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How To Use Phone Credit To MolPoint or SteamWallet(New 2018)

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This Video is gonna show you how to using Digi/Maxis/Celcom to mol point!!  Hope you enjoy Next Video: How to Get Free Steam wallet and Games Topup https://youtu.be/x7NSGdG2VvU Pls Don Forget Like and Subscribe Me!!
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Text Comments (99)
Sharifah Husna (21 days ago)
I have 2 questions How do I buy molpoints? All I have to do is enter 7Eleven and ask for molpoints or I have to do something else before that (sorry Ive never bought any molpoints before) Second, Do molpoints have money limit? Can I ask for 100$ Molpoints to them? Please reply thank you
廖子贤 (3 months ago)
Nitrø (4 months ago)
Where is Maxis?
Jessica Lue (4 months ago)
By the way, maxis no support mol anymore?
Allen Wong (4 months ago)
Jessica Lue updated no support maxis anymore sorry only for umobile celcom and digi
frhn frhn (5 months ago)
fuck u
炎阿 (5 months ago)
Taufik Anuar (8 months ago)
how about umobile?
Allen Wong (7 months ago)
can olso bro
Move To Google And then Type: *FreeCodesXXX* This is definitely the only working steam promo codes working these days. Just don't waste your precious time on other applications
Sathean Satia (10 months ago)
Acually mol point tu ape
Blänk (10 months ago)
Money OnLine
WeedHeyBro GAMING (1 year ago)
Tunetalk can?
Ruben Paniagua (1 year ago)
Does it work for us?
TrashyClassy (1 year ago)
babi la gst... dah la maybank block debit card..
Wan Lebo (1 year ago)
macam mna nak ambil diamond game ? aku dah beli mol point pakai kredit .. kredit dah telan .. cara nak ambil diamond nya macam mna ? tolong .
ElectroSalvo (1 year ago)
Fuck Molpoints mad charges.
ElectroSalvo (1 year ago)
Gtfo this vid and use your cred card on another website Mol Online is such a pain in the arse.
is this work on Australia ?
Allen Wong (1 year ago)
Sofia Caitlyn Malang Ariola u should check ur network center available at mol
Crow Zero Jr (1 year ago)
soooooo BS man.. rm40 celcom reload to molpoint just get rm18/1.800... shit 01 Mar 2017 MOLPoints Reload - Easy2Pay by MOL 1,800 MOLPoints / MYR 18.00
ElectroSalvo (1 year ago)
Don't try it at home it's just a big scam
龅牙Baoya (1 year ago)
Umobile cannot?
Dizazta (1 year ago)
Boom Teeth 龅牙哥 we can now lol
Maddox Frosty (1 year ago)
digi can?
Allen Wong (1 year ago)
Ping Bean (1 year ago)
agentGbilly (6 months ago)
spek england mother noob
Harraz Masri (1 year ago)
thanks,uuh hey btw what is the sreen recorder you are using...
Alyph (1 year ago)
Search for Steam Wallet Code (MY) at the top right of your screen
aloha (1 year ago)
its too expensive to use mobile carrier to buy mol point, and its useless, celcom pay rm50 only get rm22.50 mol point value? what kind of robbing ppls is this?
мurdock (1 year ago)
molpoint ok i think,i bough steam wallet 50myr they charge me 63myr they rob 13 only.but celcom they rob 50% gg
Crow Zero Jr (1 year ago)
yeah man.. mother fking shit MOLpoint ..
h4ikal gamertv (1 year ago)
xacara GA (1 year ago)
wei wei wei, how to do customer service assignment???
BallaLonardo (1 year ago)
so,how do i get my code for steam wallet
FieQaR OkUmuRa (1 year ago)
Adrind Azril (1 year ago)
you only reload mol right..how to do it at steam...
Kleberson Hayden (4 months ago)
Adrind Azril dye ada show kat situ code dye
Mi Chaeng (1 year ago)
it takes my phone money that i use to call ppl or sms ?because i didnt use line..
Faez Putra (1 year ago)
what can you do with mol??? i want google play pleaseee does it also work? answer stat!
Gaming With A (2 years ago)
HFDGGV6C4 use mine
。一 (2 years ago)
agentGbilly (6 months ago)
lern england m8
Alsa Lyrics (2 years ago)
i can't buy. why ? i'm using celcom :( need to buy dota 2 items
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
can reload by celcom! pls check or use desktop to reload
Khai Jasmi (2 years ago)
Umobile can?
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
sub crewz (2 years ago)
celcom can?
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
sure can
kimfai lim (2 years ago)
kimfai lim (2 years ago)
sry>.< 你可以加我的steam吗? kimfailim3 我的账号还不能加人啊
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
kokhang loo (2 years ago)
u mobile can?
kokhang loo (2 years ago)
+ikki翊 i tried....no umobile...juz digi celcom n maxis
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
phantasy rose (2 years ago)
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
+phantasy rose 谢谢 subscribe me
phantasy rose (2 years ago)
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
Yuherng Tee (2 years ago)
Sync Aidil (2 years ago)
where umobile
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
I think that is no umobile option...So sory about that...
TeamDiamond (2 years ago)
there is no essy2pay option in my country :(
chua sinvi (2 years ago)
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
+蔡志幸 哪里什么不明白
chua sinvi (2 years ago)
+蔡志幸 弄了无数次了==‘’
Sedna (2 years ago)
RM20 = RM10 steam wallet OMG so expensive thank maybank for blocking may debit card T^T
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
Arief Iqbal (2 years ago)
walao the extra charge is so much. i use Maxis
Arief Iqbal (2 years ago)
thats why la, rm5=rm3.50 WTF!
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
najib create the gst bro! hahaha
Mohd Aiman (2 years ago)
how do i redeem in steam wallet code??come on mate
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
+awe Coolem erm..it's still there pls check carefully. .
Mohd Aiman (2 years ago)
+ikki翊 mol point doesnt support steam anymore
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
google search > steam redeem code...
yanh xiao (2 years ago)
i use RM30 reload,my money have decrease but my id appear 0.60,why
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
no why gst
Xiiao Ken (2 years ago)
u-mobile用戶 怎麽辦
khairul bin Jamaluddin (2 years ago)
Hello, can I transfer mol point credit MYR10 to Maxis?
Crow Zero Jr (1 year ago)
yeah.. waste
Muhammad Zulharith (2 years ago)
+khairul jamaluddin waste ur money.o.o
GamingWith Phoenix (2 years ago)
Rm 10 maxis we can get how many mol points ?
rather than mol points why dont you just use it at hotlink games you can get steam for rm8 for rm10 maxis or hotlink
TaTroFka (2 years ago)
Problem - More payment channels are available by accesing MOL.com in full site mode ! When iam turn it on full site mode i can't find easy2pay HELP PLS !
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
where is your country?
Jejaka Perasann (2 years ago)
i use rm10 my credit then after success it appear rm4.50 on my mol account,can you help?
Jejaka Perasann (2 years ago)
+ikki翊 thanks for helping me
Jejaka Perasann (2 years ago)
+ikki翊 that right im using celcom,i just dont know,first time i try with mobile lol
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
+Jejaka Perasann Ok i already knew it! Are you using celcom right? celcom Have extra charge! So Rm10 - 4.5 mol
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
+Jejaka Perasann hold on i check
Jejaka Perasann (2 years ago)
+ikki翊 i already pay rm 10 then i only get rm 4.50
chong aldric (2 years ago)
i wan send message with who
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
send to mol phone
Le Dondo Mastu'Dondo (2 years ago)
Thanks you very much bro!
TZUYUONCE BLINK (2 years ago)
thank you very much!!!!!!
Allen Wong (2 years ago)
welcome subcribe
Ritu Sandhu (3 years ago)

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