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NEW Berkley Trilene XL & XT

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Sr. Product Manager, Clay Norris explains the improvements we made in both Trilene XL and Trilene XT. These lines won the 2012 ICAST Best New Line award! Trilene XL Smooth Casting: Stronger and smoother than ever before! 10% Greater straight strength! 20% Greater Knot strength! 20% More Flexible! Over 50% greater wet strength! Trilene XT Extra Tough The Extra Tough line just got better! 47% More flexible plus improved abrasion resistance and knot strength.
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Text Comments (11)
Daniel Soria (3 years ago)
4lb test XL is hands down my favorite UL line in the market I can cast small cast masters and extra small tubes very far compared to lines like spiderwire EZ mono
Leng Lee (5 years ago)
I love berkley product but seriously, Trilene are the worst fishing line I ever used.
Luis X (1 month ago)
Ive been using it an the new improved is better. Prior XL would break too easily. This new one is much better.
Faith M. (1 year ago)
Leng Lee um, berkley makes trilene...
ChesapeakeBayFishing (5 years ago)
I use to use Sufix Siege, I wanted to see if the new XT was better... I love the XT it's way better than Sufix Siege.
Time to go to canadian tire and buy me one
xpuppet5 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the info. I was wondering why berkley have a new one with a new package out. I'm still happy with the current one. Since the new one came out and the previous one went on sale where I'm at for $2.99 each, I grabbed SEVERAL. So, I guess I will not be getting to try the new one anytime soon. =D But I will once I run out. Big fan of the XL smooth casting. Hasn't failed. Spooled one up over a yr ago, finally got to cast it and was like brand new. No memory. WOW!
Berkley Fishing (6 years ago)
We purchase all products to test in our labs so it is apples to apples.
Tim Wood (6 years ago)
I always use Berkley xt green color 14 pound line for going over stcks and concrete and other underwater constructions the new improved xt looks like it would be better
Burke Mathews (6 years ago)
at 2:14 to the right there is stren and p line and other lines
Dominic Turcott (6 years ago)
anybody remember trilene ironsilk??

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