Tycoon Joe (9 months ago)
i always get confused when you're talking about google marekting, are google ads and goole shopping two different things or do they interlink ?
You're welcome man!
Tycoon Joe (9 months ago)
Okay thats great, im launching today after months of research, youve been great help thanks bro
Google AdWords includes everything (Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads, Display Ads). Many people mistake AdWords for "Search Ads only" though, thats why I keep using both terms :)
Rich Smith (9 months ago)
Hey Marco, great content today. I have this one product is been 3 days n making just 1 sale everyday (Budget is $15 a day n with Maximum click) what other method cannot use to scale it up?
Yeah but not really in a major way to be honest..
Rich Smith (9 months ago)
I increase the budget on the product n now is not making Any sales. Does increasing budget on a certain time of the day affect the optimization like it is on fb.
Thanks Rich! Well, first you could try to go with Manual CPC instead of Max. Clicks, I found that with lower budgets it tends to work better. Then, have a look at your Search Term report and see whether you show up for unrelated search queries (whether you are doing Shopping or Search), if so, exclude them. That way you get more relevant (and cheaper) clicks for your budget.
BlackBird Tech (9 months ago)
Thanks for the valuable information
You're welcome bro!
AznBoiiWill (9 months ago)
Also for the target roas part, for 300% roas an example, are you talking about the genera campaign and how much it spent before getting a sale, or the individual product itself and how much Google spent on it to get a conversion? Thnx
I'm talking about the campaign in this case ! :)
AznBoiiWill (9 months ago)
Marco, Is It just me or when I move a product from my general to specific, the avg CPC is almost double and I get no sales conpared to general? For example, on my general I'm avg a CPC between 0.40-0.60$ but on general its like 1.60$ why might that be? Is that normal? I have not tried manual CPC yet, but what fits under the criteria for a winning product? I'm on a low budget currently, 10$ for general an $5 for speicifc. All on maxamize clicks
Hi man, try using Manual CPC with Enhanced CPC, most likely you will see a better CPC when doing so. For me the criteria of a winning product is (in that order) 1. Sales 2. Add to Carts 3. Long Session Durations (check Google Analytics to find these out).
TWA (9 months ago)
Is it possible to rely on just organic traffic?
Definitely, but you need some patience for that. With organic stuff (FB groups, SEO, content marketing in general) it normally takes months to see reasonable results. Sometimes longer. But with a good plan its definitely worth trying!

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