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How To Cop Yeezys Everytime! Increase Success With AIO Bot: Better Proxies

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Twitter: @aleaven11 Instagram: Pittstop412 AIO bot: http://www.anothernikebot.com?ap_id=aleaven This video is information that you can use to cop yeezys everytime. Pay attention to the information given and you can add this to your knowledge about the AIO bot. This information is based on what the AIO bot makers have told me and also my experience running the bot for personal use. Subscribe if you want more content and comment down below if there are questions you have or reach out to me on Twitter.
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Text Comments (28)
DGP (18 days ago)
Can we use the same payment method many time? Like same CC for every order? I want to cop like 10-20
Jadon Sy (24 days ago)
Hey, which proxies would you recommend for now? Have tried quite a few, but only residential seems to work alright. Datacenter got banned fast. Have you tried it with smartproxy.io or geosurf.com ?
Emad Elramly (2 months ago)
How do you learn the bot? Is there a book? I'm trying to learn how to cop multiple pairs with a bot. Please let me know. Thank you
Mo (5 months ago)
Aio bot with update 160 hmu
Owen Gundry (8 months ago)
Do I need a server? What exactly are they needed for I have the bot but need some proxies any one help?
Owen Gundry (8 months ago)
Do I need a server? What exactly are they needed for I have the bot but need some proxies any one help?
Carlos Romero (11 months ago)
So are you saying that in order to not get the proxies banned I would have better chance with the vultr dedicated server? Would I still be able to use MPP proxies with the vultr server for success? I’m a novice and doing some research before I cop my aio bot, if those aren’t right then where would you suggest for me to get proxies that would work great with the vultr servers?
CEDTHEBEAST (11 months ago)
Hi do you use 1 form of payment with 1 proxy - 1 task - 1 footsite?
Jesse Reyes (11 months ago)
it applies 1 to each task automatically.
stephen velez (1 year ago)
What woukd you say the success rate will be with a bot runnung 100 tasks on the yeezy release this week?
William Wang (1 year ago)
If you have 20 tasks does it mean it's trying to check out 20 shoes what do u do when u only want one pair
Mo (5 months ago)
Dreon get 15 visa cards
Dreon (9 months ago)
What if I make 50 tasks to better my chances but I only want like 10-15 pair
William Wang (1 year ago)
MuffysJs and do you need to have proxies and servers for it to work and where can I get the best proxies and servers for cheap?
MuffysJs (1 year ago)
William Wang where you set up your billing info.
William Wang (1 year ago)
Aleaven 11 where is the checkout only one button
Exile Supreme (1 year ago)
Selling my aio bot $250 usd. Payment through paypal
Exile Supreme (1 year ago)
Bape 47 (1 year ago)
The original?
Helix PB (1 year ago)
Selling my full aio bot for $200 301-956-3033
Bape 47 (1 year ago)
Does it really worth ? Buying aio bot?
michele brooks (1 year ago)
can you test the ping of the proxies through the AIO?
M TRENZ (1 year ago)
U ever cook yeezys with it
Talib Al (1 year ago)
def an informative video! Im new to this and always good to learn from fellow experiences Botters lol
Aleaventheproducer (1 year ago)
You can try now
Francesco Capuano (1 year ago)
Aleaven 11 I need a 'good proxies', can you advise me where i can buy it?
Nelson Chavez (1 year ago)
Aye bro I can't send you a direct message to you on twitter

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