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10 Dark Secrets In Gravity Falls Disney Tried To Hide

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10 hidden facts about Gravity Falls you didn't know. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: “Gravity Falls” is without a doubt one of the best cartoon shows ever. But if you’re a true fan of the show, you know that it left behind some unexplainable mysteries. Today, we’ll talk about Alex Hirsch, the Illuminati, Stan Pines, secret messages, and other secrets of “Gravity Falls” you never knew about! One of the most talked about symbols in “Gravity Falls” is the connection to Illuminati. And while it might seem like it’s a joke, we should tell you that Alex Hirsch was actually invited to join the real Illuminati organization! Stan Pines holds a lot of mysteries, but one of the greatest ones has to be the connection to Bill Cipher. Some fans suspect his biggest secret is that Stan is actually completely controlled by Bill! Make sure to watch our video and find out more about Stan Pines’ dark secrets, lost episodes, connections with Illuminati, secret messages, and many other “Gravity Falls” secrets! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (5566)
Ethen Nicholson (1 hour ago)
question who is this May-Bell of which they speak I thought that it was Dipper and Mabil
ItzLuna (2 hours ago)
Marius Tillinger (3 hours ago)
It is better without lgbt suggestions
Alessia (9 hours ago)
I’m so confused
I love gravity falls show
Exposure TV (17 hours ago)
The shows about the second coming of christ. Yourwelcome
Polaroid photo (1 day ago)
Everything about this is wrong
zoie gilman (1 day ago)
and thoose werent scary at all
zoie gilman (1 day ago)
its not maebell its mabl
Jan Heesen (1 day ago)
FortifyXGames (2 days ago)
it seems stan is recovering his memories on his own slightly just by remember parts of his life. this being true, it could mean he could remember bill and bring him back into existence sometime. that could be a spark for the next season. don’t correct me if i’m wrong here just throwing out a possibility
FAZE FAZE (3 days ago)
He cancled i know because he is know working for netflix i have talked to him in person
lonewolf (4 days ago)
The world tree from Norse mythology is in the scene where they show the possessed animals
Ivan Bagastama (4 days ago)
I prefer they do more scene from NorthWest Mansion than showing the LGBTQ things
crazy kyrie YT (4 days ago)
Your saying Mable wrong
tsmarieb (4 days ago)
*victorious isn’t Disney💀*
EclipseSleep 123 (4 days ago)
Here’s a other secret, if you hear the last part of intro, there’s a reversed whisper
Karateminiman (5 days ago)
If you play the end of the introw backwards one time in the show it says 29 lives remind you of any thing
Roaring Thunder115 (6 days ago)
People are Homophobic 2:09
Roaring Thunder115 (6 days ago)
Southeast Asia is sooo different. I want to see that. Also the Brible!
Mysticka (6 days ago)
1. mAy-bElL. 2. almost none of the things listed in the video were secrets, if you actually watched the show you would know that everything gets cleared up in later episodes. 3. the only thing that could be considered a secret wasn't even mentioned, which are the codes at the end of each episode.
FrozenBranch (6 days ago)
Someone tell her that season 2 exists.
Hawaiin Pizza (7 days ago)
It’s Mabel not MAY BELL
Aidan Shaulis (7 days ago)
Alex would never end gravity falls so I think Disney has been declining him bringing the show back
Un om (7 days ago)
Stańczyk (7 days ago)
what a pile of bullshit
Logan Singh (7 days ago)
Btw it might be u didnt watch the show the apocolypse bunker was to bring back grunkle ford
Logan Singh (7 days ago)
The big foot one was scary
Logan Singh (7 days ago)
The northwest episode wasnt the scariest
Logan Singh (7 days ago)
May-bell?? Its Mabel
ThatQuietKid (7 days ago)
Gravity Falls isn't meant for "younger children!" Did you even watch the show? May Bell, seriously?! Also, the center cipher in the intro isn't a "shout out to the illuminati," it's used in the end! I honestly don't know why I clicked on this.
Benjamin Kohler (7 days ago)
When she said “hit that like button” I disliked so fast
Pragnan Saha (7 days ago)
Fuck YouTube I watched this shit of a video. Happy Now?
Clary Fairchild (8 days ago)
If we see this show again I would want Dipper and Mabel as Teens at the mystery shack because Stan died and that they have to stop his brother from trying to bring him back from the dead but it goes wrong somehow and the twins, Wendy, and Suss have to fix what was done because of it.
SnowyFrostYT (8 days ago)
As an oregonian i can tell you Oregon is even wierder than in the show
iiToxicAcid (8 days ago)
"Disney Shows like Victorious"
Orange Man Bad (9 days ago)
Terrible video, I threw up a little...
GalacticHypernova (9 days ago)
*Cursed thumbnail*
Yara Katib (9 days ago)
I’ve never hit that dislike button so hard from before 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
nimo kariuki (9 days ago)
Victorious was not a Disney show
Very Gay Boi (10 days ago)
_M A Y B E L L E_
gamingwolfyt (10 days ago)
I was actually depressed when the show stopped
juan aka max gaming (10 days ago)
Ya gravity Falls Is connected to the lumminati cause it has a ton of back word messages that are dark
NoraMona Senpai (10 days ago)
*AHEM* update from the future; They have released some ads for another "chapter" of gravity falls, whether it's fake or not, I saw them released by Disney's channel at the time. Not gonna say anything really any more important than that.
June Beaudry (10 days ago)
MR611 (10 days ago)
What about the reverse messages at the end of the the intro.
Rebecca Lomasney (10 days ago)
Rebecca Lomasney (10 days ago)
Oh yeah my fav character in the show is “May - Belle”
Omar Malallah (10 days ago)
bill is in stan mind but grunckl stan don't know but if he seen bill pichar again bill well survive and alex Hirsch sied that he wpnt make one of his crations face death
chococookie (10 days ago)
Also both Stanley and Bill Cipher say the thing: Iny mini miny YOU!
No Name (11 days ago)
Bill is called bill because the Dollar bill alex said it himself
babyjoanheart (11 days ago)
This channel needs to burn
kasai wizard (11 days ago)
The Brible sounds familiar.... wasn't a phrase Mable said similar to that...
Gacha RainbowQT (11 days ago)
I did not know these DARK secrets that disney tried to hide i saw in our tv that stans hat is like pac man and on other countries it is not like a pac man character and are you even good i can spell mabel(well maybe some secrets i know because i watch theories back then)
Celsi Olivia (12 days ago)
Very instresting🤔
Bill Cipher (12 days ago)
At first he want to do 3 season from what I read but then the Disney say to stop at 2 or maybe like you said he stop for his own desire the series, but what if he do it for a surprise for all the Fan, maybe he want to do a Spin-off with the Stan Twins or maybe a Spin-off with Bill Cipher because if you think of all the character from Gravity Falls, Alex don't killed his character, like the Time Baby that he would return even if he takes a lot, like how the Crystal Gems do and with Grunkle Stan mind he could leave his mind without memory so the Grunkle Stan that we all know it would be "death" but he didn't and we all know that who lost his memory with the erase gun can't have them back like Fiddleford even if he watched the video he don't remember anything, so maybe Grunkle Stan regained his memory back because Bill spell who make that Bill will not die because the spell say Axolotl and new time and form and at the start we all thinking maybe he's alive, but without any proof we can't say that for sure, but then Axolotl make is first appareance(Sorry if wrong) and in that moment was clear that Bill was alive buuuuuut Axolotl would help him only if Bill make good things to the people he hurt like the spell said You have to fix your error, so he must have to make good things to Stanley Stanford Dipper Mabel Gideon all of them that should do the magic circle but in a special way with the Pines family if he do the opposite then he would be die and maybe isn't even the first time he do that because someone wrote how defeat him and this prove that maybe Bill wouldn't change forever, because if someone fight with him it was because he did something like a Weirdmagetton, if you think of that Gravity Falls have a "shield" and all the monster and stranger things that happen here maybe is what remain from the first Weirdmagetton where Bill was defeated then he come back he do the good things he have to do and then come back as evil It would make sense and then start the Spin-off or only the Stan Twins or only Bill when he have is new life and maybe he's even a human and he don't still have his power so I was thinking, Axolotl would give a 3rd chance to Bill (because if someone already defeted him then Grunkle Stan do the same is the 3rd time that he come back) if he fix his error with the people he hurt and most the Pines here is the Spin-off but with both together and I like to see how Bill would meet them again and lie to them and who know maybe they can change him, anyway or they can change him or he wouldn't change his mind, This is what I think would happen and I like if he come back and meet all the Pines Family and with another time he would meet them when they are all adult and it would be cool if Dipper become evil(this is from a post that Alex deleted almost after some minute and only some people see that I see only one time then everyone delete it from internet or it's not easy to find)anyway with all the bad things that happened to Dipper maybe Bill he would make a Brainwashing with Dipper head that make him think Mabel his terrible egoist and she don't care to the things that Dipper care(with this I can give him a point) so maybe Dipper like one time he said yes to Bill he would do that a second time but forever, and I wish that because it would be so cool a cartoon with a Bad End Friends and because Dipper have all the reason for do that. Sorry for the long comment and the bad english🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇
Kiwi Productions (14 days ago)
me- never watches gravity falls also me- watches a YouTube video about dark secrets hidden by disney
paisley's butter knife (14 days ago)
NeoAnimeFreak _ (14 days ago)
This person very clearly hasn't even watched the show.
Evil Betty (14 days ago)
Talking about secrets of the show and didn't even mention Grunkle Ford? I have to repeat the question asked many times below, did they even watch the show?
Marie Young (14 days ago)
There saying Mabel wrong
Deniz Paul Heidmann (15 days ago)
Title is wrong if Disney tries to hide that why did they made it? *QUESTION 100*
MathiasXwarrior (16 days ago)
I don’t think you watch the show you got like a million things wrong
XxxKittyGachaXxx :3 (16 days ago)
Why did you take a clip from the video: "Talk dirty to me gravity falls" and make it the thumbnail?
"Ever notice there is an apocalypse bunk behind Stan's vending machine" LOL ever watch the show
Rafi Nugraha (16 days ago)
Its not a secret... bill cipher is spitting image of antichrist (dajjal in islam view), the great sign that the end of universe is close.... his judgement shall cometh soon
J Garcia (16 days ago)
Northwest mystery mansion or northwest mansion mystery
Abigail Jacobs (16 days ago)
I'm 11 and started this show last weekend and I'm attracted to it so probably all of us can agree that the show is awesome. Monster falls are awesome to see Dipper half deer.
J Garcia (16 days ago)
Who's maybell
Kaylina H (17 days ago)
Nerdgirl1 (17 days ago)
I’m starting to think half the shows you cover on this channel you haven’t even seen and just talk about what you’ve heard or read.
captainpanda pants (17 days ago)
10 Clickbaty thumbnails that The Premium tried to play off as it was real.
Xiomara Rivera (17 days ago)
btw guys season 3 is coming out cuz when bill cipher dies reverse it he says something its a message :3
Sam Remson (17 days ago)
bill cipher said in crpyt "I in the ancient power that I will return"
Wingo's Meme Abyss (18 days ago)
what kinda bullshit is wrong with this channel
SimplyVani (18 days ago)
6:09 bruh moment
Brendan Moran (18 days ago)
This video is a disgrace to the people who acually watched the show and loved it.
Juss BRAVO official (19 days ago)
🤠 Hey you! The person who is scrolling down the comments, have a GREAT day and I hope you find amazing comments 😊 Here's a cookie for you 🍪
Danica Lawson (19 days ago)
Doller bill.
Hope Shadow (20 days ago)
Cobra (21 days ago)
The vending machine code is also the code in Horrific Housing in Roblox and there is a secret basement plus to get in the basement u have to go behind a picture and tap this illuminati button and the n u can go in the basement... It all makes sense now
Luke Parkinson (21 days ago)
Luke Parkinson (21 days ago)
I did not mean to post this
Luke Parkinson (21 days ago)
Brian Walsh (23 days ago)
His eyes were red when he was drawing Stan Pines.Maybe he is a satanic ,remember that goat.
Brian Walsh (23 days ago)
Those police are gay.Not fine.
Sally Shoaf (25 days ago)
Unicorn Love (28 days ago)
May Bell...or...Mabel
Unicorn Love (28 days ago)
Give a like if u agree for Mabel
Owen Reimold (29 days ago)
I disliked this video on 3 different accounts.
Owen Reimold (29 days ago)
if I wrote down all my complaints about this video, it would take forever.
elias bueno (1 month ago)
The Illuminati threatened him for giving away too many secrets. 🤫
Random Klang (1 month ago)
I'm so triggered over how many words you've pronounce wrong Standley Pines you add the last name incorrectly and you said Mabel wrong
kylee Garris (1 month ago)
“WhAt DiD tHeY dO wItH tHe PaRiDoX” it showed in the episode🌝🤶🏿💀
Doug Montgomery (1 month ago)
Somehow I don't seed any need to censor programs for other countries...if they don't want them the way they are shown here, they should not take them at all.
Doug Montgomery (1 month ago)
That business about the Illuminati...forget it!! All I ever had for Bill Cipher is burning hate!!
Félix Gacha_fire24 (1 month ago)
This Idea just popped in my mind but maybe the new gravity falls will be put at live next summer.when Dipper and Mabel come back to Stan
LARA TOKMAK (1 month ago)
Yeah dude those mysteries are solved:)
LARA TOKMAK (1 month ago)
You are right it is the best!!!!
Belle Soares (1 month ago)
It’s Mabel not Ma-belle
Summer Sky (1 month ago)
Did you know the creator of rick and morty and creator of gravity falls are friends. I am feeling like they are going to do a combined series and that's what they are hiding

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